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Honeymoon in Switzerland Travel Guide
Written by Hariharan Selvaraj on July 2, 2021 Share on

Honeymoon in Switzerland Travel Guide

Planning your Honeymoon in Europe? Then, Switzerland top the lists which is located in the Central Europe. The country has vast lakes, beautiful towns and the high peak of Alps. You and your partner will have the best time exploring most of the must-visit places in this trip.

Firstly, swiss attracts with it’s stunning alpine mountain range and next it makes you admire the beautiful lakes, rivers from your very stand. Everything on your Switzerland honeymoon trip will be breathtaking and worth the visit.

This country is dream destination for many around the globe and special counted for newly wedded 😉

Best time to Visit Switzerland

Thinking of planning your Honeymoon vacation in the best season and time? Here, are few tips to craft a perfect one. The summer season starts anywhere from July to August so it gives you good chance to enjoy the panoramic views of greenery that surrounds you. During the summer season you might feel the change in the weather but it keeps you pretty warm in the air. With that, there are also lot of outdoors activities to experience with your partner starting from biking, skiing, trekking, paragliding.

Best time to Visit Switzerland
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Secondly, if you are planning your travel anytime during the winter season then January and February will be the best option. During this period the days are shorter and cold, with daylight only from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Lot of winter sport activities commence during this period which is major attraction factor here. You can ski in the high altitude areas or hike up the breathtaking hills with your partner.

If time constraints are not an issue, then September is the best time to plan your honeymoon trip. It’s get cooler as the fall season starts and making it a perfect choice for Honeymoon travelers.

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Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland

There are many places to explore in Switzerland, but here are the must-visit attractions to see in your honeymoon trip.

1. Zurich

Zurich, Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland
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Zurich is one of the most popular and largest cities in Switzerland. It is a major hub for railways, air and water transports. Zurich has a rich culture with the highest population in Switzerland making it one of the leading cities around the globe.

The major attractions around Zurich are museums, street shopping, and the Lindt chocolate museum. You can find other beautiful valleys and scenery at its peak around Zurich. And if your partner loves football, they should visit the FIFA Museum.

2. Bern

Bern, Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland
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Bern is the capital of Switzerland and the regional airport is located in this city. You can easily access within the town limits and all the flights from Europe and other leisure destinations arrive in this airport. Even though Bern is the capital of Switzerland it has many lovely places to visit and is known as the 5th most popular city.

Major attractions around Bern are it’s prominent Parliament house, Clock Tower, Bern Museum, etc. If you are a water-sport lover then you gotta take your partner for the rafting activity on Aare Rivers.

3. Lucerne

Lucerne, Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland
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Lucerne, is a beautiful town and just a 45 minute drive and is not a commercialized city like Zurich, but you will get to explore the countryside of Switzerland. You can experience the breathtaking and snow capped mountain from here. It is one of most popular town and you must visit the Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument and the Old beach of Lucerne.

Visit to Mount Titlis will give you one of the best experiences in your honeymoon trip. You need to take a train from Lucerne to Engelberg station and get a ticket for a cable car to reach the mountain.

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4. Jungfrau

Jungfrau, Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland
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Jungfrau mountain peak comes under the UNESCO heritage and know as “Top of Europe”. People who are looking to get the best and unique experience in their lifetime, then they must visit Jungfrau. It is sitting beautifully at an altitude of 4158m high and is one of the best in the world.

Located across the two municipalities Interlaken and Fiesch, you need to take two trains and a cogwheel train to reach all the way to Jungfrau. If your honeymoon is in Switzerland, then I am sure, all newly wedded couples will love to visit this peak

5. Zermatt

Zermatt, Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland
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It is one of the most beautiful and pollution free towns making it an ideal destination for Honeymoon Couples. A different lifestyle altogether from battery operated cars, horse carriages and cycling around the town makes Zermatt special and unique.

Zermatt is the base point to reach other mountains which are located down south of Switzerland. Similar to Jungfrau, the Matterhorn is a famous and popular mountain to experience in this region.

One more popular attraction is the Glacier Express train, which is a highly recommended train travel for all the international tourists. Your train starts at Zermatt and ends at Saint Moritz – which is about 8 hours taking you through all the beautiful mountains and lakes.

6. Interlaken

Interlaken, Top Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland
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Interlaken is one of the oldest and stunning town in Switzerland. You can do the boat rides and watch the best sunsets from Interlaken. The popular attraction in Interlaken is the Jet boat ride which happens in the Lake Brienz. Sky diving is also another popular adventure activity, which gives you 360 degree view of beautiful Swiss mountains.

How to Reach Switzerland

How to Reach Switzerland
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Switzerland is a big country with 3 major international Airports. International flights either land at Zurich-Kloten (ZRH), Geneva (GVA) or Basel-Mulhouse (BSL). You can plan and book to flights either to Zurich or Geneva Airport as they have more frequency in flights.

Swiss Trains

One of the best mode of the transport to explore the Switzerland is by train. The connectivity and routing is well planned to give the best experiences for the visitors. Swiss Federal Railways is the national railway company and is the largest transport company in the country.

The train tickets are categorized into first class and second class. All teenagers who are below 16 years are considered as half board and can be pay half tickets for the trains.


If you want to explore the interior location of Swiss Alps, then you got to use the bus transport. You can find the yellow post buses which is operated by the Swiss post.

We would recommend you to check, for more details about the schedule and timing.

Note : Kindly make sure a valid passport and necessary visa documents are ready before booking your international flights to Switzerland.

Feeling excited right? If you are planning your dream honeymoon to be special and memorable, then we at Pickyourtrail will plan your trip with best accommodation options for your Switzerland package. You can check the guides page for more information if needed.

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