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Body-Language Which You Shouldn’t Use Abroad!

Every country has its own culture and tradition. Its not mandatory that the gestures you use in your country will have the same meaning in some other country. So checkout the list of offensive gestures that you have to be careful about while travelling overseas.

1. The Okay

Untitled design (10)

Your Version : It was amazing without any trouble!

Their Version : Its been nothing but trouble, you can all go to hell!

Offensive In : Brazil.

2. The Thumbs Up

Untitled design (1)

Your Version : All the Best!

Their Version : Up Yours!

Offensive In : Switzerland, France, Iraq  and Iran.


3. The Crossed Fingers

Untitled design (2)

Your Version : Wish me good luck!

Their Version : Yes, I hate this, and hence I’m making a sign to represent female genitalia.

Offensive In : Vietnam.

4. The ‘V’ Sign

Untitled design (3)

Your Version : (With the palm inward) : Peace out!

Their Version : This is war!

Offensive In : New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia.

5. The Point

Untitled design (7)

Your Version :  I want that!

Their Version : Those things are terrible!

Offensive In : Italy.

6. The Outward Hand

Untitled design (8)

Your Version :  This is more than enough.

Their Version :  I am gonna rub handfuls of dirt on your face.

Offensive In : Pakistan and Greece.

7. The Horned Fingers

Untitled design (9)

Your Version : The world is amazing!

Their Version : Your wife is sleeping with someone else.

Offensive In : Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Brazil and Italy.

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