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Visit Hikkaduwa Beach In Sri Lanka And Get Your Dose Of Vitamin-SEA!

Sri Lanka is one of the destinations that can make you fall in love for a million reasons, a million times in a million ways. No matter what kind of vacation you are planning for, be it a honeymoon or a family vacation or even a friends getaway, Sri Lanka can provide you with many amazing things to do. It is well-known for the beautiful beaches it has and every traveller to Sri Lanka should visit at least the major ones. One such place and one of the most-loved and the most-visited beaches, is Hikkaduwa Beach. So, if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, add this to your must-visits. Give this article a read to know the top things to do and how to reach Hikkaduwa Beach.

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Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

Hikkaduwa Beach

Over the years, Hikkaduwa Beach has become one of the top attractions that people visit in all of Sri Lanka and the number of visitors has only been increasing since then. If you are someone who wants to not just see but touch a sea turtle, Hikkaduwa Beach makes it happen with the utmost care of the turtles. It stays on the top of the favourite places to visit in Sri Lanka for most people because of the all-round experience that you get here, right from playing with turtles to watersports to exploring the corals to doing nothing at all but just enjoying the lively atmosphere around.

Blue waters in Hikkaduwa Beach
Photo by Shehan Seneviratne on Unsplash

Things to do at Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach is packed with fun and if you are an adventure junkie, you should try them all. Check out the list below for the top things to do in this place and plan your itinerary accordingly.

  1. Exploring the corals
  2. Watching a sunset
  3. Playtime with the turtles
  4. Go surfing and snorkelling
  5. Explore the hidden

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1. Exploring the corals

Hikkaduwa Beach is home to some colourful coral reefs which speak for the amazing underwater world that it has and the aquatic wildlife too. Though there are a lot of fishes here, the sea turtles attract the most tourists. If you are vacationing with kids, then you should surely try Laguna, a pool of water where there will be no waves and the sides are covered by coral reefs. An ideal and safe thing to do with kids, right? You can even opt for a catamaran and explore the corals.

2. Watching a sunset

Who doesn’t love sunsets? After a busy day at work or a tiring day on a vacation, sitting on the beach sand with water in the front and looking at how beautifully the sunset changes the colour of the waters will be something beyond what words can express. Hikkaduwa Beach itself is a beautiful place to visit and with the sun painting the place in orange, any visitor would end up falling in love with the sight as the sun sets. It is one of the romantic things to do with your one and only and a relaxing thing when it comes to a vacation with friends or family.

A picture of sun setting
Image by lapping from Pixabay

3. Playtime with the turtles

Many tourists visit Hikkaduwa Beach for the sea turtle experience. Any visit to this beach without spending time adoring the sea turtles is surely an incomplete one. So, while you are there, grab a handful of seaweed to feed these cute creatures. You can sometimes be allowed to even touch them or just say ‘hi’ to them and feed the turtles. But make sure that you are not being unkind to them. There will be wardens monitoring the safety of the turtles. However, be kind to these little beings and follow the signs that are kept on the beach.

4. Go surfing and snorkelling

There are so many places in Sri Lanka where you can try water sports, especially snorkelling and Hikkaduwa Beach is definitely one of them. It offers experiences like surfing, snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving. In case if you are hydrophobic, you can choose boating where you will be taken for a ride in a glass-bottomed boat to enjoy the marine life. Since this place is especially famous for snorkelling and surfing and has trainers available, you should definitely try them out. If are an avid surfer, then surfing here and getting your skills captured is a mandatory thing to do and is one of the stunning adventure shots that you will ever take.

Surfing in Hikkaduwa Beach
Photo by Croyde Bay on Unsplash

5. Explore the hidden

If you are someone who always wants to try something offbeat, then you can explore the shipwrecks that the coast has. Moreover, there are sites for four different shipwrecks that you will absolutely enjoy. Aren’t these sunken ships of Hikkaduwa engulfed in colourful corals, a beauty? If you scream ‘yes’, then go looking for the treasures lying underneath.


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How to reach?

Hikkaduwa is located 100 kilometres away from Colombo and definitely worth the distance. Check out the below options on how to reach Hikkaduwa Beach.

By Train: A train journey to Sri Lanka is one of the coolest things to do. To visit the beach, there are trains from Colombo to Matara that runs via Hikkaduwa which you can choose from. Get off at the Hikkaduwa Railway Station and head to the beach by local transportation.

By Bus: If you are opting for public transport, then you can take a bus from Colombo to any place like Matara and Galle that goes via Hikkaduwa. Get off at Narigama Beach or the Hikkaduwa Bus Station up to your convenience.

By Road: If top comfort comes primary and money comes secondary to you, you can go for the most expensive option, taxi and get dropped off directly at the beach.

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Absolutely loved reading about Hikkaduwa Beach, right? This long stretch of beach can give you the much-needed break that you wanted on your vacation. With sands on the feet and feet in the waters, a visit to this place gives you the perfect day at the beach. Can’t wait to visit? Then check out the Pickyourtrail website for the Sri Lanka travel packages or customise a package yourself. We will be more than happy to make your dream Sri Lanka vacation happen that you will cherish for life.

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