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Milton Keynes
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on October 30, 2020 Share on

Explore the fresh Milton Keynes located next to the Buckinghamshire town

50+ years after quoting the place ” new city”, the Milton Keynes is a fairly new one in the list! There are unique places that are definitely worth your time! Also, it is one of the fastest growing towns in Britain. Milton Keynes is considered to be one of the must-visit locations in the United Kingdom. Now, have a read and find out the top things to do in Milton Keynes for an amazing vacation.

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Things to do in Milton Keynes –

1. Bletchley Park

If you are someone who likes people and places with a past, this definitely is the perfect spot. History is etched in the air here, don’t miss the vibe! In addition, the Bletchley park once served as the codebreaker during the wars. It played a considerable role in World War II, which broke the German, Italian, and Japanese naval codes. The one and only Alan Turing responsible for the irritating CAPTCHA process breathed this air once. 

Bletchley Park
Image Source: Unsplash

From swing dance competition to cybersecurity learning, there’s an anomalous itinerary to decide on in the Bletchley Park. Past or present, the Bletchley park stands as the most wondering one- from codebreakers to modern computing! Experts reckoned that the Bletchley Park codebreakers may have curtailed the war by 2 years. It has a shade of peace in its terrain! So, never miss visiting this place, which is undoubtedly one of the must-do things in Milton Keynes.

2. Treetop Extreme

Located in Milton Keynes’s Willen Lake, Treetop Extreme is the UK’s most significant high rope adventure course and this place is full of adventure.
Feeling adventurous? Fly through the obstacles at the treetop extreme! Surrounding the scenery of the Willen lake, the treetop extreme is a significant way to enjoy the vacay! Also, with four zip wires, over 50 obstacles, and a 13-meter free-fall simulation, the treetop extreme is one splendid place to uncover happiness! 

Hello, watersports fans! Here’s an exciting feature to apprehend you all! The treetop extreme has the most beautiful and striking wakeboarding and waterskiing centre. This park is one of the promising ones with complete safety. There’s a rope course ensuring full fun. Jumping, swinging, laughing, and screaming, all under one roof! Well, that’s cool, huh? Unleash all your fun, flights and frights together! Hurry up and book your tickets Gryffindors! 

3. Snozone

You might have no idea that whacking the slopes would be feasible in Milton Keynes, but thankful to Snozone for remembering this! One of the largest indoor ski slope operators in the Southern UK is the Snozone. If you’re limbering up ahead of a skiing holiday, it’s a great place to practice. Cheer yourself up whenever you’re bored. The safe and friendly environment embraces you in a hug so warm, that you will never leave the place. Be one among the 2 million folks adding an extra skill of skiing in their list! Visit Snozone for 100% fun and master your skiing skills! Well, definitely one of the best things to do in Milton Keynes, huh?

4. iFly at Xscape

Bye-bye to all boring recreations! Pave way for some new, amazing leisures! Fancy bowling, catching a movie, skydiving and many more? Isn’t it cool when you find all these in one place? Yes! Xscape amuses you with all these facilities. iFLY is one notable amusement in the Xscape building. Also, this place is located directly adjacent to the central Milton Keynes shopping centre.

The recently renovated iFLY Indoor Skydiving Milton Keynes is positioned at Xscape which is directly adjacent to the central Milton Keynes shopping centre, and a few strides from tremendous restaurants, bars, cinema theatre, and other entertainment. Loading fun together! You will drag your feet away from this place with a heavy heart and a full tummy! This isn’t a one time visit, it will turn out addicting.

5. Caldecotte Lake

What are weekends without a lake plan? Take a ride to The Caldecotte pub and get pleased by the magnificent view of the Caldecotte lake! Have you ever heard about ‘The MK Festival of Nature’? It encompasses different monthly events, like guided walks. Take a walk, and enjoy the calm breeze in between the greens!

Caldecotte Lake
Image Source: Unsplash

6. Milton Keynes Museum

Back in 1973, the  Milton Keynes residents started amassing expensive and unique items found in the factories and farms which were shut down to make space for other new expansions. Also, all these ancient things were stored in a Victorian farm, which is now what we call as the “Milton Keynes Museum”

Is there anyone who hates vintage? NO! A place doomed with nostalgia – think themed Victorian, 40s, 50s, or 60s weekends complete with live music! Get stunned with the vintage display of clothes and cars! Vroom Vroom! 
No qualm that you would feel nostalgic, seeing children with chalks doodling on boards in the schoolroom inside the Milton Keynes Museum.

Here comes another one- the telephone room! Kids are fond of this telephone room which is even filled by the retro model telephones. Kids love these so much that they just settle down there for hours and do parents want anything else? 

7. Swan Cottage Flower Farm

Sniffle all the scent of the beautiful flowers at the local florist places! Nestled in the Buckinghamshire village of Stoke Hammond, close to Leighton Buzzard, Bletchley, and Milton Keynes, excellent links of rails and roads can be seen. 

Planning for designing your bid day with florals? Tadaaa! ‘Swan cottage flower farm’. They give you the chance to design your own flower bouquets, with proper care and guidance. Well experienced growers and florists assist folks to decide on the nicest blossoms. Looking forward to impressing someone? This place gives you ideas and flowers. You don’t have to sweat.

Cottage at Milton Keynes
Image Source: Unsplash

8. Milton Keynes Food Festival

Foooodddd is another aspect of love, isn’t it? Septembers are exclusively meant for the food stalls in Milton Keynes. Local caterers, farmers market stockholders are invited to make food and drinks to mark the celebration.  Every September, MKFoodFest offers places for local caterers, farmers market stallholders, craft food, and drink producers, and chefs to celebrate the local edibles event. A free event giving visitors a way to discover the best food and drink! 

Also, this is a perfect way to enjoy with your family. A menu of variety- artisan bread, hand-made chocolates, jams and marmalades, gluten-free cakes, and chilli sauces, etc are accessible. What not to adore? This incredible event also incorporates cooking presentations on their Renovate Kitchens bespoke chefs’ kitchen stage, foodie talks, live music, and food-themed entertainment for the kids. This place is the best one if you have a growling stomach! Also, if you love food, make sure you mark this on your things to do in Milton Keynes list.

9. MK Gallery

Possessing a partnership with Tate, space is set to reopen with doubled exhibition space, facilities for cinema, performances, and events, dedicated education and community resources, and a new cafe. 

MK Gallery
Image Source: Unsplash

Milton Keyes Art Gallery is a newly enlarged and transformed arena by 6a Architects and the artists Gareth Jones and Nils Norman who strive to apprehend and recharge that feeling. It pays proclamation to people, who boosted in moulding the town. Art deserves little of your mental space, don’t you think?

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