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Experience London In One Week: How To Spend A Week In London

London. Hearing the name rings an image into your head. It is a huge city spread over 607 square miles and home to over eight million residents.
In fact, London is actually a group of cities together. The City of London is only 1.1 square miles. Everything we know of as London now is really other cities like Westminster, Camden, etc. that London took up over the years.
But tourists are always head over heels for the city! With so much to explore and experience, London can appear like an overwhelming destination to tour, so PickYourTrail would like to share our suggested one-week London itinerary for a visit that gives you the best of experiences in London in one week.

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Experience London in One Week:

Day 1- Join A Free Walking Tour

Begin your first day of experiencing London in one week with a free walking tour to accustom yourself and educate yourself on the history of London. London is pretty large and difficult to comprehend much of in only a couple of hours, so most walking tours solely concentrate on a little area of the city.


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Day 2- Take In Art And Culture At A Museum

british museum
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Take help of London’s hundreds of museums and learn all about history, art, weird oddities, and anything and everything in between. Some of them are so huge you can hardly view them in a week, let alone one full day! Some of the best Museums to explore are the British Museum, National Gallery, City of London Museum, National Portrait Gallery. Guess what? All of these museums are absolutely free to enter and can easily spend the day 2 of experiencing London in one week.

Day 3- Walk Around Westminster 

Begin day 3 of your one week in London with a walk through Hyde Park’s rich and extensive grounds with its scenic paths, ponds, and duck quacking around before going to Buckingham Palace to attend the changing of the guard at 10:45 am. It continues for approximately 45 minutes. You have to arrive early for the best view.

Day 4- Eat On Brick Lane

Start your day 4 of your one week in London itinerary by travelling east to the popular Brick Lane and eat to your heart’s content. It has some astonishing Jewish delicacies (Beigel Bake is the most popular and tasty) and Indian food. On the weekends, this place becomes a busy flea market and a hub of liveliness when it overflows with antique and flea market dealers, food vendors, and tourists eating and drinking their way around.

Day 5- Explore The Tower Of London And Its Crown Jewels

Start your day 5 on your one week in London by heading to the Tower of London. Constructed in 1070 by William the Conqueror to protect his royal power, the tower was developed many times over the years. Until the 1800s, weapons and armour were built here and all coins were produced here until 1810. Now, it houses the renowned crown jewels. The Tower of London’s changing of guards is hosted daily at 9:30 pm. Tickets are free but reserve in advance because it fills up swiftly.

Day 6- Day Trip To Stonehenge

Credits: Flickr

Stonehenge is positioned in Salisbury is one of the most magnificent man-made compositions in the world (it records back to 2500 BCE). You can’t go the stones anymore as they are now cut off, but it’s still quite an interesting place to tour on your one week in London. The audio tour is a necessity so you can get some historical context.

Day 7- Day Trip To Bath

Bath is titled after its popular mineral baths. It is home to an ancient Roman bath that is superbly well maintained. It’s pretty much the central display in town, though the church and river are also admirable.

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