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Best things to do in Plymouth
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Best Things to Do in Plymouth (Devon, England)

Plymouth is full of great things, family tourist destinations and free days. It can be difficult to choose what to see and what to do. To help you decide, here’s our professional guide to the best tourism destinations in Plymouth-from the world-famous underground caves, amusement parks to nature parks, indoor playgrounds to aqua parks, art galleries and museums, and more.

In reality, we ‘re pretty sure there’s something that fits both tastes, in and around Plymouth. And, if you’re here on holiday or just loving days out, you ‘re going to find the right attraction on this list to keep the entire family happy, whatever the climate.

Top 17 things to do in Plymouth

  • Plymouth Ski and Snowboard Centre
  • Tinside Lido
  • Wembury Marine Centre
  • Central Park
  • Plymouth Life Centre
  • Meadowsfoot Beach
  • Mount Edgcumbe
  • Royal William Yard
  • Royal Citadel
  • Plym Valley Railway
  • Bovisand Beach
  • National Marine Aquarium
  • Radford Park
  • Hooe Lake
  • Jennycliff
  • Clip ‘N Climb
  • Smeaton’s Tower

1. Plymouth Ski and Snowboard Centre

This is the spot to train and learn new snow skills with three pistes to pick from, including the longest artificial trail in the South West. Artificial ski ramps at Alpine Park, just off the A38, are shrouded in perma-snow, so no matter how cheerful and sunny the season, you’re primed for snowy fun.

2. Tinside Lido

Tinside Lido
Source: Google Images

Situated on the shore of Plymouth Hoe, in a spectacular place with views of the Atlantic, this art deco lido is part of the British coastline of the past. This outdoor saltwater pool, open during the summer months, offers a lovely setting for bathing, catching the sun and seeing the world go by.

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3. Wembury Marine Centre

This is the perfect place to discover the surroundings and its animals through interactive displays, tanks, rock pool rooms and other events based on Wembury Bay and run by the Devon Wildlife Trust.

4. Central Park

Bring the children not just to the Seven Continents Adventure Playground, but also take a stroll around the biggest park in Plymouth. Offers nature and forest and up and down the hills. This includes dinosaurs, climbing frameworks, large pyramid network, drums, sound wheel and a roundabout for wheelchairs.

5. Plymouth Life Centre

The massive fitness facility in Central Park is located outside the city. Olympic pool 50 meters, a games hall 12 courts and an enclosed eight-rink bowls facility provide facilities. High Sports run a climbing wall which offers a wide variety of climbing courses for all ages and abilities.

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6. Meadowsfoot Beach

Meadovesfoot Beach is a sandy, unspoilt cove, adjacent to the mouth of the Erme River near Ivybridge, a crossing point for the South Western Coast Trail. Cove also recognized as Mothecombe Beach and Coastguards Beach.

7. Mount Edgcumbe

Mount Edgcumbe
Source: Google Images

Step on the Cremyll Ferry over Torpoint and down for some four centuries to the Earls of Mount Edgcumbe. This has a vast parkland, beautifully designed grounds, ever-shifting views of the ocean, and a country house with a spacious garage and display area. It is one of the finest rural properties in West County.

8. Royal William Yard

Constructed in the 1800s, the Royal William Yard Harbor has the largest number of listed Royal Navy buildings in Europe, and now houses art galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants since the multi-million-pound renovation scheme.

9. Royal Citadel

The Royal Citadel on Lambhay Hill is still in use by the military today. It was built to protect the coastline from the Netherlands and to watch over a recent rebellious region. The English Patrimony frequently tours the Citadel to learn beyond the walls.

10. Plym Valley Railway

Plym Valley Railway
Source: Google Images

Drive through a restored 1 1⁄2-mile segment from Marsh Mills to the Plym Bridge of the former Great Western line. In the iconic railway core, the feel of an old-world will re-enjoy steam and diesel locomotives, carriages, wagons and other classic railway objects. Then you can start exploring Plym Bridge Woods, a National Trust property when you’re off the train.

11. Bovisand Beach

The beach of Wembury, with its cliffs on both sides, is a lined bay of yellow sand. Once the tide goes out, the wide field of smooth sand is perfect for ball games and warms the waters with an inbound tide. You can see the Plymouth Sound on a great day, and there are other walks around the coast. 

12. National Marine Aquarium

The biggest aquarium in the UK contains ponds full of fish, turtles, tarpon and numerous other animals all around a sunken seaplane of the Second World War.

Throughout the Sutton Harbor park there are six aquaria such as Ocean Drifters, the Biozone, the Great Barrier Reef and the Lost Throughout Sea Show.

13. Radford Park

Radford Park promises a spectacular day with rolling green hills, a pine, a lake with ducks and swans, destroyed parts and a view of Hooe Bay.

It’s in the old Radford House’s grounds, a historic Tudor house and the Harris Family’s residence and the Bulteels’ heirs. The house was among the best in England in its day, regularly visited by Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.

14. Hooe Lake

Hooe Lake
Source: Google Images

Look out over the river to see the sunk boats as the kids enjoy the playing field. There are a number of shops nearby where you can enjoy a night out or have a cocktail or you can visit the famous Royal Oak bar, constructed in 1799 and overlooked by a beer garden.

15. Jennycliff

It is a popular beach with several rocky swimming pools past Radford Park and Hooe Beach. Above there is a beautiful cafe and herb-perfect for picnics, cycling, dogs and enjoying beautiful sights over the sound of Plymouth.

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16. Clip ‘N Climb

This Derriford attraction is the largest game climbing mall in the UK, with 44 indoor climbing walls. Within the climbing arena, there are several common obstacles-from the highest climbing wall in the United Kingdom to the Stairway To Heaven steps.

17. Smeaton’s Tower

Smeaton’s Tower
Source: Google Images

The tower is a former lighthouse which was moved to the site of Plymouth Hoe in the 1880s, took the name of its builder, Georgian engineer John Smeaton. Around 1759 and 1877 the groundbreaking tower was built on Eddystone Reef until it had been demolished because of erosion. In its early days, 24 candles, each weighing significantly less than one kilogram, produced the warning.

The tower had become such a landmark that at the end of its lifespan it was rebuilt as a memorial and has been carefully restored inside and out to its 18th-century design. You can battle up the 93 steps and ladders to the lantern room, more than 20 metres high to cast your gaze across the Plymouth Sound.

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