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Andaman Island
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Best Places to visit in Andaman – A vacation you’ll truly cherish

Unspoiled beaches and clear turquoise waters, stunning rainforests, corals, and much more !! The Andaman and Nicobar is just the right place for you to be in. The island is sure to blow your mind away with its breathtaking beaches and unspoken serenity.  Here’s our pick of things for you to do in Andaman. Find some of the best places to visit in Andaman below.

Tourists on Andaman tour packages are offered a wide variety of activities to soak in the amazing culture and vibe of Andaman. Tourists can be part of water sports, treks, island visits and so much more. If you’re a first time visitor to the island, make sure to try out any of the below-mentioned activities and make the most of your Andaman vacation. Tourists can also try out some great local cuisine and delicacies along the way. The locals on the island are extremely friendly and would love to offer help when asked for. So don’t hesitate and ask for help when needed. Tourists truly have a plethora of options, when it comes to some of the best places to visit in Andaman.

1. Beach Bumming

Soaking up the sun should be your number one priority while at the island, and the picture-perfect beaches of – Corbyn’s Cove, Elephant, and Long Island; allow tourists to do just that. With white sandy beaches overlooking the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by a pristine environment, there is nothing more one can ask for. 

Tourists can also laze around on any one of the beaches for an entire day. The beaches are calm and beautiful all through the day, with the least amount of crowds, making it an ideal paradise for tourists wanting to spend a day at leisure or just chill alongside the beautiful coast, as they enjoy some of the best places to visit in Andaman.

Andaman has some of the most magnificent beaches in the world and accounts for some of the most scenic coastlines in India. As tourists enjoy a day by the beachside and soak in the atmosphere of the place – children also have the time of their life with the plethora of water sport activities available for them to part of. Parents on the other hand though, need to ensure the kids follow the instructions of the guides to the very tee, so as to not encounter any untoward danger during the commencement of the sport. So make sure you try out some of the phenomenal activities, while on the island – they’re undoubtedly some of the best places to visit in Andaman.

Water Activities

Be it swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boat rides and whatnot, you name it and you’ve got it. Not to mention dolphin watching; there are a plethora of activities available for tourists to avail and enjoy. 

We recommend tourists try out a hand at some of the most popular activities on the island, which are inevitably some of the best places to visit in Andaman. The crystal clear waters and the beautiful beaches make the ‘Andaman Island,’ the ideal place to give a shot at some of your favourite activities. Most activities can be done on your own, for those that may require assistance – guides are provided for tourists and all the safety measures are well in place as well. In case children would like to be part of the water sports, most activities are children friendly, it’s only a few water sports that may have restrictions. So make memories and definitely give a water sport or two a try!

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2. Havelock Island

An unbelievably scenic island, the ‘Radhanagar Beach,’ located on Havelock Island is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. The beach, popularly known as Beach No. 7, is largely quiet as tourists can only hear the waves breaking onto the shores of the beach. The preferred snorkelling destination for most tourists on the island is the ‘Elephant Beach, which is the snorkelling hub in Andaman after the ‘Jolly Bouy Island,’ located in Port Blair.

3. Cellular Jail

Known as the prison used by Britishers to imprison political prisoners, the ‘Cellular Jail,’ commonly known as ‘Kaala Paani,’ is most famous for the imprisonment of  V.D. Savarkar – the freedom fighter. One of the best places to visit in Andaman, the ‘Cellular Jail, has got to top your lists. A visit to the jail could easily just be one of the best places to visit in Andaman.

4. Coral Reefs

Head over to ‘Jolly Buoy Island’ or ‘Red Skin Island’ to experience some of the best views of the most famous coral reefs that surround the place. Tourists are welcome to visit the island alternatively as both the islands are opened for tourists for six months each.

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5. Island Hopping

Neil Island of Havelock and Ross Island off Port Blair provide tourists with half-day trips and are enchanted with some of the most beautiful beaches. Tourists try to catch a glimpse of the sunrise or sunset as they explore the cemetery and ruins of old buildings.

6. Sea-Walking

The underwater walk at the ‘North Bay Island’ and ‘Havelock Island,’ are two of the most visited attractions in Andaman. Tourists wear helmets that help them breathe while underwater and then walk up close with varied species of corals and fishes. The experience of a completely different ecosystem altogether is truly an escapade of a lifetime.

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7. Birdwatching

A verdant spot with forests, Andaman’s bird island, or ‘Chidiya Tapu,’ is filled with mangroves and numerous species of birds. The constant chirping of birds all through the day, birds in all colors, shapes, and sizes flying from one tree to another finding food or just lazing around. For true nature lovers, birdwatching is one of the most heartwarming things you can do while at Andamans.

8. Trekking

Madhuban, located (20 kilometres from Port Blair by ferry) is the perfect spot for tourists looking to enjoy a good trek. The route from Madhuban to Mount Harriet (the highest peak in the archipelago) is the most popular trek amongst tourists.

What to Pack

  1. Cotton clothes to beat the summer heat, a light cardigan for winters
  2. If a trek to ‘Madhuban,’ is on your list; then sunglasses, an umbrella, a raincoat, and trekking shoes are a definite must. 
  3. Loads of sunscreen
  4. Tourists must also remember to keep some basic medicines, anti-allergic medications, and other supplements, to prevent complete dehydration
  5. Scuba diving and snorkelling kits are available for tourists to hire at the beaches. Please remember to carry your swimwear.

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