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Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland: Adventure Seeker Paradise!
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on August 9, 2021 Share on

15 Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland: Adventure Seeker’s Paradise!

Iceland is a country that has an extreme polar vibe that offers so many sport and adventure sagas for those who seek an adrenalin rush. This “Land of Ice & Fire” has the most unpredictable landscapes as you travel from region to region. With spectacular geothermal baths, geysers, volcanoes to majestic fissures, glaciers and ice caves. For an adventurer like you, it’s the paradise of adventure you have been seeking all these years. There are endless frantic adventures, but here are the top 15 adventurous things out of them that you should never miss to do in Iceland.

15 Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland

While you visit Iceland to experience the full blow of adventure, you could drive your adrenalin almost from everywhere and in every way. Yes! Air, land and water come together to satisfy your vacation and allow you to boast your ventures. Now, note down these top 15 adventurous things to do in Iceland on the bucket list. And continue to read to know how and where to carry through these activities in Iceland for max-experience.

  1. Snorkelling 
  2. Ice Caving
  3. Snowmobiling
  4. Glacier Climbing
  5. River Rafting
  6. Volcano Tour
  7. Buggy Riding
  8. Hiking & Trekking
  9. Horse Riding
  10. Skiing & Snowboarding
  11. Helicopter Rides
  12. Paragliding & Skydiving
  13. Mountain Biking
  14. Dog Sledding
  15. Bathe & Swim in Geothermal

1. Snorkelling In Iceland’s Azure Waters

Snorkelling,  Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

The clear azure water of Iceland makes it the best to get a glance at its underwater beauty. Silfra fissure is one of the most popular locations in the world to venture snorkelling. Swim or dive into the 300 ft visible crystal clear water between the tectonic plates. While swimming here, it will make you feel like you are flying in the water than you are floating. Additionally, you could also try some scuba diving if you got the qualification. So, when you visit Iceland, make sure to sign up for snorkelling as well as a scuba diving tour. Get to wear the drysuit that lets you float. Amuse yourself by going underwater and witness the moonlight lava rock. Also, try snorkelling in the sandy “Real Blue Lagoon” to observe its mesmerising beauty.

2. Ice Caving Among The Icelandic Glaciers

Ice Caving,  Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Ice Caving may sound a bit strange and tiring for the first-timers. But, you don’t have to be athletic to experience this unique adventure. The excitement you get out of it is hard to express through mere words. Yes! Explore with the glacier operators at the beginning of winter to find the perfect caves with the diamond castle-like picturesque interior. Drive for 5-6 hrs from Reykjavík to the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Meet the ice cave guides. They will give you all the required equipment as well as a short course.

The best time is from October to November. For a fair share of adventure, you can also visit during March.

3. Try Snowmobiling In Snowscapes Of Iceland

Snowmobiling,  Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Snowmobiling in Iceland will be an exhilarating activity for you. Its enchanting steep snowscapes make the snowmobiling even more exciting as you pick up speed. Snowmobiling will be the most sought out adventure during the winter. Start from the snowmobiling spots such as Vatnajökull and Langjökull ice caps and feel the strongest breeze amidst the stunning scenes as you drive. You can’t get enough with just one drive. The pumped-up feeling you get during snowmobiling in Iceland will last long in your memory. If you choose Vatnajökull, combine your itinerary with the Golden Circle route for additional amusement.

4. Climb Over The Largest Vatnajökull Glacier

Climbing glacier, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Ice climbing is the next adventurous activity in Iceland that you should never miss. Vatnajökull glacier is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is also the world’s largest glacier. It has 30 outlets which let you enjoy climbing up to the summit with the help of guides. You can take part in this at a certain level even if you come with your family. Yes! Even children who are 10-years old are allowed to climb up the glaciers, explore dark crevasses and ice sculptures.

It is a must to participate in this adventurous activity along with certified guides as it’s prone to danger while you are hiking to the glacier’s summit.

5. Go For River Rafting In Icelandic Rivers

In Iceland, river rafting is a thrilling and adventurous activity that you should never miss. Since the 1980s, river rafting is a favourite activity for the locals in Iceland. Moreover, the dramatically running water of the rivers will make your experience more fun and at the same time challenging. You can choose levels which you find comfortable. Look out for the grades. Try the Hvita river in the south, Austari-Jökulsá glacial river in the east and Vestari-Jökulsá in the west. The best time to go river rafting will be from May till September.

6. Start The Buggy Rides For The Adrenalin Rush

Buggy ride,  Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Exploring Iceland on a buggy ride is the best way for an adventurer like you. Get elated by the high-speed ride at the designated off-road trails balanced by nature’s serene art gallery. To kick start your buggy ride, all you need is your international driving licence as well as some skills to show off. Don’t have a drivers licence but want to go for buggy rides? Take the passenger seat. Go for a tour around the Golden circle and lava fields to take your ride to the next level.

