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Amaya Kuda Rah
Written by Preetha Manivelan on December 31, 2020 Share on

A Story of How Maldives Beautifully Stole Our Hearts On Our Honeymoon!

Yet another love story written in the Maldives: This little yet the most beautiful piece of heaven on earth is never going to stop attracting the newlyweds, right? Obviously. Who wants the ordinary when you have the extraordinary Maldives just a flight away? Get packing for a Maldives experience for your honeymoon but if you are wondering why, let me now tell you a story of an awesome couple, Ms Jayashree and Mr Sarath – A ‘Happy place, happy couple‘ story which will indeed explain why Maldives is the most loved honeymoon destination and tempt you for a visit.

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A moment from ‘Why Maldives?’ to ‘Yay! Maldives’

Travelling amidst the pandemic itself was one exciting thing about our vacation. We were quite stuck between people asking ‘why now?’ and ‘why not?’. Though it was 50-50 chance, we were always sure about how badly we wanted a vacation, just to ourselves. Although, Maldives was on our list of places to explore hand in hand, the limited options for international travel made it quite easier to narrow down the choices for our honeymoon experience. So, after 8 months of our marriage, we finally decided to say out loud, ‘Hey Maldives, here we come!’.

Craziness on point!

Maldives – Just ‘OUR’ kinda place

So, my husband and I planned a 4N stay in the Maldives and decided to fly from Bangalore. Our temporary home at this eye-catching destination was Amaya Kuda Rah – Indeed a very beautiful resort. It was located in such a perfect place that we got to wake up to some best views of the sunrise and sleep to some best views of the sunset. Clean, comfort and beautiful, is the perfect combination that anyone would expect and we got it at Amaya Kuda Rah. And, one of the best things that we loved while we were there was their hospitality. Oh, their food, it was just ‘YUM’. Here is a glimpse 😀

We didn’t know how much we needed this vacation until we found ourselves in the midst of beautiful beaches surrounded by lush greeneries making our hearts feel the warmth of nature and love. Right from landing in this beautiful paradise to taking a sea-plane transfer to the resort to the warm welcome that we received to the activities we got to do there, our honeymoon experience in the Maldives was nothing short of amazing.

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My view in short: Maldives as a honeymoon destination is totally worth all the hype.

Why Pickyourtrail?

Choosing Pickyourtrail as our travel planner was one of the best choices we made about the honeymoon trip. They were available to help us round the clock and handled the last-minute flight cancellations really well. You know the feeling of someone being virtually there to assist us when we are in a new place. That reduces half of the travel stress amidst the pandemic. We are really grateful and appreciate all their support throughout the planning and stay.

Meant to travel with each other for life!

Could a honeymoon be any more amazing? If you are still wondering how to book your Maldives honeymoon package at Pickyourtrail, we are here to make it easier for you. Check out the Pickyourtrail website for some amazing Maldives packages or let us know your ideas of a perfect vacation and we will craft it for you.

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