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Non-clickbait hacks to travel Cambodia off the beaten path

Situation is such that you can plan a Cambodia trip with your eyes blindfolded. Angkor Wat, check. Phnom Penh, check. Siem Reap, of course! Pickyourtrail, yes(?). But little did you know, the beauty of Cambodia unveils the moment you dare to renounce your of courses, why nots and whatevers. Let’s take a fun ride around what Cambodia stashes unto it beyond the obvious.

Choose Beng Mealea over Angkor Wat!

Angkor Wat, the top-rated attraction in Cambodia allures travellers like a moth to a flame. But if you chose Cambodia not to pose in front of the majestic Bayon but to soak in the spirituality that’s inherent to Cambodia, you might want to look for an alternative to spending your vacation lost in the crowds.

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Escape the crowds at Angkor Wat by watching the sunrise at the Srah Srang lake.

Apart from Bayon, Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei — here’s one more reason why Angkor Wat never goes out of style. Sun painting the picturesque Angkor backdrop red is an exotic sight to behold. But Srah Srang lake is more of a tranquil lakeside for unobstructed reveries.

Go backpacking once instead of striving to plan the perfect vacation.

Cambodia is for all — whether you’re living out of your last pennies, or travelling is just another dilly-daily affair for you. Hence the best-fit for backpacking. You can find very good stays and eateries at affordable rates. On top of everything, you can have a stress-free, serendipitous vacation.

Trade your Fish Amok for Lort Cha.

The funky ones would have the time of their lives trying out scorpions and frogs in Cambodia’s food streets(Legit! There are crickets and grasshoppers too!). But for those who wouldn’t dare — the delicious short rice noodles enhanced by green onions and bean sprouts. Also hey vegetarians! This is possibly your only survival tactic.

I’m sure Psar Thmei came up in everyone’s suggestions! Why not the Russian market for a change?

Image credits: mudah

Psai Thmei still has its charm but in there’s no denying the fact that you need to search hard to find authentic stuff and souvenirs. The Russian market is its doppelganger, where you can stroll around hunting for the hidden treasures!

Try street food. Some of the quirkiest delicacies you can ever try in Cambodia are in its streets!

Cambodia has the “privilege” of being home to some weird food, I repeat, weird enough to make Bear Grylls stop and rethink. Tarantulas, half-hatched duck eggs and baby crocodiles are a few(!!)

Bear Grylls

Siem Reap has the best nightlife. Agreed, but try to find if Sihanoukville has a say in it!

From beach bars and braais to hippy casinos and coastlines, Sihanoukville is the go-to place for a thumping party night. Either flaunt your crazy dance moves in the pubs or sit back sipping cocktail for a lazy beach view massage.

Try a quick vacation during Cambodia’s festive seasons. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Planning a vacation in your convenient time — you’ve done it a lot. For a change, make quick visits to have sneak peeks into Cambodia’s culture. Cambodia is at its most colourful during these festivals, but what’s also fascinating are the spicy backstories around how they came to be.

Camp on a beach by an island rather than going for a luxury resort!

Cambodia is where simple meets elegance, and you’ll be missing a part of it if you don’t travel like a local. Resort plans are for Dubai and Maldives. Camp up on the heavenly coasts of the Koh Rang island with breathtaking stargazing amphitheatre. Bet you’ll love the feeling of the salty breeze on your face the next morning!

Solitude lovers can escape the crowds by visiting in September when the monsoon is just starting — It’s not bad as you imagine!

The dry season, November to February is when Cambodia sees the most of crowds. Even to book decent hotels, you should plan well in advance. Try during slightly raining season, September to October, which can actually elevate your Cambodia experience.

But you wonder why Cambodia is travelled the way it is travelled? Because Cambodia in its entirety is full of experiences and surprises. Usual or offbeat, don’t forget to check the one mandatory box — Pickyourtrail! Adios:)

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