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Haunted places in Malaysia
Written by Athul K V on September 4, 2020 Share on

Haunted Places in Malaysia: For a spooky adventure in your next visit

Travel becomes even more exciting when there is an element of mystery to it. And whether you believe or not ghost stories are pretty fun to hear about. Also, it is something mankind has been searching for a very long time as well. Malaysia also has plenty of such haunted places which has plenty of spooky stories. These places are famous for bad reasons where people believe there are paranormal activities. Haunted places gather a large number of enthusiasts who are looking for adventure and trying to explore the unknown. These places are can be visited during the day, but its a totally different story in the dark. Since the stories concerning these places are really terrifying, these experiences are not for the faint-hearted. These are the famous haunted places in Malaysia.

Famous haunted places in Malaysia

Karak Highway

This is easily one of the spookiest places in Malaysia. The highway connects the Genting Highlands with Cameron Highlands. This expressway has had high numbers of accidents which make night journey through here a dangerous one. One of the famous stories is one of yellow Wolksvagen, which met in an accident here and a lady along with her kid died. Furthermore, many drivers say that you can see a yellow Wolksvagen in front of you and no matter how many times you overtake, it again appears in front of you. Some also say that they saw a young boy walking on the highway at night. This is a famous story that makes the Karak highway on top of the list of haunted places in Malaysia.

99 Door Mansion at Nibong Tebal

This was a rich family mansion which has been abandoned and left to ruin for the past 50 years. Because of the murder of a family member which turned this 99 door mansion into a ghost house. Also, after the family left the mansion an infamous witch doctor used this property to perform black magic. Furthermore, it became famous for being a hotspot for black magic and people don’t go near the grounds after dark. Locals claim that they hear growls and noises from the mansion at night.

99 Door Mansion at Nibong Tebal
Image Source: Unsplash

Aeroplane House

Another infamous location where Mona Fandey and her husband killed and partially skinned a well-known politician named Mazlan Idris. Both of them were caught and sent to prison, but before leaving the house Fandey wrote “I will never die” in Malay. Also, she practised black magic to gain power from the darker worlds. People still believe that the results of remains of the black magic practice still lives within the house. This is considered one of the famous haunted places in Malaysia because of Mona Fandey.

Villa Nabila

The Villa Nabila is located in Johor and has a story of gruesome murders behind it. The story is that a greedy maid murdered the wealthy family who lived here and buried their bodies in the compound. The maid’s intention was to steal the family’s wealth and the story gets spookier when you realise that the bodies were never found. This location is so famous that they made a movie based on the story of Vill Nabia. Also, people don’t go here after dark as they don’t wish to encounter any of the missing ghosts.

Villa Nabila Malaysia
Image Source: Unsplash

Shih Chung Branch School

During the Second World War, the Japanese took control of this school and turned it into a slaughterhouse. Additionally, people have had hysteria and a spine chilling feelings when they stand near the property. There are no records of how many people died here which makes it even more horrifying. The building is abandoned since then and left to ruin. The sheer brutality that has taken place here makes it to the list of most haunted places in Malaysia.

Though the list does not really scream a happy holiday, these places have seen some infamous occurrences. And if the explorer in you find it interesting, do visit these places in your next visit to Malaysia. Plan your vacation to Malaysia with Pickyourtrail and check out the Malaysia Packages. You can customize and perfect your itinerary on our website. Also, download the Pickyourtrail App which is your 24/7 travel buddy and answers to all your travel queries.

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