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Travel Guide To West Cork: Reasons To Visit The West Cork

Times have been tough for all and you feel like going on a trip which could cover colorful streets and small stone cottages, Live country music at high volumes in local pubs with the scenic beauty of Green hilly landscapes and rugged costliness then you have a trip to plan for, The Land of Saints and Scholars, West Cork-Ireland welcomes you with both hands. This Blog will give you an idea about Ireland as a tourist destination and how you can plan for the same.

Snapshot of What’s Ahead

  1. Beautiful Towns
    – Clonakilty
    – Bantry
    – Baltimore
    – Schull and Glengarrifff
  2. The Tunes in Air
  3. Country Food
  4. Cultural and Tradition
  5. Breathtaking landscape

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1. Beautiful Towns

I. Clonakilty

West Cork a region in County Cork- County Cork being the southernmost count in Ireland, A trip to West Cork means Visiting a lot of Small towns. To start with Clonakilty – locally known as “Clon” is famous for its beaches and Strands, name the type of beaches and the town has them all Inchydoney to Duneen Beach, Amidst the plenty of beach options a must-visit is the Inchydoney Beach which provides picture-perfect view and termed as one of the best beaches in the country. Added to this the Town has been awarded as the Best town in Ireland and the UK at the 2017 Urbanism Awards.

Image Credits: Unsplash

II. Bantry

Bantry another town which provides a lot of options in terms of things to do, It covers Outdoor activities, and Water Sports activities and along with Heritage places in and around the town. A stroll around the Bantry Market which is held every Friday from 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM in Wolfe Tone Square, Bantry, Water sports activities you have options like Bantry Bay where you can take Kayak or Self-Drive Powerboat or a Stand-Up Paddle Board and explore the bay. Another option would be Bantry Bay Charters where you can have top-quality marine adventures which can be experienced by all groups of travelers from Individuals to Families where you can indulge in fishing around the historical cruise. Beaches are again top attractions along with Moutain hikes and Cycling. If you want to have a day at leisure you can visit the Bantry museum and Library amidst the Adventure the town provides.

Image Credits: Unsplash

III. Baltimore

The Town which is famous for its architecture and sea views, the town truly makes you feel like your part of the Royal Kingdom, The Baltimore Castle served as a tax collection center for foreign vessels entering the Harbor which earned the castle the name ‘fort of the jewels’ a Boat journey would give you a close view of the Fasten rock along with the Lighthouse which is not located in the coastal side but in and around the middle of the sea. A visit to Bantry House will give an idea about the Royals of the past, The 18th Century Mansion was the foundation of the Former Earl of Bantry and still the home for the family. Whale watching, diving, and snorkeling are few activities you can do in this historic town.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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IV. Schull and Glengarriff

Schull, Fan Favourite for those who live in West Cork, Schull the city breathes culture and heritage and yet again another town with rich architecture and fishing sea-foods are must-try here. In terms of places to visit the Neolithic Period, Bronze Age, Iron Age these areas or places are famous for their tombs and forts. Glengarriff, The Charming town in West Cork, The place is filled with lush greeneries, Glengarriff Woods Natural Reserve, Bamboo Park which gives the Town the name The Natural Meeting Place, Beara Way, The Ewe and Blue Pool Amenity Area which provides you a mixture of Garden and peaceful Experience.

Image Credits: Unsplash

2. The Tunes in Air

The West Cork has vibrant pub culture In the larger towns, you’ll find buzzing nightclubs where artistic DJs spin original mixes! Some of the famous Bars in and around West Cork are Ma Murphy’s Bar, Bantry, Jacob’s Bar, Baltimore.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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3. Country Food

West Cork being positioned in the coastal regions, the Majority of the Award-winning food producers can be found. Classic fish and chips are must-eat and you would love to taste local farm produce, West Cork is filled with tasty options. The Stuffed Olive, BantryJacob’s Bar, Baltimore, Mews, Baltimore.

Image Credits: Unsplash

4. Cultural and Tradition

Be Mindful of how you pronounce the cost name, when you are in the West Cork and when you’re in dialogue with locals and if you mention it as cork any random local would politely correct you by asking you to pronounce it as the West cork, The Natives are proud of their origin and their Irish Tradition. In some parts of West Cork, you’ll hear Gaelic being spoken! Not only is the area is very Irish, but it’s also quite cosmopolitan and creative. You can hear people speaking Gaelic In few parts of the Coast, a Celtic language that again reminds you of the origin of the land. Few must-visit cultural places are Mizen Head and Fastnet Lighthouse, Bantry House, and GardensBeara Peninsula.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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5. Breathtaking landscapes

Do take a camera with you because you won’t stop clicking the photo-worthy landscapes filled in West Cork, On must-visit Landscape is the Beara known to be the most beautiful landscapes in all of Ireland. On the same lines, the coast provides long stretches of sandy beaches, enchanting coastlines, sky-high mountains, green hills, and rugged terrain.

Image Credits: Unsplash

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