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4 Best Museums In London That Are A Must Visit In 2024

London is truly labelled as the cultural capital of the world as the city is a place where tourists can find fantastic art and artefacts. Although there are many other attractions in the city yet the museums of the city are highly popular attractions. The museums here are not only based on just history and science, you will find all sorts of museums even based on art and sports! There is a museum of every kind for every person to enjoy. Due to the multitude of museums in London city, we’ve classified a list of the best museums in London for you:

Top 4 Museums in London

  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • British Museum
  • Science Museum
  • National Gallery

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1.Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum London
Credits: Wikimedia

It is famously known as the greatest museum in London for design and art and is one of the best museums in London. The V&A Museum portrays the creativity of human beings from over 3000 years ago. The museum has some amazing collections of furniture, metalwork, paintings, fashion, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, glass, paintings and also jewellery from over the eras. This museum also conducts a temporary exhibition and events from time to time.

2. British Museum

British Museum London
Credits: Wikipedia

The British Museum was founded in the year 1753 and has got some precious collection which records back to nearly two million years ago. Some of the world-famous artefacts which visitors can find in this museum are the Egyptian Mummies, the Rosetta Stone, and the Parthenon Sculptures to name a few. Each year nearly six million visitors pay a visit to this museum which is known to be one of the most historic and best museums in London city in order to understand in detail the diversified cultures and collections available here.

3. Science Museum

science museum london
Credits: Flickr

The Science Museum is visited by travellers mostly who come by to enjoy the revolutionary technology and the latest invention in the field of science. The unique characteristic of this museum, which is one of the best museums in London is that it allows the visitors to view, feel and appreciate the miracles of science. There is absolutely no entry charge as such for entering the museum. Visitors get to view more than 15000 articles that include the world-famous Stephenson’s Rocket and Apollo 10 Command Capsule.

4. National Gallery

national gallery london
Credits: Flickr

It is one of the best museums in London that showcases the artwork of distinguished personalities such as Van Gogh, Botticelli, Gainsborough, Leonardo Da Vinci, Renoir, Rembrandt, and Turner and more. There are more than 2000 portraits of Western Europe from the early Middle Age up until the 20th Century. There is no admission fee for entering the National Gallery in London. Also, get ready to feel like you’re in the sets of Harry Potter.

The above-mentioned museums are some of the best museums in London. These museums say a lot about the rich history and culture of London. Also, one gets an educational experience as they get to learn a lot of facts from these museum visits in London. Some of the museums are based on the subject of art while others are based on science, transport, culture, sports and so on and these museums display the works of notable artists and prominent personalities of London and hence are worth visiting.


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