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Barcelona in Winter: A must-visit

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan city of the Spanish province of Catalonia, is renowned for its architecture and sculpture. The spectacular church of Sagrada Família and other modernist landmarks built by Antoni Gaudí dot the area. The Museu Picasso and the Fundació Joan Miró, by their namesakes, feature modern art. MUHBA Museum of City History, comprises several Roman archeological sites. Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourism, commercial, fair and cultural centers, and its impact on commerce, education , culture, athletics, media, fashion , technology, and the arts all add to its reputation as one of the world’s leading cities.

Barcelona city
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Barcelona in winter

In winter, Barcelona has many activities to offer. With all the autumn summer crowds and rains back, Barcelona renders the winter break ideal for a getaway. Winter comes down here from December to March, and is quite mild compared to Spain’s other regions. The temperature is about 12°C and dips occasionally below 5°C in the winter, whilst the days are mainly sunny.

Reasons to visit Barcelona in winter

Thinner crowd

One of the best wintertime stuff about Barcelona is just how much less crowded it is than it is in the summer. Mile-long lines have gone, restaurants have tables on the same day, the Passeig de Gracià is a fun spot to walk and you can look forward to a peaceful experience.

The sun still shines

While the temperature can decrease – and a good 12 ° C can still be anticipated across most of November through February – the sun still shines in Barcelona even throughout the winter. Crisp winter days with a clear blue sky are just great for enjoying the sights of Barcelona and the photos should look just as breathtaking.

Mushroom season

When the weather gets a little colder in the back end of autumn, Barcelona’s market stalls continue filling up with wild mushrooms. Local varieties such as rovellons, as well as more well-known ones such as ceps and chanterelles, are much sought after. For a real seasonal treat, you can eat them fried with an egg or mixed into a heart-warming rice bowl.

Barcelona at sunrise
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It’s cheaper

Visiting Barcelona in the winter is likely to be much easier on your budget than in the summer, from a practical perspective. While the Catalan capital doesn’t really have an off-season, the months from January to March are usually considerably quieter, and as a result, hotels lower their prices, and there are some great tours and activities on offer.

Things to do

The Sitges Carnival

If you visit Barcelona in March, it is recommended to attend Carnival in Sitges. One of the world’s most celebrated carnivals is the Barcelona Sitges Carnival. The Sitges Carnival is scheduled either in February or early March, with more than 100 years of history. The carnival involves over 2000 participants and is both an informal and contemporary party event.

Thermal Baths

Winters in Barcelona are all about lying in the thermal baths, and having a wonderful time. Throughout the Gothic Quarters, Barcelona built an ancient Roman spa, named Aire de Barcelona. One can enjoy hot baths at varying temperatures in this candlelit spa. One may pick between a regular bathroom, a red wine spa, and a space with scents. They offer a few luxury oils and organic cosmetics treatments.

Christmas Markets

Each year outside the ancient Gothic Cathedral is located the biggest Christmas market in Barcelona, called Fira de Santa Llucia. This market hosts hundreds of presents crafted by local artisans, fruits, lights, musical instruments, and other goodies. There are a couple of kindergartens making competitions, parades, and such events for kids while they eat some roasted chestnuts to make the winters in Barcelona fun.

The procession of the Three Kings

While December 25 is a big day in the Catalan Christmas calendar, January 6 is regarded as the Three Kings’ Day. The Three Wise Kings converge on Barcelona on the evening of 5 January bearing sweets and a lot of magic to the region. Greet them when they leave the harbor and follow the procession through the center of the city.


Although several of the art galleries have no exhibits during the summer, some of the more fascinating shows also come to town throughout the winter season. Art museums such as the MACBA or the CCCB, Barcelona’s Contemporary Culture Centre, regularly host outstanding international exhibitions, and thanks to the quieter atmosphere even the permanent collections of most museums become enjoyable.


With the beach being out of the picture, the tourists might be on the ski slopes instead, within two hours from Barcelona. The La Molina and La Masella stations can be accessed by bus, and one day passes with transportation costs of less than €40 per person – you just need to rent your skis when you get there.

Monument in Barcelona
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Girona – Day trip

Girona is a small medieval town with colorful streets and sidewalk cafes perfect for watching people. Girona contains both ancient buildings and new mansions, which create a direct distinction between the wealthy and the poor. Many Gothic Cathedrals, Jewish Quarters, museums, and art galleries can be found here. Girona is easily accessible by road and has a train running from the Passeig de Gracia station.

Girona Spain
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Frequently Asked Questions About Barcelona In Winter

Q) Is Spain recommended in December?

A) During the month of December in Spain, the temperatures are less, and the nation gets even less sun throughout the month. During December, the best areas to explore are Barcelona, Andalusia, and the Costa del Sol.

Q) Is snowfall expected in Barcelona?

A) Winter snowfall in Barcelona is not a common occurrence but it is still a possibility. The snow doesn’t last long, and disappears after a snowfall in a day.

Q) Is a trip to Barcelona cheap?

A) Barcelona isn’t inexpensive but neither is it too costly. You can fly to Barcelona on a budget of approximately INR 5,000 a day covering hotels, dinners, transportation, and sightseeing.

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