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Barcelona, Spain
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Jazz it up with these best Jazz clubs and bars in Barcelona

The very core of Jazz music is in Barcelona. The International Jazz Festival in Barcelona definitely has a hand in this, this festival goes on during the year and you will experience some of the finest concerts every week. The JAZZ genre has become one of the most common in town, with the aid of other venues throughout the area. Here is a list of top bars in Barcelona.

Bar in Barcelona
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Top bars in Barcelona

1. JazzSí

JazzSí Club in the Raval, a member of the Tallers de Músics music academy, is an exclusive complement to the jazz clubs in Barcelona. It has created a venue over the last 25 years over up-and-coming artists and emerging musicians to share their talents with the world. For its regular schedule of live jazz and flamenco, the understated club has accrued some remarkable statistics: 648,000 fans, 7,200 shows, and 36,000 artists over a quarter of a century. Not to be skipped are the jam sessions beginning at 7.45 pm every Wednesday, and their famous flamenco nights beginning at 8.45 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This is one of the top bars in Barcelona to visit.

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2. Harlem Jazz Club

A stalwart of the cultural tradition and culture of the region, Harlem, one of the top bars in Barcelona, offers a diverse live music schedule with top local talent showing off their styles with jazz, blues, fusion, and swing nearly any night of the week. It might not be the city’s oldest music venue but it’s one of the most popular. The iconic Gothic Quarter club, renowned for its seductive low lighting, moderately priced cocktails and friendly environment, has welcomed many potential jazz stars in their formative years. Every Tuesday, singer and guitarist Hernán Senra, popular as ‘El Chino,’ performs a blues and early jazz session that attracts crowds from far and large. For late-night DJ sets that rarely disappoint to get the crowd started, night owls should hang on after the jazz ‘s done.

BArcelona, Spain
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3. Little Italy Jazz

Little Italy is BARCELONA’s only restaurant featuring 100 per cent jazz. And the best part is that you will appreciate the tasty ITALIAN Food, whilst a comfortable and romantic mood is provided by the live jazz band. The place opened as a conventional Italian restaurant in 1988 but through the years it has been affected by all the nearby ART GALLERIES that were open till late at night. Soon, in the late hours, Little Italy was a spot for tourists to enjoy a cocktail and a nice environment and it is certainly worth a stay. Little Italy has a broad variety of wines and drinks with a creative mixture segment devoted to mojitos! The restaurant provides Live Jazz sessions both Wednesday and Thursday night.

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4. Café Vienés Jazz Club

If you’d rather spend your evening in a more casual atmosphere, head to one of the bars in Barcelona called Café Vienés. This spot can make you look in amazement and sound like you’ve just walked into a movie screen. The bar can be located at the Casa Fuster, a 5-star hotel. Many of the greatest JAZZ musicians play live on scene single Thursday. Paired with a collection of the finest tapas that should ensure a trendy night out. Café Viencés turns into an intimate Jazz Club every Thursday night from 21:00 until 23:00. We sell tickets at different price ranges; the cheapest one is €20 which contains just one cocktail and the most costly one is €100 and involves a whole meal!

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5. Jamboree Jazz Club

No places carry a resume anything like Jamborees, one of the most reputed bars in Barcelona. This has performed two events a day over a half-century, 365 days a year. The club was founded as a jazz cellar in the early sixties and soon became prominent on the jazz scene in Barcelona. This welcomed the likes of Bill Coleman, Kenny Drew, Chet Baker, Ornette Coleman and Lou Bennet. No places carry a resume anything like Jamborees. This has performed two events a day over a half-century, 365 days a year. The club was founded as a jazz cellar in the early sixties and soon became prominent on the jazz scene in Barcelona. This welcomed the likes of Bill Coleman, Kenny Drew, Chet Baker, Ornette Coleman and Lou Bennet.

6. 23 Robadors

When you’re looking for the real, raw Jazz experience, one of the best bars in Barcelona, 23 Robadors is the place to go. This bar is situated in the Raval region between the NARROW STREETS and you reach it by pressing the bell before stepping into a stone-walled, smoke-filled space. You can get a good image of the pure atmosphere of the Jazz genre, especially on Wednesdays. Small seating so make sure you arrive on schedule! The series begins at 20:00 during the week and at 21:00 on the weekends, so don’t forget to carry cash as that is widely agreed. 

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7. Milano Cocktail Bar

This location during Prohibition is reminiscent of a speakeasy in Chicago. You may skip the entrance completely if you don’t hold your eyes open, as well as your wits about you because you have to go into a kind of basement first, and then down some dark stairs, both of which may help you get your heart going and your liver ready for your destination. When inside, you ‘re in a fairly wide room, with red booths and dim lighting, giving you a wonderful 1940s look. The expansive drink menu is longer than a Stephen King novel and it’s driven by concoctions crafted with Campari, but for those blended with bourbon they do have a treat.

Bar in Barcelona, Spain
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