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Best Time To Visit Kochi

Kochi is one of the most beautiful cities located in the southwestern end of India. In this blog, you will get to know the best time to visit Kochi. Kochi has been the crown jewel city of Kerala for many years to come now. A booming urban scene, a city close to the nature and water, lush greenery and clean air, A beautiful sister island called Fort Kochi and a lot more reasons for the same.

Kochi is visited by millions of tourists every year to experience the city, its culture and its food. Kochi has been an all-year-round destination. We Indians, who are so used to heat, do not mind travelling in the hot weather as summer is the peak season for Indians to travel. Having said that the summertime is also the off-season for Kochi’s tourism. Kochi is one of those places in India, which thrives on monsoon and winter tourism as these are the best time to visit Kochi and experience the city.

Kochi fishing net
Photo by gaurav kumar on Unsplash

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Best Time To Visit Kochi

The best time to visit Kochi is usually between October to February. The weather in Kochi remains calm and pleasant in these times and also gives a respite from the cold northern winds. The climate of Kochi is consistently moderate and slightly humid.

The monsoon and winter seasons in Kochi are usually considered as the best time to visit Kochi. The city is fresh, the flowers are blooming, the water is clean and flowing and the city is lush with greenery thanks to the showers from up above. This is also a perfect season to visit the attractions at a short distance from Kochi. If people want to experience a really cold climate, they could visit Vagamon. There are also quite a few national parks at a 2 to 3-hour distance from Kochi which can be visited and explored whilst getting a respite from the heat of the summer. This is also the perfect time for the bikers to go on a road trip and explore the countryside and experience some of the best ghat roads. These are some of the best things to do in Kochi.

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Summer in Kochi

In Kochi, the temperature begins to rise in March. During the day the temperature touches to about 32 to 35-degree Celsius and the nights go down to about 24 to 20-degree celsius. Whilst this is not the hottest climate that one would experience in India, It is definitely on the higher side for a region like Kochi. This season is also considered as an Offseason and this when the travel deals and discounts start to heavily kick in. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen and sunglasses. They are your friends on this summer trip to Kochi!

Monsoon in Kochi

Monsoon is surprisingly one of the best times to visit Kochi, and this is true especially for nature lovers. The city is lush green thanks to the downpour from above. The city receives an average of 690 millimetres of rainfall per year. Whilst it does rain, it only makes the exploration of the city that much more enjoyable.

Old harbor hotel at Fort Kochi
Photo by gaurav kumar on Unsplash

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Winter in Kochi.

Winter in Kochi is one of the best times to visit this lush city. The weather is perfect for exploration and outdoor activities. The weather is also very suitable for a family or a honeymoon vacation. This is also when your deals become much more expensive.

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