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Cruises In Goa – Happy Cruising!

As you think of planning for a vacation in India, I am sure Goa will be one of the top places in your mind. Goa is a perfect vacation spot which is blessed with unlimited beaches, Goan cuisine, churches, casinos and also with some best cruises. Yes, cruises in Goa are famous and your Goa vacation can never be a complete one without taking a cruise ride. Taking a cruise ride is one of the best ways to connect yourself with Goa’s beauty. You will experience a fun-filled journey on the cruise. Without any further delays lets find out the top cruises in Goa.

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A front view of a cruise
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Cruises in Goa

Well, we here at Pickyourtrail have managed to pick the top 8 cruises in Goa. Have a read and find your favourite one.

  • Dinner Cruise
  • Backwater Cruise
  • Casino Cruise
  • Houseboat Cruise
  • Catamaran Cruise
  • Casino Pride Cruise
  • Mandovi River Cruise
  • Sunset River Cruise

1. Dinner Cruise

The first one to enter the list of cruises in Goa is the Dinner Cruise. Well, dinner on a cruise is one of the best ways to have your last meal for the day, huh? The cruise starts from Santa Monica and once you are done having the most expected grand dinner at the cruise, go ahead and make some crazy dance moves with your group of people. In addition, the cruise will also give you a glimpse of the famous Adil Shah Palace. And yes, the Dinner Cruise will be a highlighted part of your Goa vacation.

Timings 🕰

The Dinner Cruise in Goa operates on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 PM.

2. Backwater Cruise

The Backwater Cruise will take you through the Mandovi lined banks, Old Goa and gives you a glimpse of Chorao and Divar. This cruise is also locally called as Shantadurga. Also, the Backwater Cruise is capable of carrying a total of 150 passengers. You will be taken on a 5-hour long ride where you can spend some happy moments by taking part in the entertainment activities or you can choose to enjoy the beautiful views with your loved one.

Timings 🕰

The Backwater Cruise operates on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

3. Casino Cruise

Goa + casino + cruise = complete fun, right? If yes, make sure you head to Casino Cruise which is undoubtedly one of the top cruises in Goa. Indulge in various gaming experiences such as Rummy, Poker and Blackjack. Apart from this, you can also find many other entertainment activities at the Casino Cruise. So, get your gang and have an amazing experience which you will cherish forever.

Timings 🕰

The Casino Cruise operates 24 hours throughout the week

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4. Houseboat Cruise

A houseboat cruise
Image Credits: Unsplash

Taking a ride on the Houseboat Cruise is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Goa. The cruise starts from Chapora Fort which dates back to the sixteenth century. The cruise takes you through the villages, farms and ancient churches. The best thing is that you will be able to take a close look at the stunning landscapes of Goa. Also, make sure to enjoy the lip-smacking seafood dish which is served on the cruise.

Timings 🕰

Houseboat Cruise operates all days from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

5. Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Cruise is well known for its banana-shaped structure and is designed to work without daggerboards. The top beaches for Catamaran cruising in Goa are Dona Paula, Benaulim, Colva, Utorda and Calangute. Also, the best time to partake in Catamaran cruising is from the month of October to May.

Timings 🕰

The Catamaran Cruise operates all days from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

6. Casino Pride Cruise

Roulette wheel
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here is another casino cruise on the list of cruises in Goa. A ride at the Casino Pride Cruise is definitely interesting with the casino games and other activities. There are 40 gaming tables and slot machines. The game settings are spread over 30,000 square feet and give you a perfect chance to try your luck. You will also find a kids area section where there are many interesting games for the kids. Also, not to miss the banquet and buffet which offers you the best dishes to make it a perfect cruise experience.

Timings 🕰

The Casino Pride Cruise operates 24 hours throughout the week.

7. Mandovi River Cruise

Take a ride on the Mandovi River Cruise from the Santa Monica Jetty in Panaji for an amazing cruise experience. The cruise will take you through Fort Aguada, Mormugao Port, and the old colonial buildings in Promenade. If you are a person who loves history and heritage, a ride on the Mandovi River Cruise is one of the perfect things to do in Goa for you people. In addition, you can also enjoy the breathtaking views and go crazy at the entertainment area by enjoying folk dance performances. That’s totally cool, right?

Timings 🕰

The Mandovi River Cruise operates all days from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

8. Sunset River Cruise

And the final one to enter the list of cruises in Goa is the Sunset River Cruise. Looking for a perfect romantic moment with your partner, love capturing sunsets or looking for a peaceful moment? Well, if yes, a ride at Sunset River Cruise is something which you should try on your Goa vacation. Take a break from your party and shopping scenarios and capture the stunning sunset for a perfect vacation moment. Interestingly, you can also enter the Carnival Village and have a lovely time by witnessing a different variety of performances which are performed by trained artists. Sounds great, huh?

Timings 🕰

The Sunset River Cruise operates all days from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

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A cruise ship in Goa
Image Credits: Unsplash


The above are some of the best cruises in Goa, right? Wanna badly take a ride in one of those cruises? If yes, get ready to craft your vacation to Goa. Check on the Pickyourtrail and have a look at the travel packages to Goa. Also, you can even drop a message in Whatsapp and one of our travel experts will help you plan your vacation to Goa. In addition, follow this page for more travel contents and for new travel updates. Book your domestic or International tour packages through Pickyourtrail to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.


How much does a cruise cost in Goa?

It depends upon the type of cruise you choose to embark on. A sunset river cruise will cost Rs.500 per person for one hour, whereas a private yacht party will cost Rs.6000 per person.

Is it worth to take a cruise in Goa?

Yes, it is worth to take a cruise ride in Goa. You can enjoy stunning views of the surroundings and have an entertaining time.

Is there Cruise available in South Goa?

Yes, there are several cruises available along the Mandovi River in south Goa.

What is the age limit for visiting a cruise in Goa?

All age groups are allowed to cruise in Goa. However, children are to be accompanied with an adult for safety reasons.

Which is the most famous cruise in Goa?

While there are several cruises in Goa, Mandovi Cruise, Casino Cruise and Birdwatching cruise are among the most famous cruises in Goa.

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