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Bali vs Mauritius: Let’s Compare and Choose Together

It’s time for some major detox and rejuvenation. If you are confused, and the confusion is Bali vs. Mauritius, then you are in the right place. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect of a vacation in both of these destinations in detail.


The breeze in Bali takes away all the worry, and the pleasant sound of the waves adds a tinge of mischief while the silent seashore invites you to soak your feet. Mauritius, on the other hand, provides you with tranquil and unpolluted beaches, apart from which it is a paradise for surfers.


  • Bali hosts a wide range of affordable luxury hotels and resorts, the perfect private pool villas, and exotic private beach resorts for a picturesque experience. Since most of the cities are within a 30-minute drive, travellers usually opt for a split-stay option with different stay options in each place.
  • whereas Mauritius is a little heavy on the pocket but again worth the price as the stay is usually at the same resort and they take care of the admission tickets for a few activities from their side on a minimum stay of 6 nights. The hotels also offer a complimentary cruise experience with a 6-night stay.
Resorts in Mauritius


  • Both destinations are short hauls and can be explored in a week.
  • Summer is the best time to visit to fully appreciate the sunset.
  • Indian travelers, who have specific food preferences and enjoy spices, often prefer Bali for its Indonesian delights and trendy art cafes offering healthy vegan options.
  • Bali offers a variety of activities including temple visits, cultural dance festivals, and traditional Kecak shows.
  • Mauritius tends to have a limited variety of food, primarily French dishes and alcohol.
  • Activities in Mauritius are more standard, with notable ones including island tours, bird parks, and catamaran cruises.
  • When booking water sports activities in advance, it’s essential to consider that all activities are highly weather dependent.
  • Weather is a crucial factor for travelers when choosing between Bali and Mauritius.
  • Planning a trip to Mauritius requires caution due to its weather-dependent activities.
Water sports in Bali


If you like the sound of waves and enjoy its soothing touch, Bali is the place for you, with 15 beaches open for tourist activities. While a person who wants scenic beauty and a silent undisturbed view would totally cherish the still seashores of Mauritius, it’s a lovely place for the voracious readers.


  • Apart from the resort, the places to explore in Bali are many, and the commutation is also very simple; cabs or private cars are easily available, and the drivers are friendly and share their knowledge about the tourist sites.
  • In Mauritius, you will have to depend on the hotel for transportation, as they will be arranging a 3-item tour, and anything else is at an additional charge.

Adrenaline rush

  • Now for the super young enthusiasts who want to experience some intense adrenaline rush with adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, and paragliding, Bali provides options galore.
  • Mauritius is more about cruises and zoo visits, with a range of aquariums. It does offer water sports activities as well, but, as mentioned earlier, taking the activities directly would be the best bet.

Shop till you drop

Now what you have saved till the last day of the trip is not going to stay in your pocket if you take a stroll on the beach walk shopping centre in Seminyak. They have some brilliant accessories and comfortable clothing and really pretty footwear to complement with and if you have good bargaining skills then the shopping bit is sorted for you. Mauritius is more of a commercial place with malls and stuff, so bargaining would be a little difficult. 

Again or never again

  • Bali has its own addiction and hence a great chunk of tourists tend to revisit for its affordable stays and activities.
  • Mauritius is like an onetime watch movie, nothing very fancy to offer for the second time but the ones specific about cleanliness its most definitely spick and span. 

Party all night 

Nightlife in Bali has gained its popularity with a plethora of night clubs and pubs to dance in and drink your heart out. Mauritius is again for the niche crowd who like fine dining and elegant ambience and sophisticated cocktails. More like the French way. Grand baie is one of the notable places for you to experience the nightlife at its peak. If you are a freak who wants to party from 6 PM to 6 AM then, you gotta choose a resort near Grand baie.

Grand Baie, mauritius, Mauritius party place
The Grand Baie
Source: Google maps

No visa interview, please!

Both the exotic destinations are very welcoming and Indians Passport holders have free visa. The flights to Bali are more economical Emirates fly’s from India to Mauritius on specific days with is definitely worth spending for.  

When should I start packing? 

The apt time to travel to Bali is Mid April to October and this is usually the time where the kids have their annual break and call for a perfect summer vacation with a great blend of nightlife, beach shopping and adventure. Mauritius is best visited between May and December for a serene experience avoiding the crowd and relaxing along the peaceful shores and more like a lonely planet with lazy islands to have a leisure time. Don’t waste any more time and head straight to Pickyourtrail and customise your own itinerary for the destination of your choice! Bali tour package or Mauritius tour package, Choice is yours!

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