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A picture of a couple in Iceland
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 9, 2020 Share on

Everything About Our Honeymoon Trip To Iceland In The Month Of Love

It doesn’t matter where you are travelling to, as long as you have your loved one walking beside you and their warm hands holding yours. What an amazing feeling it is! Travelling alone is good, gets better with your loved one and the best if it’s the beginning of many more trips with them. Yes, its the honeymoon trip that I am talking about. Like everyone has a dream destination and wants to explore them with their loved one, here is everything Vivek Zode and Rajas Kapgate have to say on how they enjoyed on their honeymoon trip to Iceland with so much love:

A couple posing for a picture on their honeymoon to Iceland

About the planning…

I and my wife decided to set our foot on the land of ice for our honeymoon. Iceland is one beautiful destination attracting honeymooners that we couldn’t think of anything else. We were searching on the internet on the best travel planners who can make our honeymoon to Iceland more memorable. While we were searching, we luckily landed on the Pickyourtrail website. I was quite impressed with their idea of planning and customization. With that, I got in touch with one of the travel consultants from the team and the rest is our dream.

Could someone find a better background? I guess not πŸ™‚

A couple picture with waterfalls as the background on their honeymoon to Iceland

We started our planning well in advance in the month of September to land in our dreamland in the month of February. We planned our itinerary to be for 8 nights with two nights in Helsinki and six nights in Reykjavik. Since we had a different plan for activities, we had our flights, hotel stays and transfers booked with Pickyourtrail.

The sunset at Iceland can leave you breathless for sure ?

An amazing view of sun in the land of ice

All about the trip

We flew from India to realise our dream in this island country on 6th February 2020. The first city we reached was Helsinki and stayed a night there. The next day, we flew to Reykjavik via Oslo. Reykjavik was the main part of our trip as we had six nights in the city. On the last day at Reykjavik, we flew back to Helsinki and spent a night there. On 14th February 2020, we took off from Helsinki to home with lots and lots of memories.

It’s never too cold for a picture πŸ™‚

A couple taking a bath in the cold water in Iceland

The magical land!

My favourite moment on the trip

The moment that would forever stay close to our hearts is when I proposed to my lady on the diamond beach. With huge cubes of ice around you on the black sand, how could someone resist expressing their love? On the whole, We were a lot satisfied. And yes! Iceland is so so beautiful that we did not feel like coming back.

We lived it while someone else captured it beautifully for us <3

A beautifully captured picture of a couple proposal on the diamond beach in Iceland

Running away from the routines! πŸ˜›

Why Pickyourtrail?

We were very satisfied with the service provided by Pickyourtrail on our honeymoon trip to Iceland. It was very easy to plan and the support provided during the trip was appreciable, supportive and highly responsive. No matter what the query is, every message was given equal priority. Also, it was comfortable to get all our queries clarified at any time of the day because of their 24*7 support. I can be sure that Pickyourtrail will be my pick for all our future trips. If you ask me where to next with these amazing guys planning it? It would be New Zealand and we can’t wait.

Iceland is a magical country. When are you planning to witness this magic? It’s time for you to have a check at some cool Iceland Packages with Pickyourtrail providing seamless customer support and find your way to this wonderland! Let us know how you would like to have your itinerary and we will come up with the best one for you.

Happy travelling! πŸ™‚

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