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image of Massage at Phuket, Thailand
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Infamous Thai Massage In Phuket, Thailand

There isn’t a corner in this city where you won’t find massage parlours, a very famous and most visited city by travellers. Yes, you got that right! Phuket is the heart of Thai massages, with the most warm hospitality extended no matter where you go. Comforting in ways more than one, these massages relax your body and rejuvenate your mind and soul and this is the reason why most places are busy and filled with a lot of locals and tourists waiting to feel the enhancing experience. Hence, getting an appointment prior is very much recommended. The massage parlours in Phuket provide various kinds of massages starting from foot, back and shoulders with a lot of added spa facilities as well.  The masseuse found in all or more of the parlours are very friendly, knowledgeable and also professionally skilled at it, and that’s what leaves you wanting more of it. Some salons also provide wonderful massages even for pregnant women, Fish Spa and various other added spa facilities apart from thai massages in Phuket. 

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Tips To Keep In Mind Before Going For a Thai Massage in Phuket

  • Do not go for massages right after having a meal, this can make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Ensure you tip the masseuse in cash, anything between 50-100 baht is recommended for every half hour. 
  • Make sure you check with your doctor before proceeding with the massage, incase of any medical situation or skin allergies you are supposed to let the masseuse know about it beforehand. 
  • Ask for the massage rates beforehand, few parlours may price it higher at the time of payment.
  • Make sure you book an appointment beforehand, and note down the parlour you have chosen to visit as well. 
  • Do steer clear of the parlours that charge you anything less than 300 baht. 
  • Most massage parlours are open from monday to sunday, timings are dependent on the location of the parlour but widely all parlours open at 9/10 in the morning and are open until 11 in the night. 
  • The starting range for foot massages are 300 baht which goes on for 30-40 minutes and a full body thai massages in Phuket goes for 1-2 hours are 500 baht, depending on the location and the parlour the rates vary.

Types of Thai Massages in Phuket

Originating from china and renamed as reflexology, most chinese believed that every part of the body responds to the acupuncture point on foot and this is how it all started. Known to release endorphins and bring about lymphatic reflux through the veins to the entire nervous system, this message will definitely benefit one’s body health. The masseuse will moisturise your foot with essential oils or lotion after cleaning it with warm soak water and then proceed with massaging one foot while the other is covered while doing so and vice versa. If you have any type of pain at this point, it is said to be associated with the related part of the feet. 

1. Foot massage

2. Thai traditional massage

A relaxing thai massage is said to relieve your body and mind of all the stress and stiffness of muscles and joints. It is also said that this leads to better blood circulation in your body naturally. Traditional thai massages do not involve the use of oil, but involve the masseuse walking on your back by feet and stretching of fingers, toes and even hair. But nowadays, these practices are not followed. Thai massages these days begin with your feet and working towards your head, try to relax as much as you can and join with your masseuse by synchronizing your breathing with the rhythm of the massage. While you get this massage make sure you wear relatively loose casual clothes, and if you think the masseur’s intensity is too energetic you could let them know about the same. 

3. Massage on the Beach

You are most likely to come across masseuses during November and stay until the end of April in the beaches of phuket. Readily sitting in the shade with mats and pillows, ladies will be waiting to give you relaxing massages. Adding to this, in Patong beach you could get a manicure, pedicure and get your nails painted.

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4. Phuket spas and Fish Spa

Known for its top notch service, premium centres for top-quality spas with well trained massage therapists is a must visit if one is up for a luxury filled treatment here at any of phuket’s spas. Expensive yes, but nothing beats the well spread out course of treatment that brings a great amount of relief to your mind and soul. If you would like to try something new, but might be weirded out by it at the same time is the Dr Fish spa, where you would have to dip your legs in a tub of warm water with Garra rufa fishes inside that love to nibble on dead skin. These little guys start eating away your soaked dead skin off your feet right after they are immersed in. A fun fact is that these fishes can survive at a water temperature of 43 degrees Celsius.

5. Massage for pregnant women

This island is famous for these types of massages as well, where pregnant women get a nice back and neck massage which removes high levels of stress and discomfort. And naturally, these masseuse come with a lot of experience, knowledge, care and gentleness. You could even consult the reputed spas before proceeding with the appointments as massages are not recommended when women are on their first trimester. 

Coming down to the most untouched type of massage in Phuket, where a “a marketing girl” would convince your way into the dark interior with tilted windows you could try your hand in this type of therapeutic massage as well at Christan Massage Phuket. 


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Few of the well known spas where you could book your massage appointments are Let’s Relax Spa, Sweet Lemongrass Massage, Orientala Spa, Mulberry Massage and Spa Burasari. They are known for a wide range of thai massages, spa facilities and  treatments as well. Although there are many fun activities to do here in phuket, the best way to escape the heat and relax is by having a massage from one of the many talented therapists here at phuket and just loosen up your knots before you take off. Plan your customised Phuket tour package or Phuket honeymoon package or book a complete Thailand tour package from India or Thailand honeymoon package and enjoy!

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