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Finland in January
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on May 3, 2022 Share on

Finland in January – Weather, What to Pack, Places to Visit and More!

Finland is a great destination with incredible scenery, unspoiled nature, scrumptious gastronomy and so much more. Being the happiest country in the world, it offers you an unforgettable vacation and plenty of happy memories to cherish. But why should you visit Finland in January? Because Finland’s true magic is explored when the country is covered with snow as it offers a unique travel experience to its travellers. It is also a great opportunity to watch the northern lights with your naked eyes and with unique ice-hotel stays, low airfares, fewer crowds and delicious winter food it gets easier and more fun to explore the destination. So, don’t wait and start packing your bags but before that give your 5 minutes to this piece of article as you might find it helpful to have a perfect trip to Finland in January.


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Weather in Finland – January

January is a winter month in Finland but temperatures vary throughout the country. You can expect the average temperature across Finland in January to vary between -6.5°C (20.3°F) and -1.3°C (29.7°F). The Northern region is comparatively much colder than the Southern region due to the Gulf Stream. The temperatures are quite moderate and controlled in the southern part of Finland whereas you can expect snow everywhere in the region near Russia.

Finland has short daylight hours in winter, you can expect 6 to 12 hours of daylight in winter in the Southern part whereas 2 and 12 hours of daylight in the Northern part. You can plan a flawless trip to Finland while keeping all these important factors in your mind. 

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Finland in January
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What to Pack?

Layers, layers and layers! Perfect advice to have a comfortable trip to Finland in January. It will be great to pack thermals and base layers, wool clothing, jackets, woollen socks, cosy hats, scarves, jumpers and gloves. You should pack insulated waterproof outerwear as well. For footwear, it will be great to pack sturdy shoes, hiking boots and waterproof shoes. Get ready to participate in amazing winter sports while styling the warm clothes the way you want and look fabulous.

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Finland in January
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Places to Visit in Finland in January

1. Santa Claus Village 

The name of this village is enough to attract tourists. With handicraft shops, cute huskies and reindeer, wonderful streets to stroll, extraordinary accommodations, great food and so much more. This place has plenty of sights including Santa’s post office from where you can send Christmas postcards to your loved ones on Christmas with the help of elves. It can be done year-round and elves will take care of everything. You can also visit the Santa Claus Christmas House, Christmas Cottage, and so much more. 

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2. Helsinki

The capital city is located in the south of the country offering winter charms to its visitors. Admire the culture, traditions, magnificent architecture, amazing museums, glorious landscapes for sightseeing and taste the delicious Finnish meal. Visit the Finnish sauna as chilled winds will want you to find some warm place. 

Source – Pixabay

3. Rovaniemi 

Looking for exciting ice hotel stays, snow-covered landscapes, and adventurous winter activities? No place is better than Rovaniemi in Finland. This wonderland has a lot to offer such as snowmobiling, skiing, dog sledging, ice fishing, unique gastronomy and brilliant landscapes. It is also possible to see the magical northern lights from here. Rovaniemi gives its best to tourists for having the best vacation possible to cherish the great moments. 

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Savonlinna is a historic destination located in the heart of Finnish Lakeland. This charming place is surrounded by the beautiful Lake Saimma on a series of islands. Do not miss the marvellous Olavinlinna / St. Olaf’s Castle which was built in the 15th century as this amazing castle will surely make you go WOW. The Orthodox Museum and the Savonlinna Provincial Museum are also worth visiting. 

Olavinlinna / St. Olaf’s Castle, Savonlinna
Source – Pixabay

5. Kemi

Kemi is a popular tourist destination known for its iconic snow castle. These fantastic castles are built yearly (because obviously snow melts) and used for weddings, performances and so on. The city in Finnish Lapland serves great bustling nights, ice floating activities, incredible views and so on. You can also see the breathtaking aurora borealis (northern lights) from Kemi.

Things to do in Finland in January

  • Stay is a unique accommodation: Have a unique hotel stay where rooms are made of snow and ice. Imagine sleeping in a beautiful room, eating in an icy restaurant and having some amazing memories. You can have your stay in some of these hotels – Arctic SnowHotel, SnowVillage, Igloo Village at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort and SnowCastle.
  • Visit the beautiful Helsinki: It is a very beautiful city with a lot to explore.
  • Relax in a Sauna: Enjoy a classic Nordic spa tradition to relax from chilled and cold weather in Finland. The sauna helps you to relax the muscles and activate blood circulation.
  • Don’t miss the northern lights: You can explore this amazing nature’s gift in the part of the country that lies within the Arctic Circle. The magical display of bright green, purple, red or pink light in the sky is unbelievable and one must experience it.
  • Participate in exciting snow and ice activities: For those who love thrill and fun, Finland offers plenty of winter sports opportunities.

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Finland in January
Source – Pixabay

Frequently Asked Questions about Finland in January

What is the temperature in Finland in January?

January is a winter month in Finland but temperatures vary throughout the country. You can expect the average temperature across Finland in January to vary between -6.5°C (20.3°F) and -1.3°C (29.7°F).

What is the capital of Finland?

Helsinki is the capital of Finland.

What is Finland known for?

Finland is known for having the world’s best education system, and fresh and clean air. It is also called the happiest country in the world. You can explore amazing landscapes, attractions, great architecture, saunas, Finnish meals and so much more in Finland. Santa Claus village is one of the most popular destinations to visit here.

Finland’s beauty and charms are enough to attract tourists from all over the world. But you are worried about where to get the best deals for Finland? No more, go check out Pickyourtrail and you will find amazing Finland tour packages on great deals. You can also customise your Finland itinerary to have a unique travel experience. Stop thinking and book a lovely vacation with your loved ones now.

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