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Places where you can almost touch the sky

Mountain towns look stunning as they are the first places to wear the white cloak of snow with the onset of winter, while they are the places for a pleasant getaway from heat during the rest of the year. These beautiful towns offer spectacular views throughout the year, with artistic landscapes of mountain peaks and placid lakes.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Image Credit: www.peakfunctions.co.nz
Image Credit: www.peakfunctions.co.nz

Wanaka is a small yet spectacular town with a blissful backdrop of mountains and lakes. Trekking, including ascent of 2000m peaks, trails along a lake and valley, and short walks along Mount Cook and Mount Aspiring are some of the amusing things to do. Here are some itineraries for an amazing trip to New Zealand.

Getting there: The closest Airport is Queenstown and the town can be accessed by a bus, at a distance of 70m.

Chamonix, France

Image Credit: luxehighlife.com
Image Credit: luxehighlife.com

Chamonix is a mountain town in France which showcases the Alps in their best form. It is one of the best known destinations for skiers. Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France extends 7 km on the north side of Mont Blanc and can be best viewed from a cable car.

Getting there: The town is at a distance of 80 km from Geneva Airport, and a drive will take you there within an hour.

Reine, Norway

Image Credit: www.reddit.com
Image Credit: www.reddit.com

Reine is a breathtakingly beautiful town in the island of Moskenesoya. Hiking the steep scrambles of Reinefjorden, trails along Horsed and Bunes Beaches and Kayaking are some of the best things to do. Did you know Norway is one of the best places to view the Northern Lights?

Getting there: The town is located 125 km west of Svolveaer Airport, on the scenic route across Lofoten Islands.

Ifrane, Morocco

Image Credit: ouhti.deviantart.com

This town with greenery, forests and blooming flower beds, is called The Switzerland of Morocco. The town is pleasant and refreshing, with houses with red rooftops, flowerbeds and parks featuring lakes.

Getting there: The town is at a short distance from the cities of Meknes and Fez and buses are available.
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Lucerne, Switzerland

Image Credit: hillyareas.blogspot.com
Image Credit: hillyareas.blogspot.com

Lucerne is a stunning city in Switzerland which acts as the base to explore Mount Rigi and the Rütli Meadow. The city functions as the gateway to Central Switzerland and Lake Lucerne here is known for its breathtaking scenery. The Swiss Transport Museum, Chapel bridge and Lido beach are other places that can be accessed from here. Also, this country permits one to drive with his Indian Licence. Check the other countries where Indian Licence is all that is needed for a road trip.

Getting there: The city can be reached by train from Olten and Zurich Airport.

Olden, Norway


Olden is a town in Norway, surrounded by mountains and offers stunning views from the valley. Tjotabreen glacier hike for a glimpse of a 738 meter waterfall, Briksdalsbreen glacier trekking, stroll along Lodal Lake, visiting the Jostedalsbreen National Park are some of the alluring things to do. Check the other interesting places in Norway here.

Getting There: The closest airport is Sandane and cruise promises some of the best views.

Bled, Slovenia

Image Credit: www.buzzfeed.com
Image Credit: www.buzzfeed.com

Bled is a place which brings alive the picture-on-postcard, with its tranquil lake, castle, cliffs and backdrops. The Vintgar Gorge only adds value, with its 1600m wooden path laid over Radovna River. Best things to do here include hiking, boating, canyoning and biking. You should check out our 15-day personalized itinerary covering Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

Getting there: The closest airport is at Joze Pucnik Ljubljana, from which the town can be easily accessed by a bus.

Hallstatt, Austria

Image Credit: en.wikipedia.org
Image Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Hallstatt in Austria is a picturesque town with enchanting scenery and majestic mountains. The town features a subterranean salt lake that reflects the landscape above to form a giant mirror. Weltkulturerbe Museum, architecture of Beinhaus and nature walk through the Echerntal trail are not to be missed.

Getting there: From the man cities of Salzburg and Vienna, the town can be accessed by trains from an intermediate station such as Bad Ischl and Obertraun.

Le Chinaillon, France

Image Credit: www.skichaletetoile.co.uk
Image Credit: www.skichaletetoile.co.uk

Located near Mont Blanc, Le Chinaillon is beautiful in winter with the thick blanket of snow and in summer it’s incredible as well, as you can see the green meadows filled with wildflowers.

Getting there: The airport of Annecy located 35 kilometres away is the closest to the town.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Image Credit: inspiremore.com
Image Credit: inspiremore.com

Interlaken is placed in between two Alpine lakes and is surrounded by mountains and valleys. A scenic boat trip, sky diving and a whole range of adventure sports like paragliding, river rafting, canyoning and bungee jumping are some of the experiences it has to offer.

Getting there: There are trains connecting Interlaken to other major cities like Zurich, Geneva and Basel.
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