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Finland in September
Written by Shrinidhi H on June 2, 2022 Share on

Finland in September: An Ultimate Guide!

Finland is a veritable treasure trove of adventures! It is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, from the sea to the snow, for young and old alike. It is difficult to narrow down the number of places to visit in Finland. In addition, September is an underrated season to visit Finland, but if you enjoy spectacular scenery, this is the month to visit. And also, there are some fantastic cultural festivals to attend this month. Continue reading to learn more about visiting Finland in September.

Weather in Finland in September

Autumn arrives quickly in Finland, so while summer may linger in southern Europe, September is very fall-like. However, The earlier in the month you see the colours of foliage turning yellow, red, and orange, the further north you go. In September, the national average temperature is 50°F (10°C), with the north generally being much cooler than the south. In Finland, fall is also a wet season, so expect cloudy skies and rain at times.

Finland in September
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Places to visit in Finland in September

1. Suomenlinna Fortress

One of the largest sea fortresses in the world, Suomenlinna’s 18th-century fortress is a 15-minute ferry ride from Helsinki’s Market Square. Start with an audiovisual experience at the visitor centre, learn about living history,  explore ramparts, tunnels and museums, and hike the trails around the beautiful island. Among them is the 250-ton submarine Vesikko, which was used by the Finnish Navy from 1936 to the end of World War II. 

Finland in September
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2. Rovaniemi and the Arctic

The Arctic Circle passes through the town of Rovaniemi in northern Finland and claims to be the gateway to the Arctic Circle. This tends to mean the famous midnight sun in the summer. At the summer solstice in late June in Rovaniemi, the sun sets on the horizon for only 24 hours, while from late May to early August it never gets darker. Locals enjoy the wonderful outdoors and welcome tourists during these “white nights”. 

Finland in September
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3. Helsinki Churches

Three of Helsinki’s main attractions are the church, two are cathedrals and the third is a landmark of modern architecture. The Orthodox Uspensky  Cathedral rises dramatically to the east of the harbour, with its 13 green spires ending in a golden dome. This is the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe, with gold, icons, crosses, altars and ornate arches shining inside. The cathedral serves a large number of Russians in Helsinki and welcomes visitors.

 Helsinki Churches
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4. Lake Saimaa 

The entire eastern part of Finland is the sea rather than the land. With literally tens of thousands of lakes, rivers, swamps and ponds, eastern Finland is a wonderful water playground. The dominant lake in the region is the vast Saimaa Lake, the “Lake of the Thousand Islands”. Lake Saimaa itself has an area of ​​approximately 1,300 square kilometres, excluding its numerous islands. The entire lake system leaves Lake Saimaa, north of the city of Imatra, and is drained by the Vuoksi River, which flows into Lake Ladoga, Russia. Furthermore, The hills of the lake and most of the islands are almost completely covered with coniferous forest, and further north is the birch forest. 

Lake Saimaa 
Source: Unsplash

5. Vaasa

Vasa was founded in the 13th century and was an important city when Sweden ruled Finland. The original town burned down in 1852 and moved four miles northwest near a better harbour. The ruins of the old town are now huge parks. About 34% of the city speaks Swedish and has many connections with Sweden. Surrounded by various cafes, restaurants and shops, the large market square is the centre of urban life. There are many attractions in this quiet city. Visitors can take a walk along the waterfront, which starts in front of the town and continues for miles along the coast.

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Things to do in Finland in September

If you’re dressed for the cool, rainy weather of September, you can enjoy the great outdoors this month. Enjoy a short hike or cycle along the west and south coasts or between lakes in the Finnish Lake District. Alternatively, September is a good time to embark on a longer trek for several days far north of Lapland. Some routes cross the border to northern Norway and Sweden to take full advantage of the magnificent scenery of the region. 

In addition, The aurora is generally more reliable in winter and spring, but it can also be seen in autumn, especially near the autumn equinox (September 21st). Head north to the countryside of Lapland for the best chance of seeing this magical natural phenomenon.

Festivals in Finland in September

Helsinki SAMPO Festival

From late August to early September, this doll festival is held. Puppet theatre companies from all over the world are included. Above all, It is not only for children, but the entire family will find something more to entertain and enjoy.

Helsinki Festival

The largest multi-arts festival in Finland takes place over two weeks in late August and early September.

Lobby Sibelius Festival

Loviisa’s small coastal town hosts a popular chamber music festival for several days in early September, named after Finland’s most famous composer Jean Sibelius. 

Helsinki International Film Festival

Short films, documentaries, animations and feature films by Finnish and international filmmakers will be screened for two weeks from mid-September to late September.


Is it a good time for a visit to Lapland in September?

Early September is a good time to visit Lapland because it is less crowded and you may see the first signs of autumn colors. However, temperatures in Lapland drop significantly, so pack accordingly.

What are the daylight hours like in September in Finland?

September marks the transition from long summer days to shorter daylight hours. There are approximately 12-14 hours of daylight at the beginning of the month, but this decreases significantly by the end of September.

Can I still enjoy boat cruises in September in Finland?

While some boat cruises may reduce their schedules as the seasons change, there are still opportunities for cruises in coastal areas and lakes, albeit with less frequency.

Is it a good time to visit Finland’s national parks in September?

Yes, September offers a lovely transition as the foliage begins to change colors. It is an excellent time for hiking, photography, and taking in the autumnal splendor.

How are accommodations and prices in September compared to the peak tourist season?

As the tourist season winds down, accommodations may offer lower rates and more booking flexibility than during the busier summer months.

Finland is still a relatively unknown European country. Also, This is most likely due to its remoteness from popular tourist routes, but the country’s many cultural and historical attractions, combined with the unspoiled natural surroundings, make it an ideal destination. Therefore, It is a Nordic paradise for both winter and summer activities, with its lakes, falls, rivers, and vast natural areas, as well as the clarity of snow in the winter. So, book your customised Finland Itinerary at Pickyourtrail and avail the Finland packages at exciting deals!

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