7. Feel The Heat Of Volcano Tour

Exploring Volcano, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image source: Unsplash

There isn’t a better adventure than exploring a dormant volcano. Yes! In Iceland, you can get this enthralling experience. Tour inside the Thrihnukagigur Volcano. Its eruption took place 4000 years before. This best caving tour will let you see the iridescent caldera made of inner rocks as you go inside 393 ft underground. Fun fact! This magma chamber could fit the Statue of Liberty inside. Get engaged with some fun activities while exploring this geographic wonder. This out of the world experience inside the chamber will become the adventure of your lifetime.

8. Hike & Trek Around The Dominant Landscape Of Iceland

Hiking and Trekking, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

There are tremendous routes to endeavour your thirst for adventure in Iceland. Explore Asbyrgi Canyon and climb its 328 ft steer cliff. Undoubtedly, it is a paradise for a photographer as it is a place with absolutely stunning cliffs, forests and plateau. Its giant horseshoe-shaped feature has a mythology behind it. So, go trekking around while listening to its mythological stories and scientific reasoning behind its formation.

Also, hike on the most vibrant and colourful Landmannalaugar mountain. It has one of the most popular hiking and trekking trail- Laugavegurinn trail to Þórsmörk. Explore the rainbow mountain, ice caves and volcanic pathways. You can go hiking only from June to September. Carry a tent, sleeping bag, some food and clothes. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach this place from Reykjavík.

9. Horse Riding In The Icelandic Fields

Icelandic Horse Riding, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Riding an Icelandic horse is a dream for many. These are the cutest, friendliest at the same time the most sturdy horses in the world. Horseback riding in Iceland is instinctively the most adventurous experience with a most reliable being. This isolated horse breed is well known for its five gaits which let it bear the harsh climate of Iceland. You can find them all around the country. Making it easier for you to take a tour around the locality with the help of these strong horses.

10. Go For Skiing And Snowboarding

Iceland got so many spots to sport skiing and snowboarding. It got the perfect slopes and trails for all levels of adventure seekers. Visit Ísafjörður that offers one of the best snowboarding trails with the most captivating visuals around. There are also many ski resorts in Reykjavík and Skálafell. Try visiting from December to April for a perfect ski experience. But most often, due to unpredictable climatic conditions, many of them are often closed. But, if you visit Hlíðarfjall, the ski resorts will be available for more days so that you can slide longer. Since it’s further north, you can expect more snow.

11. Helicopter Rides In Icelandic Skies

Helicopter tours are getting more and more popular in Iceland. Stick with this trend and hop on the helicopter to experience Iceland from the skies. There is nothing more amusing than looking at the scenic beauty of Iceland from an aerial view. Didn’t excite you much? Try heli-skiing or heliboarding if you have got extra cash and pro-skills. These are the most extreme adventure you could get from Iceland. Moreover, you can take helicopter trips from Reykjavík Domestic Airport and travel around the peninsula.

12. Experience Adventure On Air With Paragliding & Skydiving

Iceland rules all forms of adventure. Paragliding and skydiving are the next best way to make your heart race not only while sporting but also by the immense bird’s eye view. You have Tandem paragliding tours in the southern part of Iceland, especially during summertime. Also, if you want to go skydiving, April to August is the best time. Even if you are a beginner, you could nail it after a short course. If you are a pro, all you need is to get-set-jump.

13. Mountain Biking In Iceland

Mountain Biking, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Mountain biking may not be the popular sport in Iceland, but it is something that’s slowly gaining popularity. And this is because of the fascinating landscape of Iceland that suits cycling the best. Grab a mountain bike from shops close to the trail from the Ring Road. Ride solo or with a group for a more engaging experience.

14. Dog Sledding In Iceland

Dog Sledding, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Pixabay

Dog Sledding will be the most unique and adventurous thing you can do in Iceland. If you visit Reykjavík, you can take a 45-minute tour of them close to the glaciers in summer. Go solo, couple or with family, this activity offers fun universally. Plus, you can play around with the dogs during the rest hours.

15. Swim In The Geothermal Paradise of Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Adventurous Things To Do In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Adventure in Iceland can’t end without swimming in the geothermal baths. One of the best places that you need to dip is in Myvatn Nature Baths. The entire surrounding with craters and lava fields feels like you are on another planet. No wonder! Two of the Star Wars movies were filmed here. Unlike Blue lagoon, this place has less tourist activity. Naturally, you can enjoy yourself at ease by swimming in this mineral-rich water.

Apart from this, don’t forget to visit the Blue lagoon. Spending time in the blue lagoon and other geothermal baths in Iceland is a passive sort of adventure but worthy of every minute you spend.

Iceland is a heaven for adventure seekers. The multitude of opportunities in this country is born naturally. What makes it even more attractive are the contrasting sides of adventurous things you can do in Iceland. You can fly, swim, dive, ski, ride and climb almost all the time owing to the wavering climate of Iceland. Now that you have found your sole purpose in Iceland, check out some of the best Iceland vacation packages at Pickyourtrail. We also got an even better option where you can customise your Iceland itinerary.

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