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Beaches in North Carolina
Written by Athul K V on September 8, 2020 Share on

Best Beaches in North Carolina, USA

Towering mountains on the West and the Atlantic ocean on the East, North Carolina in the USA has a diverse geography. Also, this attracts a large number of tourists who likes both. It is the 9th populous state in the United States with bustling city life as well as the quaint shoreline. Additionally, the state is divided into three parts, the mountains on the west, the central part is the Piedmont region and the coastline in the east. One of the main attractions of North Carolina is its long and wide coastlines. It boasts a shoreline of over 300 miles of shoreline and one of the biggest in the US. Unspoiled beaches and pristine waters attract tourists and they flock here to get some sun. Let’s check out some of the best beaches in North Carolina

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10 Best Beaches in North Carolina

You have wide varieties of activities to do here other just sunbathing. It is always fun to chill on the beach and watch the waves roll in. Also, this is an excellent family getaway with plenty of waterfront cottages ideal for a nice summer weekend. Are you ready to explore the 10 Best Beaches in North Carolina, USA? Go on. . .

1. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is one of the most famous beach destinations in the eastern coastline. This long stretch of white sand beach is ideal for spending a fun day. Furthermore, there are excellent food options on the beach and even pretty ice cream shops too. Also, the kids can have a great time building sandcastles while you simply soak in the sunlight and relax. The region has a diverse marine life with the beach being a spot for sea turtles to lay eggs. Atlantic beach just gets more and more interesting.

Atlantic Beach North Carolina
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Carolina Beach

The family-friendly Carolina beach is located just over 10 miles from Wilmington. This is one the best beach in the Atlantic Coast and its laid back lifestyle is perfect for a fun vacation. Also, the beach has the Cape Fear River on the other side. Another fun thing here is the historic boardwalk with plenty of restaurants and street food shops that you must try. The water is amazing and ideal for swimming or surfing. Above all, the beach is safe for kids as well. You can also make your way into the Carolina Beach State Park which has hiking trails and camping spots and offers a great view of the Cape Fear River too. The boardwalk is a busy and happening place where there are music and exciting activities to do.

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3. Carova

Carova is an amazing stretch of white sand beach with warm blue waters. There are are no paved paths to the beach and is mainly accessible with four-wheelers only. Also, this is a secluded beach where there won’t be much crowd. And for the same reason, the beach is extremely clean, but one of the drawbacks is the lack of restaurants and shops on the beach. Make sure you stock up on gas and other supplies before heading out here. Furthermore, you can drive your car on the beach and maybe even spot the wild horses on the beach. We wouldn’t say that it’s particularly safe for families with kids, because there are not much safety amenities here.

4. Wrightsville Beach

Located close to Wilmington, the Wrightsville Beach is considered one the best beaches in North Carolina. Also, this is one of the most visited beaches in the state. Furthermore, this long stretch of sand is a den for adventure activity like surfing, paddle boarding etc. The blue waters are great for swimming too, the beach is mostly crowded due to its popularity in the country.

Wrightsville beaches in North Carolina
Image Source: Unsplash

5. Nags Head

Nags Head is one of the best beaches in North Carolina. The beach has some of the finest golden sand stretches in the coast and water is just perfect for swimming as well. The Jenette’s Pier is an iconic structure here and famous for fishing too, make sure to have your fishing gear and you’d also have to pay a small entrance fee plus a fishing fee. Furthermore, the beach has extensive restaurants and local food options, along with seafood and barbeque.

Nags head beaches in North Carolina
Image Source: Pixabay

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6. Bald Head Island Beaches

This is a small island near Wilmington with excellent beaches. You can reach the island through a ferry ride from the marina in Southport. The main transportation source of the island are golf carts and you can even bring your bicycles and explore the long coastline. There is a myriad of activities here including golfing and hiking. Furthermore, the island has 3 main beaches, North, South and West. North Beach is big and most popular, perfect for surfing and paddleboarding, South Beach is family-friendly and the West beach is a bit dangerous. For a day trip, book a spa appointment or simply chill on the golden sand beaches, arguably among the best beaches in Noth Carolina.

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7. Emerald Island

Easily one of the most spectacular beaches in North Carolina, with an astonishing shoreline. The beach is packed with plenty of exciting activities for kids and adults alike. Also, there are several hiking trails and the waters are perfect for swimming too. The beaches are perfect for a day out with family and kids and it has plenty of dining options on the shore. Another main feature here is the number of holiday homes, and beach cottages.

8. Beaches of Topsail Island

Topsail Island is a pristine shoreline which has over 20 miles of coastline. Take your pick from Topsail Beach, North Topsail Beach and Surf City which are brimming with action. The waters are shallow and safe and making it ideal for kids and families. You can reach the island by road and boat, and temperatures are warm which makes it a great place to go to in the summer. Boating and kayaking are famous here, while the beach also is home to sea turtles for laying eggs.

Topsail Islands
Image Source: Unsplash

9. Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk has plenty of access points and relatively easy parking. Also, the facilities are easily accessible and are perfectly safe too. The beach extends to many miles and the waters are simply great. This town also is home to the Wright Brothers memorial and their first-ever flight.

10. Ocracoke Island Beaches

Far away from all the noise of the cities, this nice little island is just a short ferry ride away from the Hatteras. The water is perfect for fishing kayaking, and sailing. Also, you will find extensive housing options in the form of hotels, beach cottages and BnBs, along with camping grounds. This will be truly a new experience so ensure that you have fun!

Okracoke Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

Home to plenty of exciting beaches, North Carolina is truly a tourist’s paradise. Visit these amazing beaches and enjoy every bit of what the Old North State has to offer. Plan your trip to the US with Pickyourtrail, check out Packages to the USA and pick your favourite. Also, you can customize and perfect the itinerary to your choice. You should also download the Pickyourtrail App to have your travel queries answered on the go.

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