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9 Best Restaurants in Austria for a Drool Worthy Experience

Yes, Austria overflows with culture, history, and of course, castles. But that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the distinct & the unique flavours of Austrian food. So sneak in some time for savouring the delicious Austrian food into your itinerary. Here are the best restaurants in Austria that not just fills your tummy but your hearts as well!

9 Best Restaurants in Austria

  • Figlmüller Wollzeile
  • Plachutta
  • Ribs of Vienna
  • Dstrikt Steakhouse
  • Steirereck
  • Lingenhel Käserei
  • Landhauskeller GmbH & CO KG
  • Tian
  • Skopik & Lohn

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1. Figlmüller Wollzeile

restaurants in austria, figlmüller Wollzeile
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Figlmüller Wollzeile is a typical beisl in Austria that serves classic Viennese cuisine. Decorated with wood panels, wrought irons, and exposed bricks, the restaurant carries a rural ambience that best reflects the Viennese way of life. And to get to the restaurant, you have to stroll along a narrow alleyway which adds to its characteristic. The flagship restaurant has been serving the people of Austria with the best schnitzel for over 100 years now and dining in Figlmüller Wollzeile will make you a part of the history.

The wine served here is from the owner’s vineyard.

Price range: €11-20
Must eats: Schnitzel with baked potato salad & Styrian pumpkin seed oil, Wine
Address: Wollzeile 5, 1010 Wien, Austria

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2. Plachutta

restaurants in austria, plachutta
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Green accents and crisp white tablecloths welcome you to this specialist Austrian restaurant in Vienna. Committed to serving the Vienesse people, Plachutta is the best place to taste the legendary boiled beef delicacy – Tafelspitz and other classic Viennese dishes. Dine either within the green panelled dining room or in the outdoor terrace which is heated during the winter for a unique experience. Plachutta is also a very good spot for office lunch.

Price range: €21-40
Must eats: Tafelspitz boiled beef, Austrian cheese plate, Bone marrow
Address: Wollzeile 38, 1010 Wien, Austria

3. Ribs of Vienna

restaurants in austria, ribs of vienna
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Housed in a basement vault, Ribs of Vienna set in the heart of Vienna is a pocket-friendly meat restaurant in Austria. The cellar-like structure of the restaurant dates back to the 16th century and each brick in the wall echoes with a distinct story. And the main highlight of the restaurant? You already know it. It’s the ribs. No surprises there. Served piping hot by the staff clad in white and orange, dining in Ribs of Vienna is a tradition you can’t say no to.

Ribs of Vienna is crowded almost all the time but it is definitely worth the time.

Price range: €11-20
Must eats: 1 meter of spareribs, Kaiser beer, Beeg steaks
Address: Weihburggasse 22, 1010 Wien, Austria

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4. Dstrikt Steakhouse

restaurants in austria, Dstrikt
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Sporting a contemporary decor, Dstrikt Steakhouse is where you can taste the modern flavours of Vienna. A part of the famous Ritz-Carlton, Dstrikt Steakhouse does complete justice to the reputation and the restaurant is surprisingly full even in the afternoons. The menu here springs around farm-fresh produce, finest cuts of meat, and an exotic range of wines. Enjoy the culinary treats on the patio as you witness life unfold in the streets of Vienna.

The attentive in-house staff elevate the experience to a whole different level.

Price range: Above €41
Must eats: Steaks, Cheesecake
Address: Schubertring 5, 1010 Wien, Austria

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5. Steirereck

restaurants in austria, steirereck
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Presenting the best products of Austria with a modern twist is the two starred Michelin restaurant of Steirereck. The formal restaurant is set in a monolithic glass cube like structure and the ultra-modern design is everything an international fine dining restaurant needs. Following the grand vision of Chef Heinz Reitbauer, each dish in Steirereck is creative at its peak and carry a significant regional influence.

If refined creative cuisine in a relaxed setting is your thing, then don’t look beyond Steirereck.

Price range: Above €41
Must eats: Char with beeswax, Bread, Cheese
Address: Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Wien, Austria

6. Lingenhel Käserei

restaurants in austria, lingenhel
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Interested in learning about the history and the origin of your food, then Lingenhel Käserei is totally for you. Enthusiastic about their food, the wonderful team of Lingenhel Käserei ensure you are served only with the finest. Take a bite of your dish and you will for yourself understand the supreme quality of the ingredients.Compact and cosy, Lingenhel Käserei carries a contemporary decor. Before leaving the restaurant make sure to shop in the store in the front.

A meeting point of gourmet cooking, Lingenhel Käserei is exceptionally good for breakfast.

Price range: €21-40
Must eats: Cheese, Burrata with passionfruit
Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 74, 1030 Wien, Austria

7. Landhauskeller GmbH & CO KG

restaurants in austria, landhauskeller
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Established to honour tradition and the incredible history of Austria, Landhauskeller GmbH & CO KG is a country house style restaurant in Austria. Step inside, and you will be soon greeted by the lively walls of the restaurant that breathes elegance. The food on offer is a blend of the old & the new, and there is perfection even in the smallest of details. Come night and the room beckons with laughter and martini.

Landhauskeller GmbH & CO KG is the ideal place for an upscale Styrian food.

Price range: Above €41
Must eats: Veal, Schnitzel, Beef tartare, Cocktails
Address: Schmiedgasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria

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8. Tian

restaurants in austria, tian
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So you are a vegetarian in Austria looking for a meat-free restaurant to express your undying love for food? Enter the wonderful world of vegetarian sophistication at Tian. The much talked about Michelin starred restaurant takes the Austrian cuisine to unreachable heights and the creative dishes on offer will floor you. Based on your appetite, you can choose between 6, 8 or 10 courses which come accompanied with a wine, carefully curated by the Sommelier of the year 2016.

Ornately decorated with a stucco ceiling, Tian offers an airy dining space not to forget its intimate basement.

Price range: Above €41
Must eats: Mushroom Cannelloni, Wine, Truffles
Address: Himmelpfortgasse 23, 1010 Wien, Austria

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9. Skopik & Lohn

restaurants in austria, stopik & lohn
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Stopik & Lohn is a wood panelled French-style brasserie set in close distance to the lovely Augarten. While the intimate setting, the globe lights, and the minimalistic decor all seem natural, the thing that stands out is the ceiling art. The chaotic black lines on the ceiling are created by local artist Otto Zitko and it gives the restaurant a distinctive identity. The cuisine is modern European with a Mediterranean influence.

The ambience in Stopik & Lohn is both chic and traditional. The staff’s attentiveness to detail is spot on.

Price range: €21-40
Must eats: Steak Tartare, Slow braised lamb, Schnitzel, Monkfish
Address: Leopoldsgasse 17, 1020 Wien, Austria


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