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A cruise in the Lake Geneva
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Cruises In Geneva – Float In The Wonderland

Geneva, the place where most of the world’s international organizations exist, is not just a beautiful city but also the most peaceful city you will ever visit. The city is home to various museums, outdoor markets, mountains of chocolate, and shopping. Geneva is honestly a hidden treasure in Switzerland. The city is surrounded by the Alps and gives it one of the best aesthetic outlooks. There are so many diverse things to do in Geneva of which the cruises are something that shouldn’t be missed. Here’s your guide to the cruises in Geneva so that you don’t miss out on this excellent experience on your next trip to Switzerland.

Lake geneva with a scenic background
Photo by Devon Rogers on Unsplash

Cruises in Geneva 

Lake Geneva offers the most fabulous views you can enjoy. A fun cruise in the boundless water body with its wonderful scenic background is all you need to chase away your blues. There are different types of cruises available. Each one of the below cruise has the perks of their own.

Geneva tour cruise

In this one hour cruise, you can admire the mighty Mont-Blanc, the United Nations and the distinctive angles of the shores of Lake Geneva.  The team available over there is friendly, helping and they will make your experience unique and memorable. The cruise starts from the Mont-Blanc pier and lingers through the “Pierres du Niton” to the “Pointe à la Bise”. It gives you an unmatched view of Mont-Blanc, famous villas and monuments, as well as parks and gardens.

Geneva boat cruise

The boat cruises are the best way to enjoy a peaceful time away from the buzzes of the city with your loved ones. This cruise is most suitable for couples. You can cruise along the gorgeous shores of Lake Geneva, relishing the view of Alps, Mont-Blanc and Jura mountain sceneries. You can also have your own little picnic on board or book a lunch or dinner at a restaurant on the borders of the lake.

Lake Geneva Dinner Cruise 

This evening cruise has to be booked priorly and it offers a wonderful variety of delicacies. With the sun setting down behind the mountains and the light of city flashing in the distance, this is a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. It will be one of the most memorable experiences you can ever have. 

Geneva city tour and boat cruise 

The “Geneva city tour and boat cruise” is one of the basic cruises in Geneva. The tour gives a wholesome experience of the city at a cost of around 60$. You can witness the majestic city horizon in a calm environment of the cruise.

Lake Geneva cruise tour 

You can feel yourself carried away by the waves of Lake Geneva as you take this amazing cruise. The cruise will be from the docks of Geneva to Lausanne and back. As you start the cruise, the Jet d’Eau fountain will greet you before you start to explore Lake Geneva. The cruise will be through The Nyon Castle and the hillside vineyards. You can feel like you are crossing dimensions as you go from the French side of the lake to the remarkable medieval town of Yvoire. You will fall in love with those villages decorated with flowers with their serene houses getting hit by the rays of sunshine.

Jet d’Eau fountain in Lake Geneva
Photo by Xavier von Erlach on Unsplash

For a day, for an evening or for dinner, you can relieve yourself from the fast-paced world in the land with being on one of these cruises in Geneva. As you float in front of one of the most breathtaking backgrounds in the world, you can be certain that you will bring back wonderful memories to the shore. Plan your very own trip to Geneva so that you can be one of these calming cruises. Pickyourtrail has many packages for Switzerland to choose from or you can customize your very own itinerary.

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