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Is Greece Open for Indian Tourists? – Read through to know more.

Greece to open for tourists? Is travelling to Greece from India possible right now? And the answer to this is a happy yes! Greece open borders for tourists and has become the latest country to roll out for tourism. The Greece tourism news updates reveals that the Greece is taking ‘baby-steps’ in opening up its borders for tourism. Making this Greece quarantine tourism amazing is possible. Follow the Greece travel restrictions to ensure both safety and protection. To know more about the Greece travel restrictions from India, read through.


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Countries for which Greece has Opened for Tourism

The incoming citizens from 5 countries – he U.S., the U.K., Serbia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates are allowed to enter the country from April 19, 2021. With this, the Greece tourism Industry would be able to test if this system is effective. And this process of opening up the Greece borders is referred to as the ‘baby-steps’. As Greece Tourism news updates reveal, the country is open to tourists from all other countries from May 14, 2021 with a condition that the traveler must either be vaccinated or should carry a Covid-19 negative certificate with them. More than one-fifth i.e 20% of the country’s GDP depends solely depends on tourism. This directly implies one in five people in Greece work in travel industry.

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Greece COVID restrictions from India

  1. Passengers should carry the vaccination documents if the 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine has been taken.
  2. If not, it is mandatory to carry the negative COVID-19 test  result not older than 3 days of arrival.
  3. Following the country’s heath protocol is compulsory. Greece COVID restrictions are highly making it possible to help you stay protected.
  4. Random checking systems at various entry points and quarantine hotels are brought into effect to enable the prevention-measure into full swag.
  5. With the bars and restaurants preferring more take away policies rather than the dine-ins to help the government by becoming a major component in taking up the big task of breaking the chain. Hence, the bars and restaurants will remain to closed for dine-ins.
  6. The nation-wide curfew is still in order. However places like Athens’ Acropolis have opened up for tourism.

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Greece Entry Requirements from India

Talking about the Greece entry requirements, one in these two are mandatory.

  1. A vaccination document. A document confirming that you have taken up both the does of vaccine.
  2. A recent negative PCR test result (not older than 3 days of arrival)

The Greece quarantine for tourists follow such that people having one of these two documents are exempted from following the Greece Quarantine Procedures. 

All these 9 airports  – Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Chania, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu, tagged under popular destinations are to be opened at the same time and this newly reopened country in its baby step might become the source of inspiration to other countries to open up tourism proving COVID-19 to be a mere obstacle the travel industry has seen.

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Travel tips to Greece from India

  1. Masks and sanitisers are your life savers. They are as important as you.
  2. Keep your documents (either vaccination/negative PCR test result) handy.
  3. Try to adhere to rules and restrictions put forth by the country. Co-operate to get yourself tested at quarantine hotels and at various entry points. This will keep your confusion on personal safety at bay.
  4. Get yourself updated with the country’s official website before you plan to visit any place. 

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Let your mask to photo-bomb in every picture – give safety a priority!

Frequently Asked Questions about Greece Travel

  • Can I travel to Greece from India? Yes, you could travel to Greece from India by carrying any of the two documents with you.
  • What are the documents to carry along? You should carry either a document verifying that you have taken up the 2 doses of vaccine or a latest negative RT – PCR test result.
  • From when can Indians travel to Greece? The Greece is opening borders from May 14, 2021 for Indians to travel.

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