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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 4, 2020 Share on

Did you know this about your favourite travel destinations? E.g. The French can’t live without bread

Distress best reveals character. Coronavirus has proved that there are some practices too deeply ingrained in a country’s culture that they never cease to exist in people’s lives come what may, let alone this pandemic. Today, let’s take a culture tour around what our favourite travel destinations can’t live without. You’ll be surprised to see bread and boulangeries getting the best of a novel pandemic.

France and baguettes

Centuries have passed, times have changed, but there is no end to this love story — France and baguettes. While shutting down every non-essential shops and outlets, the French health ministry allowed exceptions for what they called “indispensable for life to continue”, and guess what, baguettes (French bread) and boulangeries (bakeries) made it to the list along with wine and cheese shops. Is it wrong that I like France more now?

Belgium and Fries

What’s better than fries for Belgians is more fries. Here everything except healthcare facilities and pharmacies remains shut, but if you look carefully you’ll see Belgium folks earnestly standing in queues in the sidewalk friteries, waiting for their deep-fried crisp potatoes while practising social distancing. They love their fries and you will too if you get to taste it once.

Italy and music

The Italians have exhibited the most adorable way of keeping up their spirits. From jamming nights in balconies to music flashmobs in terraces, how Italy handles quarantine should cheer you up in no time. If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that the Italians consider music and dance an indispensable part of life. Evenings hum with balcony music, ballet dance still continues in the porches while colourful hoardings are strung from the buildings. If anything, Italians teach us we need not wait for life to happen, for it happens every day.

Germany and parties

Germany sure knows how to party. You can’t deprive Germans their much-loved party nights. While everywhere else mankind is hoarding up toilet papers or standing in grocery queues, Germany is taking dearest attempts at supporting its clubs and artists who will soon be on the brink of collapse — they do this by live-streaming stage parties for those quarantined at home. While that is one reason, they just can’t let anything ruin their pursuit for a fun-loving life.

The Netherlands and ‘Cannabis coffeeshops’

Not only did the Netherlands not lockdown their licensed cannabis-selling coffeeshops, but they also called it essential to keep street trade at bay and ease the pandemic stress. As soon as the news was announced by the Mayor, the Dutch gathered outside the street side coffeeshops to buy cannabis available for takeaway. They can’t however, light one up in the public so as to follow social distancing.

We now know what to add in our future bucket lists — from French baguettes to Belgian fries. Follow Pickyourtrail for more coronavirus-related travel updates and entertainment.

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