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Austria in February
Written by Shrinidhi H on November 14, 2022 Share on

Austria in February – Weather, Top 6 places to visit and Things to pack

Austria is an amazing country nestled between the rising Alps, with dream-like scenery, picture-perfect meadows and pastures, gorgeous medieval architecture, and music running through its veins.  Austria has the perfect elements to intoxicate your senses, from beautiful villages to spectacular cities, from the best operas to the most exquisite delicacies. Check this Austria’s scenic landscapes to discover and some essentials to pack during your Austria tour package in February.

Weather in Austria in February

February is probably the quietest month in Vienna, but what matters in February is fewer queues and less congestion. The cold weather in Austria lasts until February. So it’s an ideal time to travel for winter sports enthusiasts. If celebrating Valentine’s Day is at the top of your agenda, you can impress your loved ones by treating them to one of the country’s idyllic spas. Vienna is a famous romantic destination and February is a good time to settle in one of its coveted coffee houses. The average temperature in February is 4 ° C (39 ° F) and the average rainy day is 8 days.

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Top 6 places to visit in Austria in February

1. Vienna

The city of magnificent palaces and museums, home to opera and Beethoven, Vienna is a city of culture and splendour. A stroll through the beautiful Ringstraße, with its royal buildings like the Hofburg Royal Palace and many beautiful parks, is a great way to unleash the magic of Vienna. Vienna is one of the amazing cities in Austria and for a relaxing evening, you can enjoy a delicious coffee at the Viennese coffee house. The gorgeous Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace and the ornate St. Stephen’s Cathedral are architectural wonders and a must-see for arts and history lovers. 

Austria in February
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2. Salzburg

One of Austria’s must-see places is Salzburg, reminiscent of a fascinating city surrounded by green meadows, magnificent historic buildings and Mozart. The birthplace of great composers and the filming location for the cult film The Sound of Music, Salzburg is at the top of Austria’s list of most popular travel destinations. The Old Town of Arsten, with its impressive Baroque buildings, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The impressive Hohensalzburg Fortress boasts is the last remaining castle in Europe. A wonderful luxury of culture, music and art, the Salzburg Festival in summer is an unforgettable experience.

Austria in February
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3. Innsbruck

The idyllic alpine town, surrounded by high mountains, offers many possibilities to make your stay worthwhile. You can take a stroll through the old town marvel at the glittering golden roofs of more than 2,500 glittering tiles. Then you can peek into one of Europe’s finest regional heritage museums, the Tyrolean Folklore Museum. please. Innsbruck is a travel destination for all seasons and one of Austria’s most magical places in winter. There is a world-famous ski resort that you can enjoy in the winter by booking Austria honeymoon packages. Furthermore, you can enjoy more adventurous can climb beautiful meadows, bungee jump on the European Bridge, climb the Nordquet on an exciting cable car, or explore Innsbruck’s nightlife.

Austria in February
Source: Unsplash

4. Salzkammergut

Close to Salzburg, this scenic holiday area offers a typical Austrian experience with sparkling blue lakes, Stunning Alps, charming villages and gorgeous hot spring towns.  Lake Hallstatt is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed fairy-tale village and it is one of Austria’s most beautiful destinations. Arguably one of Austria’s most beautiful places, Hallstatt’s stunning pastel-coloured houses, the underground Salzwerten salt lake and the Dachstein ice caves will take your breath away. 

Source: Unsplash

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5. Graz

Graz, Austria’s second-largest city, is full of wandering souls, with different universities and one of Europe’s finest old town sections. Add numerous museums, striking Baroque and Renaissance buildings, and unique wooded hills in the heart of the town for panoramic views which is a perfect vacation spot. Graz is also attracted to many dishes. Cooking enthusiasts can take pumpkin seed oil home and add spices to their dishes at home.

Source: Unsplash

6. Worthersee 

Canoeing, cave exploring, magnificent churches, and Porsche’s homeland are just a few of the reasons to visit Austria’s most popular summer attractions. The beautiful Lake Wörthersee offers swimming, boating and canoeing during the summer. Head to Griffen’s colourful stalactite caves for thrills and expeditions and also admire Guruk’s old 12th-century cathedral and visit Gumundo, the birthplace of Porsche.

Source: Unsplash

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Things to pack for Austria in February

1. Austrians wear more formal and stylish clothes. So, try to be in a stylish attire!

2. Very smart casual or smart business wear goes out for business, sightseeing and eating out. 

3. Be sure you pack a light, small backpack or shoulder bag to carry all your essentials. 

4. If you are accustomed to buying bottled water, consider bringing a filtered water bottle instead. This is a great way to get clean drinking water without wasting plastic. It can be filled with any water source and can be filtered and safely drunk. 

5. To use electrical equipment, you may need a travel adapter plug and a step-down voltage transducer if the equipment is not rated for European voltage (230V). 

6. Above all, avoid Unexpected Baggage Charges-Use accurate baggage scales to stay within weight limits. Don’t forget the souvenir room on your way home!

Frequently Asked Questions about Austria in February

1. What is the best way to travel to Austria? 

Consider travelling to Austria by train for a stress-free travel experience. The Austrian Federal Railway operates trains in this country. 

2. What is a typical Austrian breakfast?

A typical Austrian breakfast is rich in nutrients, and the most popular Austrian foods are boiled eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, smoked bacon, sausages, beans and hash browns. 

3. Is Austria Safe for Tourists?

Yes, Austria is one of the places with the lowest crime rates. Street crime is also very rare. 

4. Where in Austria do couples need to visit?

 1. Vienna 
 2. Salzburg 
 3. Bad Gastein 
 4. Feldkirch 
 5. Hallstatt

5. Can I visit Austria with my family?

Yes, Austria is a popular destination that is loved by both solo travellers and families. You can expect sheer amount of entertainment, fun, and adventures here.

There you go! These are the places you must see during your trip to Austria in February, as well as some of the essential items you should bring with you for a stress-free trip. Furthermore, we feel that this guide will aid your winter journey to Austria. Go hurry and book your customised Austria trip at Pickyourtrail for the best prices!

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