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Austria in August – An Elaborate Guide to an Idyllic Austria Vacation

Austria is a southern country in Europe. the name Austria is deprived from german name Östarrichî which means eastern realm.The country has beautiful landscapes and green forest, mountains. In the north-eastern part flows the River Danube. Austria has everything to offer.From glaciers to valleys. In addition Alps to meadows and forests.

Austria has Mountainous Alps and the hills of Bohemia and Moravia.During summer you can find many affordable prices for everything. Austria is one of the richest country in terms of culture.


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Weather in Austria in August

With its greenery and the natural environment Austria offers you the best climate In August the season changes to summer. Many tourists flock here due to its lush greenery and rocking events. The weather is quite sunny but makes you feel more amazing for the sightseeing. August in Austria is a good trip destination. The average temperature is 19 degrees to high at 24 degrees You can also experience some showers in this month.Forest is summers makes you feel pleasant and relaxing.

It may rain in sometimes so always carry an umbrella while you travel. Austria offers tons of activities like zip -Lining ,Para gliding and many more..

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Events in Austria in August

As the snow melts the country is famous for its events and music. There are many festivals organised in Austria.Book your passes in advance so you wont rush in the queues there.

1. Innsbruck festival of music

Innsbruck music festival is dedicated to the musical masterpieces of 17th and 18th century.All the music lovers flock to the Capital of Alps.The top class musicians make audience delighted in the show.Watch the dramatic melodies and beautiful music live performed at Innsbruck.The concert and operas are held at Ambras Castle in Innsbruck.

Dates: From 13th July to 29th August

Innsbruck music festival
Image Source: Unsplash

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2. Salzburg summer festival

Salzburg festival is a predominant festival of music and drama. It first began in 1920. In 2021 it will complete101 years.This festival is a huge summer festival in austria. Be a part of the melidious music and skits and is the most important festival for drama, opera, open music.

Dates: 18th July to 30 August.

3. Grafenegg Classical music festival

Grafenegg Music festival is an international festival close to Vienna Austria. Enjoy the classical music in a fairy-taled castle.London symphony orchestra organises the orchestra with different forms of music.The castle has a beautiful garden outside.Have a look of elegant architecture and the soulful classical tunes.International guests like the Austrian Tönkulster orchestra performs as well.

Grafenegg Classical music festival.
Image source: Deposit photos.

Things to Do in Austria in August

Exploring the capital city of Vienna in August has many things for you to offer. Explore the capital city’s classic attractions. The top attractions are Imperial palace,Ring road to parliament, St Stephen’s cathedral. Almost all the attractions lie a single route.

1.Boat trips on Danube river-Vienna

Take yourself to river Danube at the evenings.Relax and enjoy the view of the Vienna city through the cruise. You can also travel to Wachau valley by Cruises. There are also one hour boat tours that take you along the canal. Catch a sight of highlights and old buildings of the city.

Location: Danube canal,Vienna-Austria.

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Boat trip view from Danube canal Vienna.
Image Source: Unsplash

2.Segway tours through vienna

Take a tour with the Vienna’s Segway ride throughout the city. Take your Segway to Ringstrabe to the old city of Vienna. You can catch a vie of Statue opera,Parliament, Burg theater and many more. There are many Segways tours around the city which offers the Vienna classics.

Segway tour Vienna
Image source: Unsplash

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3.Wine tasting at wachau valley.

Travelling in Europe, Wine tasting is a must! Wine tasting at the Wachun valley tastes you the best vine along the Austrias countryside. Wachau valley is a picturesque destination with terraced vineyards. Take a stop at the UNESCO world heritage sites medieval town of Dürnstein.

Location: Kirchenplatz 5 ,Lower Austria,Austria.

wachau valley
Image source: Unsplash

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4.Watch the old timers Parade

The old timer’s parade is a classic gathering of old vintage cars on the road.The classic cars community comes together and once in a year in Vienna.The authorities close the Ringstrassen roads during the parade. Have look at the cars of Minis ,Morris-minors to Ferraris and Rolls Royce.

Location: Ringstrassen road, Or stand near Parliament house,Vienna.

Dates: 21 and 22 August 2021.

Old timers parade classic car-Vienna.
Image Source: Unsplash

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Travelled virtually to the deep valleys and the music events of Austria. Pack your bags and head towards the country with Pickyourtrail. Choose the best Austria Packages and also learn more about the destination with Austria guide. The sunny days make you feel comfortable and relaxing in August. An heaven for the nature lovers.Happy Planning!

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