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Goa or Andaman for honeymoon? What makes the cut?

The Portuguese when they set eyes on Goa for its bright culture in the ’70s, they decided to blend in, rather than influencing their heavy culture onto this tiny bohemian paradise. So did the Russian nomads. And the indigenous locals. Or they tried but Goa’s very own unadulterated personality prevailed over time. Seasoned by spicy cultures and hipster lifestyle, Goa is always at an all-time high, drunk on life.

Andaman, on the other hand, is the symphony of nature. In fact, with so many solitude-seeking travellers embarking on Andaman tour packages foreseeing its ever-soaring popularity and heightened nature game, Andaman could be a more irresistible travel destination in the making.

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Now the million-dollar question.

Goa or Andaman for honeymoon?

It depends. On the kind of holiday you want, the kind of the couple you are, the time of your visit and more. In detail, these are the questions to ask yourself when you are riddled about where to go for your honeymoon.

About the time of your visit

If you are planning your honeymoon in the period between November to February, Goa would be a great pick. The weather transitions from Winter to Summer in this time and Goa brims with electrifying festivals and enthusiastic travellers from all over the world. Naturally, Goa beaches are crowded during this period. The best time to visit Andaman is October to May when the weather goes well with outdoor adventures, and it’s also the snorkelling season there.

About the kind of holiday you want

Goa undoubtedly has the best nightlife. Some of its pubs and nightclubs are second to none. While 11PM would be the best time to call it a day in most places, the real essence of life at Goa starts at 11. Walk into a random nightclub or restaurant and you will be surprised at the enthusiasm that still lingers throughout the place. Life and the attractions in Goa stay open well into the night. But Andaman is in a league of its own when it comes to things to do. From snorkelling with eye-popping coral reefs to canoeing amidst mangrove creeks, Andaman’s string of islands is an amazing place to be.

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About the kind of traveller you are

If you love staycations where you can stay away from crowds and noise, but instead spend time discovering yourself and your partner more, Andaman is the place to be. Getting lost in nature is, after all, the best honeymoon getaway. Goa offers adventure as well, but they are louder and different. If you like to move along with locals and meet a few friends in the process, visit Goa. And interestingly it comes to another thing — your preferred stay. Andaman has luxury hotels in a very limited number. It promotes eco-tourism more and many boutique hotel chains are yet to set foot in Andaman. In this case, choose Goa.

About the budget, too?

Though the activities and attractions cost almost equal in Goa and Andaman. Because both of them have places honeymooners can get by on their own without spending much on activities and guides (except paragliding, snorkelling etc). But Andaman is slightly expensive than Goa due to flight costs.

Hope this gives you the much-needed headstart to planning your honeymoon vacation. Read more about the best islands in Andaman.

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