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Spain In August
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Spain in August- An Elaborate Guide To Get the Best of Your Spanish Holiday

Spain is always the go-to country when it comes to vacation, It has all things like stunning scenery, Beautiful beaches, Fabulous food, Cosmopolitan Cities, Vibrant villages and what not?. Spain is the largest country in the southern part of Europe and the second-largest country in the Western part of Europe. There is a fact that Spain people thrown 150,000 tomatoes every year at a Festival called the legendary La Tomatina festival. Let’s spend 5-10 mins to know more details before your visiting Spain in August.

Spain in August
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Spain in August

  • Why Visit Spain In August
  • Cities to visit in Spain in August
  • Spain climate and Average temperature in August
  • Best places to visit in Spain in August
  • Things to do in Spain in August

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Festivals in Spain in August

If you want to get your party going in Spain during your vacation, you’ll be happy to know that August will be the month there are many beautiful festivals organized to entice visitors. Famous festivals celebrated in Spain in August.

1. Feria De Malaga

Also known as the August Fair, this festival gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Spain, and during this festival, a whole week is devoted to the funniest events and activities that are sure to transport visitors. in another world. Best of all, this party goes on day and night, giving visitors a chance to taste Europe like never before. You can have the best time of your life when you are part of this fair. During this summer festival, the Real de la Feria becomes the centre of all interesting activities and events day and night. Numerous stalls organize activities that interest both the young and the older generation.

2. La Tomatina

Here is the fun festival of Spain is La Tomatina, which is held in the month of August in Spain. When compared to all other festivals of Spain, this festival is whole next level of craziness. The history of this festival is started seventy years ago but now it became a traditional and cultural festival in Spain. Not only the locals but there are Many tourists travel to Spain in the month to be a part of this festival of throwing tomatoes like 70,000 tickets get sold out even before the last day of sale.

3. Festa Major De Gracia

This is one of the maximum famous festivals that fill the streets of Spain with artsy colours. It is widely known among fifteenth August – twenty-first August, and at some point of this ten-day-lengthy festival, you may witness humans cheering up through displaying their astonishing creativity on the streets. There are fireworks, acrobats, and parades that might be prepared on the streets every day at some point of this festival.

5 Best Cities to visit in Spain in August

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its extraordinary football and brilliant architecture by Antoni Gaudi. It is also famous for its modern art museums, quiet parks, Costa Dorada and delicious tapas.

Barcelona, Cities to visit in Spain in August
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2. Madrid

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain but one of the most amazing cities in Europe. It is The Center of All The Roads in Spain.

Madrid, Cities to visit in Spain in August
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3. Ibiza

Ibiza is also known for its beautiful beaches. From popular beaches to quiet, undiscovered beaches, and from hippie beaches to family-friendly beaches, the islandI has it all.

Ibiza, Cities to visit in Spain in August
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4. Granada

Granada is famous in Spain for its tapas scene, and for good reason: with every beer, wine or soft drink you order, you get a free snack. The often generous portions make it possible to eat out for the price of two or three people.

Granada, Cities to visit in Spain in August
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5. Seville

Famous all over the world for its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage, the city of Seville is the cradle of flamenco and the city where the most surprising Holy Week processions take place, but Seville is also the nerve centre of southern Spain.

Seville, Cities to visit in Spain in August
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Weather and Average temperature in Spain in August

The common sunlight hours temperatures are round 28°C (this is approximately 82°F). The common minimal temperatures drop right all the way down to 19°C (this is approximately 67°F). On common, the freshest day of the 12 months is August seventh with a mean excessive of 28°C and low of 20°C!. Around 38% is the average humidity during this month. Spain also has about 63.5mm of rain this month, so a gradual drop in temperature can be seen in mid-August. This is the best time to try various water sports on the beaches, such as diving, snorkelling, and jet skiing. The rise in mercury levels shouldn’t stop you from visiting Spain in August, there is enough to discover and enjoy.

Best Places to Visit in Spain in August

1. Costa del Sol Beaches

The beaches of the Costa del Sol offer the perfect relaxation for people looking for sand and a holiday in the sun in Spain. It has layers of white sand washed by the gentle sea and is touted as Spain’s most popular tourist attraction. The two different beaches here will make you feel transported into a wonderland. Its extensive sandy beaches invite the visitor to stroll along the coast. It also has small bays like Maro Beach, where you can spend intimate and relaxing moments.

2. The White Towns of Andalucia

The White Towns of Andalucia, Places to Visit in Spain in August
Image credits: Unsplash

The White Villages seem to float over southern Andalusia like a touch of white glaze. They tell the story of Spain’s great history and culture, and the most spectacular attraction of this site is Arcos de la Frontera. This square ends dizzyingly through a 137-meter high cliff. It offers a magnificent view of the valley of orange, olive and almond groves.

3. La Rambla, Barcelona

La Rambla, Places to Visit in Spain in August
Image credits: Unsplash

This is another standard tourer attraction in the city. This is often the most street of Barcelona that extends up to 1.2 kilometres and is flanked by lush inexperienced trees. It’s the notable pedestrian avenue that is still heavily packed throughout the wee hours. The section that extends to the Plaça de Catalunya appears to be lined with large trees, and its pedestrian zone is flanked by a steeped road.

Things to do in Spain in August

  • The Flamenco Show – Most famous dance show in Spain that all the travellers want to see the breathtaking dance moves
  • Skydiving- Well here is the major adventure part for adventure junkies. Even better, while skydiving here, you can enjoy the view of the Costa Brava and other wonderful marinas.
  • All night party- As I mentioned earlier, Spain is where you can all parties all night in the city of Ibiza. It is the ultimate party lover’s paradise and is known around the world for hosting the most talked-about parties.

Scintillating Spain honeymoon itinerary for couples

There are much more things to in Spain, Hope you got a clear idea of how and what to plan on a visit to Spain in the Month of August. To know more have a look at Spain holiday packages from India in Pickyourtrail. You can also customize your Itinerary as well for your honeymoon. In case if you need any assistance we are here to help you plan your next vacation to Spain.

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