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Cafes in Dubai: Top 13 Trendy places to relax in Dubai

If tourists are searching for a nice cup of coffee in Dubai after a shopping day and sightseeing Dubai has a variety of Cafes to relax you at the end of your day. From the beautiful Ethiopian and Turkish coffees to Indian Chai, burnt cheesecakes, Gingerbread Lattes, and Snickers Cookie, Dubai’s innovative and funky café offerings are sure to ruin one of your options. The options in Dubai are infinite for coffee aficionados. Explore the below top trendy cafes in Dubai which leave you relaxed, of course with relinquishing refreshments.

Indoor cafe in Dubai
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Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai has a hot climate in the desert. Summers in Dubai are extremely hot, windy and humid, with an average high of about 41 ° C (106 ° F) and a drop of about 30 ° C (86 ° F) in the hottest month of August overnight. Most days of the year are sunny. Winters become comparatively mild in January, the hottest month, with an annual maximum of 24 ° C (75 ° F) and nighttime lows of 14 ° C (57 ° F).

The perfect time to explore the United Arab Emirates will probably be during the colder months of the year. Middle east climate is usually hot and warm. The perfect time to join the UAE is in both of October and February. The weather is mild at this time of year allowing for a nice jacket or jumper.

Burj Khalifa dubai
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Top Cafés in Dubai

1. Arabian Tea House

Each element of Arabian Tea House Restaurant Café has been built to truly recreate Emirati’s past way of life. The ancient sikkas and roads are resurrected throughout the area, repeating the sounds of the children’s feet playing traditional football, the courtyards of the old houses full of vigorous activity and also the scent of the daily noontime meals.

2. Expression Lavazza

Lavazza Espression is where customers can enjoy the consistency of Italy’s best-known coffee, paired with stunning design, chic red décor and abundant space. A spot where true tastes collide, innovation and an eye for architecture.

3. Sultan’s Lounge

The Sultan’s Lounge is the ideal spot to meet friends when sitting in the grand Ottoman furniture. Place in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray’s commanding lobby. Whether you love pre-dinner cocktails or a nightcap, count on us for excellent support and atmosphere.

4. Piccolo Mondo Bay

Piccolo Mondo Bay is considered to be a temple in Dubai region, visit this one of a kind spot and which is one of Dubai’s most exquisite restaurants. Shisha lounge, located in the glamorous Dubai Marina area. Piccolo Mondo Bay Dubai, with its atmospheric house background and chilled out songs, is very renowned for its luxurious interior and surrounding.

5. MOKHA Café

Tucked away in Jumeirah, the cafe was influenced directly from the coffee centre, Yemen’s ancient Mokha seaport. The design in Arabic style is warm and personal, and the seating in the room is often reminiscent of the old days when people met and shared stories about coffee.

6. Sikka Cafe

Sikka’s name illustrates its sense-Arabic alleyway-and a visit here reveals why. It’s already contemporary in Emirati and this reflects both in its architecture and menu. Sikka Cafe is a spot jewel not only for its trendy décor and laid-back ambience but also for its cuisine.

7. Tea Junction and Café Lounge

This cute and trendy location is a tea house with a modern twist and is also situated on a T-junction so that its name has a meaning and a joke. The interiors are relatively recent, and the interior is massive, spacious and airy. This spot is well renowned for its diverse varieties of exotic tea, along with mouthwatering desserts.

8. The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us is an independent restaurant offering wholesome therapies served by experienced chefs. The café takes pleasure in utilizing organic foods, and sometimes eggs come from freestanding hens. It is the best stop for savouring nutritious smoothies, antioxidant drinks, new salads and meals like tasty risottos, shrimp, chips and organic burgers.

9. Jolie CafÈ

It’s like walking into a dreamy meadow-like spot to join Jolie Café. At its Floral Shop, hundreds of flowers and their intoxicating scent accompany you as you indulge in its baked signature bakes such as macaroons, Victorian sponge cake and coconut & lavender crème Brulee.

10. Darjeeling Café

This quaint little café serves lip-smacking Indian and Nepalese cuisine and is very common in the Al Karama region. The mood is relaxed and the interiors are finished with strange objects, bright flags of meditation, illuminated with cut glass lamps.

11. The Bhukkad Café

For those who love Indian street food, this café is a must-visit between Dubai Cafes. This lively café and restaurant offer a range of mouthwatering foods such as Keema pav, Bombay Frankie, Kolkata chilli chicken, Bread pakoras, Paani Puris, Dal Makhni rounds, Samosas, Seekh kebabs, Sev puri sandwich and Bombay burger.

12. Comptoir 102

This is one of Dubai’s chicest cafés. These award-winning model stores have been designed with delicate French undertones in such a way that tourists get the impression of stepping into a welcoming house. It provides a patio, greenhouse, and lounge to display fashion & home style and offer nutritious healthy, naturally grown produce that is gluten-free and superfood-boosted.

13. Filli Café

If you’re an ardent tea lover and drinker than Café Filli is the best spot to be among Dubai’s cafés. Sample a steaming brew in a casual atmosphere. Keep on to the Filli Tea trademark-or seek something new with a cup of Zafran Tea, Ginger Tea, Black Tea, Lemon or Lime Black Tea, or Mint Green Tea.

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Best time to Visit

Dubai pulls in tourists like ablaze. The perfect time to come to Dubai is from November to April, during the winter months. If the visitors are visiting for its malls, the Burj Khalifa, the modernised facilities, the bunch of outdoor activities, experiences then Dubai is a year-round destination. Thanks to the Dubai Shopping Festival, January and February see strong traffic.

Jumbo cafe dubai
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