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Madan Mohan Temple Bishnupur
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Historical Bishnupur: Best places to see in the town

Bishnupur is a historical city located in the state of West Bengal, India. This was the Kingdom of the Malla dynasty which was previously known as Mallabhum. The Malla Kings ruled a vast territory in the southwestern part of West Bengal and southeast part of Jharkhand. It’s rich and glorious past is visible in its traditional architecture, iconic weaving and pottery. This is also home to a unique form of architecture. Since the Malla kings were ardent Lord Vishnu devotees, the town got its name as “Bishnupur’. Due to the same reason, there are numerous temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. These terracotta temples are quite unique. This elegant and historical city has wonderful sights and incredible monuments. These are some of the best places to see in Bishnupur.

Best places to see in Bishnupur, West Bengal

Madanmohan Temple

This is one of the most famous temples in Bishnupur. King Durjana Dev constructed this temple in the 17th century. This is also an architectural masterpiece. This has a squared flat roof, curved cornices and a pinnacle over the roof. And, the interiors of the roof are decorated with stories of Lord Vishnu, and stories from Mahabharata, Ramayana and other Puranas. Because of its historical importance, the temple receives a good number of visitors.


Mukutmonipur is one of the best picnic spots in the state of West Bengal. This is located about 60 km away from Bankura and is filled with natural beauty. It is serene, peaceful and very close to nature. Thus, it’s a perfect weekend destination. The main attractions here are the Mukutmonipur dam and Deer Park. One can walk around in the forest amidst the hills, or go boating in the lake. Although there is nothing much to see other than this, Mukutmonipur is an excellent location to get away from the city’s noise and relax. Out of the best places to see in Bishnupur, Mukutmonipur is definitely at the top.

Dal Madol

This is one of the most iconic cairns of resilience and the fighting spirit of Bishnupur. Raja Gopal Singh built this iconic cannon in the 17th century for fighting against the invasion of Maratha. Despite staying exposed to sun and rain for more than two centuries, this iron cannon has not rusted. This is located near to the Chinomasta temple in Bishnupur.


This is a brick pavilion for keeping the idols of Lord Krishna from other temples during the festival. Built in the 1600s, Rasmancha is the oldest temple in Bishnupur. The architecture is a blend of a pyramid and a Bengali hut type roof. It’s beautifully furnished with images of other deities.

Rasmancha Bishnupur
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Lalji Temple

The Lalji temple is dedicated to Radha – Krishna, designed in Bengali type architecture. Within the outer wall, there is a small Pancharatna temple. There is a tower on the west side of the temple dedicated to Raghunath. The temple grounds are well maintained. This spot attracts a lot of visitors because of its historical importance.

Lalji Temple Bishnupur
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Located in the northwestern part of Bankura district, Susunia is both historically and archaeologically important site. It is here where Raja Chandra Varma built his fort. This is a serene 1500 feet high hill which has lush greenery and great views. Because of its elevation, this is a nice spot for hiking as well. A natural spring originates from here, and also it is home to varieties of medicinal plants. The oldest rock inscriptions in West Bengal and fossils of several animal species were found in Susunia. Above all, this is a must-visit place for nature lovers and anyone who wants to have a little adventure as well.

Susunia Hills
Image Source: Google Images

Garh Darwaja

Garh Darwaja is known as the small gateway to Bishnupur. Similar to many other structures in Bishnupur, The Garh Darwaja is also made of terracotta. This stands as an example of the excellent terracotta masonry built during the time of the Malla rule.

Acharya Jogesh Chandra Purakriti Bhavan

The Acharya Jogesh Purakriti Bhavan is an archaeological museum, exclusively for history lovers. This museum is famous for its collection of tools from the Mesolithic and Palaeolithic era. It also houses ornaments, metal tools and terracotta sculptures. The museum is also home to ancient artefacts from Bishnupur’s early days and also from the Gupta, Pal kingdoms as well.

Acharya Jogesh Chandra Purakriti Bhavan Bishnupur

Kalachand Temple

This is yet another terracotta masterpiece in Bishnupur. It is designed in the Bengali style, which also has some brilliant carvings on its rooftop. The overall peaceful atmosphere in the temple grounds also makes it a nice spot to visit.

Jorebangla Temple

The Jorebangla, a brick temple built by King Raghunath Singh in 1655. The temple has some very interesting depictions of Gods, Goddesses and the stages of human life in its outer terracotta walls. The same walls are also embellished by floral and geometrical designs. Similar to other temples in Bishnupur, Jorebangla also has its own unique design to it.

Jorebangla Temple Bishnupur
Image Source: Google Images

The Bishnupur Mela

Being one of the most celebrated local festivals, the Bishnupur Mela gathers a large number of people from the nearby cities. Additionally, this four-day-long festival is a celebration of the end of the agricultural season. Above all, the markets are busy selling local items. The Mela is conducted in the last week of December month.

Art of Bishnupur

This may not be a place to see, but it is definitely something which cannot be missed. Bishnupur is the birthplace of Baluchari sarees, which is one of the most elegant sarees in India. These sarees are meticulously crafted with extensive weaves on it, which is unique to Bishnupur. Another famous artefact of Bishnupur is the Dokra, which is a type of metal craft. Above all, these two are quite special to this location and authentic pieces can be found here.

Baluchari Sarees
Image Source: Google Images

Bishnupur Gharanas

This is the only classical music Gharana in West Bengal. Classical music lovers flock here to listen to these marvellous singers and their soulful music. The Bishnupur Music festival conducted by the Government and the Tourism department pulls in artists from all over the country.

Bishnupur may not be the most famous destination in West Bengal, but it is home to a rich culture and history. It also has amazing architecture, artworks and deep musical history. This is definitely one of the best places to see on your next trip to West Bengal. Plan your vacation to Bishnupur with Pickyoutrail. Check out the Pickyourtrail website and browse through West Bengal Packages. Read more about different destinations on the Pickyourtrail blogs. We are also available on Whatsapp, where our travel experts are at your service.

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