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Full moon party in Thailand
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Don’t Forget To Party At The Full Moon Party in Thailand!

Being the most famous bachelor party hub of the world, nightlife in Thailand has a lot to offer to its tourists. Starting from a unique thrill to street shopping, Thailand is a complete package. You can also explore the cultural diversity and traditional martial arts performances in your nocturnal tours. Not to miss out the delicious Thai food available at each and every region of Thailand. Love it or hate it, the monthly Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan is really popular that it literally changes the flow of visitors in Thailand! Whether you choose to attend or avoid, understand that travelling in the Samui Archipelago will be affected around the time of the party.

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Thailand full moon party occurs during on full moon days on the blue beach attracting tourists to party. To describe this party, large is a very small word and ‘huge’ would be the right. This initially started as a small impromptu party and grew big to a full-fledged festival, which is world-famous. The party starts three nights before the actual event and the first two days are complete insanity. On the first-day coral bungalows parties will warm up your muscles, and the next day starts as a jungle party.

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Where Does the Full Moon Party Occur In Thailand?

The party happens at Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan and the party shapes itself. This is one of the best places to visit in Thailand and there are numerous people partying in nightclubs, small huts, bungalows, and the beaches look absolutely stunning with lights letting you know that its time to party. The Full Moon Party location is an added advantage to the whole festival. Cactus Bar, Sunrise Beach Club, Drop-In Bar, Zoom Bar and The Rock are some of the best places you can hang out and have an amazing time. While you walk into this place, you can hear loud music, people with face paints and fireworks lighting the sky.

Full Moon party in Thailand
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Full Moon Party Dates in 2020

Full Moon Party in 2020 dates occurs on 9 February, 8 March, 7 April, 7 May, 5 June, 7 July and 4 August. This party also happens during New Year and Christmas. In case you are not able to sync your travel dates with these, you can plan your vacation with Half Moon Party, Quarter Moon Party and Black Moon Party days.

Half Moon Party is the most popular among escape parties and occurs between full moon and new moon. Attending escape parties is the best of experiencing Koh Phangan. This happens twice a month with speakers blowing loud music, and DJs s from all over the world playing booming music, which will definitely make you move your legs.

Where To Stay in Koh Phangan?

If you are looking to attend the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, then you will have to stay close to or at the place where the party is occurring. You can book stays in Haad Rin Beach and get cheap accommodation make sure that you book it well in advance as this place is on high demand during this time. There are various accommodations available like resorts and hotels around but many choose beach bungalows. If you are party freak then this stay is going to be the best as you can even spend the late night on the beach.

Here’s a list of best stays in Koh Phangan.

  1. Sunrise Resort
  2. Family House Resort
  3. Sea Garden Resort Haad Rin
  4. Cocohut Spa And Resort
Colourful Full Moon Party
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Why Should You Attend The Full Moon Party

Imagine partying with more than 30,000 people on a beach? Sound’s exciting right? Hundreds of lights are lit at the dusk and the beach is lined up with tables, the moonlight glowing the white sand, begins the party! Not just party music but a wide variety like techno, commercial, punk, and blues will explode on the beach. Other entertainment activities like jugglers entertain the crowd as the night passes by. There is plenty of drinks and snacks for you to hog and chill out.

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Tips For Full Moon Party

  1. Wear shoes to save yourself from broken glass bottles on the beach.
  2. Keep your money in a safe place in case you don’t have pockets.
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen, hats, or stolen as it gets really hot during the afternoon.
  4. It’s safe not to carry any original documents, or you can take a xerox copy of the same.
  5. Don’t go for fire jump ropes, no matter how fun this sounds. A lot of people end up hurting themselves after trying their hands on this extreme activity.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated, regardless of how much you plan to drink alcohol.
  7. Don’t do drugs as this is an illegal offence. Many undercover police officers get in the party selling drugs and arrest offenders.
  8. Book your accommodation well in advance, this will help you grab the best property at the best rate.
  9. Opt for cabs to get back to your hotel.
  10. Stay away from the ocean as you might risk drowning and be aware that most people urinate in the water.
Activities during full moon party
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After the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

Although most travellers don’t stay far from the party place in Haad Rin, Koh Phangan is a large, scenic island with plenty of pleasant bays and calm beaches. The northern region of the island in fact has private bays, accessible only by ferry. The Sanctuary is located in Haad Tien Bay acts as a beautiful health retreat. It will only take 15 minutes by taxi boat from Haad Rin. You can visit this place for a few days, detox, and meet some interesting native people in the surrounding workshops there. If not, visit the neighbouring Haad Yuan Beach which is another good alternative getaway from Haad Rin for some days.

Stays in Koh Phangan island
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