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tiger kingdom phuket
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Tiger Kingdom Phuket: Meet, Feed, and Cuddle Tigers

Tiger kingdom Phuket
Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash

Thailand is well known for its sandy beaches, scenic island visits, spas, authentic Buddha temples. The destination attracts people from all walks of life. But most of the people who travel to Thailand are solo travellers and friends. The destination offers quite attractive and adventurous activities such as snorkelling, diving in the crystal clear sea, mesmerizing treks and hike trails into the lush green forest. Seems to be more of a youngsters paradise, right? The answer is No, the destination is not just for the youngsters and solo travellers, it is a destination which brings out the child in you. To give you an example of such activities which will pull out the child in you is the Tiger kingdom which is located in Phuket. The tiger kingdom is the place to go and bring back the nostalgic experience which you have had in the zoo during your childhood days.
This is not just a normal zoo or a sanctuary where you get to see the big majestic cats behind the cages. Get ready to cuddle with the cute baby tigers, make sure you don’t bite them ….

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Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai will allow you to have an “up-close and personal” experience with the tiger: play, stoke and take photos in the actual enclosures! The kingdom in Chiang Mai is a breeding program of the tigers and they take care of them right from newborn.
The Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai is an extraordinary place to spend time with your family or loved ones to play, click pictures and touch the tigers on your Phuket tour packages.

Tiger kingdom
Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash

Breakfast with the tigers – Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai

The tigers here are controlled by the trainers right from when they are born. They are socialized and they just behave like the pet cats. The tiger kingdom is completely safe and this will develop effective awareness and understanding of wildlife among the people. It is an ultimate spot for the big cat lovers and you will see tigers not being aggressive like the tigers in the jungle. The tiger kingdom is a unique place with a combination of tiger park and restaurants where you can play and touch with tigers and also have a good lunch here. Looking to have a similar breakfast with animals and birds, check out the Singapore package for a unique breakfast and lunch experience with birds and family of orangutans at Singapore Zoo, kids paradise.

Tiger Kingdom Phuket by Sriprae
Image credit by Anthika Muangrod

At the tiger kingdom, you can choose to play and touch puppy tigers, small tigers, medium tigers and big tigers. The instructors will guide you through the rules and regulations before playing and touching the tigers. The instructors are very friendly and they will guide you until the tour gets over. The instructors will help you touch and play with the tigers and also you can take pictures with the tigers.

Birth of the Tiger kingdom

The kingdom was opened in the year 2008, after a simple request from an Australian traveller who wished to touch the majestic tigers in the standard zoo that specialized raising big cats. After the request was granted, the tiger kingdom soon became worlds significant facility for animal encounters. The main aim of the Chiang Mai tiger kingdom is to focus on unique ‘conservation through education’ experiences and captive tiger veterinary and husbandry research. The key aspect of the tiger kingdom is not just to create adrenaline pumping, heart thumping, once in a lifetime experience, but also to create awareness and responsibility among the people to help preserve the spices and their natural environment.

Day 5 - Tiger Kingdom Adventures
Image credit by Thak

The tiger kingdom is not just a tourist attraction spot but also a dedicated learning centre. The tiger tour will start with a basic class in which the educator will share their knowledge of the tigers, their life in the jungle, behaviour patterns of the tigers. Soon after the class, you will have a unique opportunity to learn hands-on about the Tiger Kingdom’s approach to tiger care and enrichment program. You can also take part in sessions such as tiger grooming, creating animal enrichment toys and observing the big cats exhibit natural hunting behaviours. There is also special experience on how tigers are cared for; from cleaning the cages and day-to-day tiger health care, feeding the tigers and participating in their enrichment program.

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FAQ – the Tiger Kingdom Phuket 

Why are the tigers so friendly? Are they drugged?

Tigers are generally active during the night and they sleep during the day. Even in the forest, they maintain the same pattern so that’s the reason the tigers in the tiger kingdom are sleeping during the day time and they aren’t drugged. They tend to be very inactive during the midday heat. They are very friendly because they are socialized and they see people as one of their family members.
It is completely safe to play, click pictures and touch tigers in the Tiger Kingdom, Phuket.

Why are sticks used on tigers?

Nose tapping method is considered to be one of the safest ways to train the tigers not to bite or claw anybody. There are rigorous methods such as electric shock, whips, chains, declawing, drugging but these methods are considered to be dangerous for both tigers and the visitors as these methods can irritate and make the tigers more aggressive than they are. Nose tapping as to be instilled in them every day for the rest of their lives, because it is the only possible and safest way to stay close to the tigers. As the tiger gets older and older, when it sees the trainer using the stick against the wall or on the ground the tigers will know that they are approaching and they should not be aggressive to them. The sticks aren’t sharp and they don’t cause any cuts on the tigers. These type of unharming methods are still used to train aggressive dogs and other biting animals to make them friendly.

Image credit by Ornoth

Is it dangerous to touch Big tigers?

The tigers are so used to people and they are handled with so much care by the instructor every single day. They are well trained and they are socialized properly by the instructors right from newborn. So it is completely safe to be around the bigger cats The puppy tigers are the ones who are very playful, active and may want to play with you. They are in the process of socializing so they might play rough though and so could bite when they are playing.

Do they have an entrance fee?

entrance fee

There are few restrictions with age and height. Adults above the age of 18years and height over 160 cm are allowed inside big tigers. For the medium tigers, people above the age of 15 and height over 160 cm are allowed inside. To visit the small and puppy tigers, kids above the height of 140 cm are allowed and they have to be accompanied by an adult. Tourists should be physically fit and should be able to walk, jump, squat quickly without any support.


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