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Finland in March
Written by Sruthi Suresh on May 20, 2022 Share on

Finland in March – The Nordic holiday experience

Finland is one of the world’s northernmost and most geographically isolated countries, experiencing an extreme climate. Also known as the happiest country, the pine trees and trails decked with snow offer eye-catching sceneries in Finland in March. As the sun sets keep an eye out for the Aurora Borealis in this region of the world, the number of visitors to this country keeps increasing every year. Embrace the beauty of the country and enjoy every corner of its elegance. Apart from being a perfect destination for winter sporting, it is also home to various local attractions. Get on to the snow-filled terrain to experience the ideal Nordic winter.

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Finland in March – Weather

Finland in March experiences winter with cold temperatures though not as cold as December or January. It’s when spring sets in for a gradual rise in temperature. But all you see is snow, snow and snow! The average temperature in January is around -3oC during the day and -10oC during the night. The existence of a longer winter period causes 500 millimetres of precipitation to occur as snow. Finland daylight is experienced for 11 hours per day demanding multiple layered clothing to keep you warm.

  • Maximum temperature: -10o
  • Minimum temperature: -3oC
  • Frequent showers of rain
  • 132 hours of sunshine for the entire month

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What to pack for a trip to Finland in March

  • Long thermals
  • Sweaters
  • Boots
  • Pyjamas
  • Gloves
  • Mittens
  • 3 to 4 pairs of jeans
  • Woollen caps
  • Legwarmers
Finland in March
Image credits: Pexels

Places to visit in Finland in March

Many tourists wonder if Finland in March has got attractions other than snow-filled regions and ice cold waters. Well yes! There is a lot more for you to discover and have fun with.

  • Northern Lights
  • Santa Claus village
  • Uspenske Cathedral
  • Arktikum
  • Science center Pilke

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1. Northern Lights

Visiting Finland in March and not gazing at the Northern lights! How is it even possible? The auroral zone in Lapland witness 200 nights of of this beautiful sight, therefore you will have a decent chance of letting your dream come true. There are many sporting activities like skiing, ice-skating and reindeer rides available in this region to while away your waiting time. Some of the accommodation spots offer you a northern light wake up call during the middle of the night. So just be ready with your boots. You might get one anytime!

  • Location: In an around Lapland

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Finland - Northern lights
Image credits: Pexels

2. Santa Claus Village

Take a ride to the Santa Claus Village to meet and greet the Santa Claus at his office. Meeting Santa Claus in his hometown and witnessing all of his elf helpers is very fantastic, and adults, as well as children, enjoy it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will undoubtedly be the highlight of your vacation. You can also purchase a few souvenirs from the local shop to make your memories everlasting. The open countryside allows you to take a stroll where reindeers can be spotted. You can explore the snow world, exhibitions, Santa’s post office and much more! The Santa Claus Express provides shuttle service from the city of Rovaniemi to help you reach the village.

  • Location: Rovaniemi
  • Timings: 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Entry fee: Free

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 Santa Claus village - Finland
Image credits: Pexels

3. Uspenski Cathedral

The Uspenski Cathedral serves as the site of worship for the people of Helenski who celebrate lord Uspenie. It is also one of Helsinki’s most important attractions and the largest orthodox church in Western Europe hosting several concerts each year. Every year, roughly half a million people visit the cathedral. Get in here and have a look at its amazing architecture.

  • Location: Helenski
  • Timings: 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM
  • Entry fee: Free

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Upenski Cathedral- Finland
Image credits: Pixabay

4. Arktikum

Arktikum is one of Rovaniemi’s most notable cultural sites and attractions. The Provincial Museum of Lapland and the Arctic Centre of Lapland University are both housed in this building. The exhibitions focus on the Arctic’s history, culture, and present life. Arktikum’s architecture is stunning. It was designed by a Danish architectural firm and features some of the most interesting stone floors and statues. The 172-meter long tunnel takes you through a line of picturesque scenery to land up at the zone of Northern Lights.

  • Location: Rovaneimi
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Entry fee: 12 euros
Arktikum - Finland
Image credits: Pixabay

5. Science Centre Pilke

Visitors to Pilke Science Centre will have a dynamic and multi-sensory experience with the northern forests. Pilke explains how to manage forests sustainably and gives knowledge on the various products, services, and goods they supply. It also highlights the prospects for a better future that diversified forest uses afford. The exciting and engaging display is appropriate for visitors of all ages, as well as business and student groups and vacationers.

  • Location: Rovaniemi
  • Timings: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Entry fee: 5 euros to 7 euros

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Meet the magical Northern Lights
Finland in March - Science centre Pilke
Image credits: Pixabay

Frequently asked questions about Finland in March

1. Does it snow in Finland in March?

Finland in March experiences cold temperatures though it is the onset of spring. Snow decked caps slowly start to melt although precipitation of snow is maintained at 7 inches. It is most preferred to carry thicker clothes and dress up in multiple layers to feel warm

2. Is it the best time to view the Northern Lights?

Absolutely yes! Visiting Finland in March during the spring equinox is ideal to view the Northern Lights.

3. Does it rain in Finland in March?

Apart from the precipitation that occurs as snowfall, frequent showers are also expected in Finland in March.

Finland is one of the most remote countries in the world and has been getting fame recently for the scenic beauty that it offers. The Northern Lights being one of the major attractions for holidaymakers is the talk of the town. Visiting Finland in March is absolute bliss for this very reason. Turn your dream into reality by planning your trip with Pickyourtrail. Get in hand some of the best Finland tour packages at budget-friendly prices. You are given the privilege to customise your Finland itinerary and make your journey even more memorable.

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