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Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon National Park – Feel like walking on the edge of the world

The United States of America is still a wonderful marvel for many tourists. It majorly owes to its wonderful tourist attractions that you can find here. The tall buildings that are waiting to tear the sky open are something you should definitely not miss. Apart from this, this is a place where there are absolutely fabulous scenic locations and also unique experiences that you would definitely love. Also, some places are so much worth visiting that you will definitely fall in love with this country. The most famous is the busy wall streets that you should definitely pay a visit to know how sophisticated that place is. You will literally be amazed to see many beautiful places here and one such place is the Grand Canyon National Park. Well, have a read through this article to know more about this place in detail.

Grand Canyon National Park
Image Credits: Unsplash

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Grand Canyon National Park

As soon as you see this place, you will be astonished. Such beauty! The walk through the rim in these places will literally make you feel like you are walking on the rim of the earth. Standing at the bottom of this canyon will make you look like a dwarf compared to the beauty of nature. You will also find the beautiful geographical feature below the Canyon, which is the Colorado River. But one thing about this park is that this is always overcrowded. Millions of people visit this national park in a year and you will not get the sense of freedom while exploring it. So here is the guide on Grand Canyon National Park.

1. Things to know

The first thing that you have to know is the heat. It will be hot from June to August and will be at a moderate whether on the rest nine months. If you want to be here for the summer vacation, then visit the north rim as it has the lowest visitors going there and it is at the elevation of 8,297 feet. Do note that November through April, all the park amenities will be closed. No matter which season, get ready to do some paperwork as you will need permits for a lot of things here. It is 25 USD to apply for a permit and then if you pass, a 200-400 USD deposit should be paid immediately. This depends on the size of your group. These are some of the must-knows while you visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

The beautiful view of the Grand Canyon.
Image Credits: Image by Michael Just from Pixabay

2. Reaching Grand Canyon National Park

The grand canyon is split in itself by a canyon into two distinctive zones. To get from one rim to another it is roughly a 4-hour drive. If you are planning to hit the Northern rim, then you have got to hit Las Vegas which is a 4-hour drive approximately. In the case of the South rim, then Phoenix is the place to hit as it is 3 and a half hours drive to the park. Or visit the Flagstaff in Arizona which is just an hour and a half from the Grand Canyon village. Arizona shuttle that runs from Flagstaff to the village runs 3 times a day. This only runs from May 15 to October 16.

The overview of Grand Canyon.
Image Credits: Photo by Sonaal Bangera on Unsplash

3. Base Camps

North Rim

The western Cabins, which are in the Grand Canyon Lodge is one of the best places with nothing between your porch and the canyon. Do note that there will be a few pine trees in between. The best accommodations that you will get are the rooms, 301, 305, 306 and 309. This place is open from May 15th to Oct 15. Catch some of the west-facing views from the North rim campsite that is just 1 mile from this place. These lodges are booked a year in advance. So, be prepared.

The Angels window in the Northern Rim.
Image Credits: Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

South Rim

El Tovar in the South rim is one of the finest landmarks here. This is not only for its view of the South rim but also for the very unique architectural style. If you want the best view of the canyon, then make sure to take one of the three balcony suites. Also, note that you won’t be able to reserve or block it online. Head 25 miles east of Grand Canyon Village as it has some of the best sunsets and is a great place for camping in South rim.

Grand Canyon South Rim.
Image Credits: Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

4. Adventure


Biking here is a famous adventure among tourists. You will be able to find a rental place near the visitor centre, so you can rent and start with your adventure. The Hermit Road, which is 7 miles across the rim from the village is one of the most scenic cycling spots found in the world. Other than this, you can also head east from the visitor centre to link the biking path with the Yaki point road which is a car-free zone. Biking is surely one of the famous activities done in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Biking at the Grand Canyon
Image Credits: Image by skeeze from Pixabay


Of course, hiking is one sought after adventurous experience done here. The best trail here is the South Rim’s well-trampled Bright Angel Trail. This is a 7-mile path that descends all the way to the river. Many also opt for the 1.8-mile roundtrip trek which is easier here. The five-mile Windross trail is the most famous here in the north rim. So these are the famous hiking trails found in the Grand Canyon.

Sunset at the Canyon.
Image Credits: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Boating in the Colorado rivers is surely a fine experience. There are two ways to do that here. One by a motorized raft and the other is the human paddle raft. The best way to experience boating in the Colorado River is at your own pace and not to rush things. There are also multiple-day boat rides of which you can ride in the morning and explore and lands and camp at each day. This is one of the best experiences you will get at the Grand Canyon.

Boating at the Colorado River.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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