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spectacular attraction in Fremont
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Attractions In Fremont – The Place Where Filming Was Born!

Are you dreaming of a vacation to California? Join the club, you aren’t the only one who is dreaming that. We all have fantasised about visiting the sunshine state of the west coast at least once. California has everything that’s required to light up a fun vacay. The city of Fremont in California is an iconic city that everybody must visit during your trip to the United States. Though the city remains unsung, it was one of the most influential in the development of the remarkable Hollywood. You can find some of the spots from your favourite movies and TV shows here. In this article, get to know about the attractions in Fremont that will help you in planning a visit here.

More about the city

Fermont holds the pride of being the first city in California to shoot and produce movies. However, as time passed, the neighbouring cities took over the turn and became famous. Founded in the year 1840, the settlers built a series of railroads initially. Hence the city got its fame through the Bay Area Rapid Transport System. This also helped residents to get into San Francisco. Moreover, Fermont has a plethora of museums, landmarks and many other attractions that you should never miss.

Beautiful attractions at Fremont
Image credits: Unsplash

Attractions in Fermont

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or a movie buff? This is one of the many attractions in Fremont that is solely for you. You will be amused to know about the history of movie-making and the techniques followed to screen movies initially. The Niles Essanay Film Museum will take you through a beautiful story of film-making before it got to Hollywood. It boasts the pride of housing the former Edison Theatre which was founded in the year 1913. Explore the historical exhibits such as antique cameras, original movie posters and much more here. You can also see a sneak peek of silent movies and travel back in time. This historical gem is indeed a must-visit place in Fremont.

Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum

A flavour of the historic park is always a good idea during your trip. Shinn Historic Park and Arboretum is one of the most visited and loved attractions in the city of Fremont. This park was named in praise of the Shinn “Big House” which is a victorian farmhouse built in the Bavarian style. Also, this building still retains its fame as a strong building that withstood several natural disasters like earthquake. Unfortunately, the house can’t be visited by tourists. However, you can stroll around the surrounding area and admire the architecture of the house from outside.

Nursery Historic Park

Settled amidst the scenic assets of California Nursery Historic Park, Vallejo Adobe is an important attraction in Fremont. The place gained its popularity for being part of the Mission of San Jose. Initially, it was built as the home of the mission administrator in the year 1842. Though visitors are not allowed inside the building, one can stroll outside the premises and admire its stunning beauty and craftsmanship.

Central Park and Lake Elizabeth

Aromatic flowers of the central park
Image credits: Unsplash

Its time to inhale some fresh air in one of the picturesque and scenic attractions in Fremont. Central Park, adorned by the remarkable Elizabeth Lake is a spectacular place in Fremont. The lake being the centre of attraction covers an area of 40 acres. Enjoy Kayaking and Paddleboat rides at the lake during the weekends. You can also play games such as golf, tennis and much more in this charming place. Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck in this lake and go for a hiking expedition as well.

Olive Hyde Art Gallery

Located in the historic square of Mission San Jose in Fremont, The Olive Hyde art gallery was founded in the 1960s. Initially, the gallery was constructed in 1940. However, in 1962, Olivia Hyde donated this building to the city as an art gallery. With a good note and a positive mission, the gallery motivates and nurtures the talent of local artists. The exhibits in this gallery keep rotating and changing every year.

Museum of Local History

Travel back in time while walking through the Museum of Local History. If you want to learn about Alameda county, plan a visit to this museum and enrich your knowledge. You will be taken through the period when Fermont began to flourish in the 1840s. Then, you will get a glimpse of the time when the Second World War began. Also, witness the historical relics and film making industries of ancient Fermont.

Aqua Adventure Waterpark

Get drenched in joy and happiness with a splash of water all over. Head to the Aqua Adventure Waterpark where everybody in your family will enjoy to the core. Also, please note that the park is open only during the summer season (June to September). Try your hand in the wide array of water activities. Experience an adrenaline rush at the giant water slides and lap pools here. If you wish to keep your trip light, you can just sit beside and swim at the lazy lake at the water park.

Niles Farmers’ Market

Fresh local produce at the Farmers market
Image credits: Unsplash

Find the best-grown veggies in the fertile lands of Fermont at Niles Farmers’ Market. Experience the authentic taste of the city while figuring out which stall to try out. However, the market is a hub for the best local produce in the city. Since it is located close to the main street, you can reach the place easily. Interact with the local vendors and get the best price possible. Do not miss trying out the famous Niles Pie Company, as well as artisan soap makers and Pamela Soap.

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Endangered species at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Image credits: Unsplash

With a good motive of protecting the endangered species of California, this wildlife refuge was constructed. You can indulge in the unspoilt nature and admire the wild buddies here. Go on a hiking trip amidst the rich flora and fauna. Also, experience the thrilling Kayaking activity and fishing here. You can also enrol in the educational programs conducted here and know about the history of the area.

Higuera Adobe

Beautifully tucked at the base of Mission Peak, Higuera Adobe is a historic building in California. This is one of the important attractions in Fremont. The Adobe along with seven others has been amplifying the beauty of the region since 1840. The building is a mix of style and simple architecture with one main room and two bedrooms. Furnished with local redwood, the place gives an aesthetic look with a modern touch.

Werner Herzog once quoted, “I would travel down to hell and wrestle a film away from the devil if it’s necessary.” However, when you can get the full essence of a film in a single location, stop wasting your time and head to Fremont right away. Apart from filming history, the place is also known for its historic buildings, wildlife assets, amusement parks, local markets and much more. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to California soon.

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