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Loch Ness
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Travel Guide To Inverness, Scotland – Everything You Need To Know For A Perfect Vacay!

Have you ever heard about the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands? If yes, you are definitely going to find some informative things about this city. If it’s a no, I would suggest you read this article, so that you never miss knowing about such a charming city on earth. Inverness is the cultural capital and the largest city of the Scottish Highlands. If you have been looking for a countryside visit, you should definitely consider this city. Highly known for its majestic castles, interesting tales about the Loch Ness, shoppers favorite Victorian Market, picture-perfect scenic places and many more. Inverness might be a small city compared to many other top cities but I can assure you that this charming city is worthy enough to leave you with an AWE! Are you excited to know more about this place? Well, we have got you covered with the travel guide to Inverness! Let’s get deeper into details…

A click of Inverness
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Travel guide to Inverness – The best time to visit Inverness

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No matter where we go, we always wanted to know about the best time to visit that place in order to not miss the best of it, right? In that case, the best time to visit the Inverness is between the months of April and August. During these months, you will find the weather being perfect to enjoy most of the activities. However, let’s have look at how beautiful each season can reflect on Inverness.

Summer Season (June – August)

The summer season makes it perfect for the tourist to explore and is considered to be the peak tourist season in Inverness. Visiting Inverness during these months makes it an added bonus to the tourists as most of the events and festivals take place during the summer season.

Spring Season (April – May)

The number of tourists is less in the spring season and if you are a budget traveler, make sure to book your vacation to the Inverness during this time. The accommodation and flight prices see a dip during these months. In addition, the romantic weather is sure to give you a romantic vibe.

Autumn Season (September – October)

Autumn is another suitable season for budget travelers where you might find the cost to be really low. When it comes to the places, you will be guaranteed with some of the amazing autumn activities and scenic places.

Winter Season (October – March)

Winter is not a good time to visit the Inverness. You might find it very cold as the daylight won’t even last for a solid 6 hours. However, if you love the winter vibes, you are most welcomed to visit Inverness.

Travel guide to Inverness – How to get around Inverness

A bus
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You may find most of the old parts of the city to be in a walkable manner as it is much easy to explore on foot. Regarding buses, you may find it often at the city area, airport and at the outlying villages. Since most of the cabs stop at 7 pm, you may look out for taxis post 7 pm to get around Inverness. A typical 15- minutes ride on a cab would come around 4-5 euros. Well, if you are someone who would love to explore the city on your own, you may get a car from rental companies such as Hertz, Thrifty, and Enterprise where the cost per day would be 14 euros. Let it be public transport or on your own, Inverness has all kinds of transfer facilities you have been looking for.

Travel guide to Inverness – Where to stay in Inverness

A room
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Now, this might get a little tricky as the town is small and most of the tourists would want a stay near the famous Loch Ness. In this case, getting a stay near the famous attractions might be a tough one. However, I am sure the below updates would give you an idea of which place to choose.

  • Raigmore – If you are looking for a budget stay
  • Drumnadrochit – If you are looking for a family stay
  • Foyers – The coolest place to stay in Inverness
  • Dalneigh – If you are a first-time visitor to Inverness
  • Inverness City Centre – If you are looking for a nightlife experience

Travel guide to Inverness – Top 3 places to visit

1. Loch Ness

A click of Loch Ness
Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, Loch Ness is quite obvious, right? No trip to Inverness would be complete without a visit to the Loch Ness. It is one of the most famous water bodies in the world and we should thank Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster for this popularity. And I am sure you will find a lot of interesting tales said about Loch Ness by the locals. Apart from the famous monster, get to view the beauty of this place which is completely amazing. In addition, you may also find a lot of organized tour operators who do give you a detailed history of the place.

2. Urquhart Castle

As already mentioned, Inverness is blessed with plenty of castles and one such castle which you can’t miss visiting is the famous Urquhart Castle. The beautiful surroundings and the historic tale are quite enough to make anyone fall in love with this stunning castle. Well, you will realize the beauty of the castle as soon as you reach the place. Once you have taken a complete look at the castle, you may reach out to the nearby cafe and refresh yourself with the most amazing coffee! In addition to the cafe shop, you may also find a gift shop where you can fill your bags with some exciting things!

3. Loch Maree

If you are someone who would love to sit on the laps of mother nature, make sure to visit Loch Maree which gives you a heavenly feel. It is a deep Pleistocene valley that is incredibly known for its mesmerizing beauty and is also famous for hiking. Also, on your visit to Loche Maree, make sure to visit the nearby attraction Victoria Falls which is another amazing spot to witness the beauty of nature.

Well, I hope you find this travel guide to Inverness useful. So, what’s next? Since you have all the required details on your hand, it’s obvious to look for a real experience now, right? So, without any further delays, get ready for a wonderful vacation to Inverness. If you have been wondering about the travel planner, we have got your back! Check on to the Pickyourtrail website and check on the packages to Scotland and start your own journey!

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