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FC Stadium in Barcelona
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Barcelona during Winter: Things to Do and best places to Visit

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is known for its unique design, tapas, and wine. Aside from the many holy places, Barcelona offers many clubs along its beaches, a brilliant pathway like Park Guell, and narrow back streets of the Gothic quarter. Except if one is a beachbum, Barcelona in winter offers a lot of activities to do. With both the late spring groups and rains of the summertime gone, Barcelona makes for a perfect escape for the winter break. 

Winter dives here from December to March and is very gentle contrasted with different locales of Spain. The temperature is around 12℃ and once in a while, dunks below 5℃ during the night. No worries, the days are bright for more often than not. Fewer crowds can be expected on your outing. However, this doesn’t prevent one from getting a charge out of many things that Barcelona offers during winter. 

1. Visit The Monuments 

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Image Credits: Unsplash

Barcelona in winters allows one to enjoy the well-known attractions without waiting in the long summer lines. The Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell made by the virtuoso architect Antoni Gaudi is probably the best place to visit in Barcelona. The Casa Batllo Museum and the Camp Nou Football Stadium are at their lovely best. With the streets enlightened with a large number of lights during Christmas, the Placa de Catalunya square is transformed into a skating arena. Make sure that you do not miss visiting these places as they add amazingly to your trip.

2.Enjoy the Sitges Carnival 

If you are visiting Barcelona in March, at that point, you should go to the Sitges jamboree. One of the most celebrated festivals of the world is the Sitges Carnival of Barcelona. With over 100 years of history, the Sitges Carnival is booked either in February or early March. The festival has more than 2000 members included and is a casual and contemporary gathering occasion. Your plans for winter evenings in Barcelona are arranged as you can go to the merriments for a pleasant night. 

This is the day you will find the city coming to life. If you are lucky, you can even make a few friends out there. 

3. Gorge On Winter Treats 

Local Spanish Cuisines
Image Credits: Unsplash

The food fuss in winter in Barcelona is crazy. What could be better to a steaming cup of hot cocoa to beat the cold blues? Each customary cafeteria in Barcelona serves sweet baked foods and Catalan indulgences like Turron and Polvoron (disintegrate prone shortbread). Catalan chocolate is admired for its thick, velvety consistency and is commonly joined by the sweet churros. Hmm, doesn’t it sound too good to taste it?

Apart from the sweet treats, one can enjoy the excellent choices of wine and tapas bars here. Another delicacy during winters are calcites (looking like leeks). These calcites are cooked over an open fire, plunged into a creamy romesco sauce, and expended in general. Try out these foods and get your taste buds high!

4. Have a warm Thermal Bath

Széchenyi Thermal Bath
Image Credits: Unsplash

Barcelona winters are tied in with lying in the warm showers and making some fabulous memories. Barcelona has reestablished an old Roman shower in the Gothic Quarters called Aire de Barcelona. One can appreciate hot showers in this candlelit spa at changing temperatures. One can pick between a customary bath, a red wine shower, and scented room. They offer a couple of medicines with extravagant oils and natural beauty care products too. 

5. Shopping In Christmas

The biggest Christmas parade in Barcelona called Fira de Santa Llucia is held each year around the notable Gothic Cathedral. This market has several presents, trees, beautifications, instruments, and different treats made by the local artists. There are a couple of bunk making rivalries, marches, and such occasions for kids. Simultaneously, they munch on a couple of cooked chestnuts to make Barcelona winters fun. This is a must-visit place for shopping in Barcelona with your loved ones and is definitely a fun place being along with your family.

6. Winter Activities In Barcelona 

Ice skating is perhaps the best activity in Barcelona in winter. Many ice skating arenas turn up all around the city during winters. La Farga is the most excellent arena in Barcelona obliging 350 skaters on the double. The field is open from 10 AM to 9 PM daily, and the admission fee is at 10 euros for each hour. Other than this, you can also go bowling in the Pedralbes neighbourhood. Bowling is one such action that Catalans like to do. The entrance fees are very reasonable, with 3-4 euros for each game. Other than these, skiing is the most loved game here. You could likewise go scuba making a plunge Barcelona in winter. 

7. Three Kings Parade 

Three Kings Parade
Image Credits: Flickr

Every year on January 6th, Barcelona gets together to praise the motorcade of the three astute rulers. The lords are welcomed at the port as they land, and the parade moves towards the downtown area. Desserts and chocolates are tossed up and down the course of the walk. Going to the ceremony is one of the most astounding activities in Barcelona in winter. Just make sure, hold the hands of each other and get along with the parade show.

Day Trips From Barcelona in Winter 

Visit Costa Brava in Barcelona
Image Credits: Unsplash

Barcelona climate in winter makes it simpler for adventurers and nature lovers to explore the wide-open of Spain as it isn’t gnawing cold. If you are visiting Barcelona in winter, at that point, you could save some days for the day trips from Barcelona. These trips average on an 8-hour duration and the most recommended activities to do while staying in Barcelona.

Barcelona in winter is a refreshing place to be in. Thus, think no more and book your Spain Package today with Pickyourtrail! As always, You are guaranteed to have the best experience with 24×7 concierge service from our travel experts. So, why wait? Grab your gloves and get set to Barcelona at unbelievable prices.

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