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Written by Kajani Shivam on November 17, 2022 Share on

How To Reach The Maldives From NYC ? – Get To Know The Routings!

If there could be a heaven on earth, it should obviously be the Maldives, right? The Maldives gained a lot of attention post covid and people are still finding it hard to come out of the Maldives vacay vibes. Let it be the sparkling beaches, thrilling water sports, romantic weather, luxury resorts, jaw-dropping attractions, or the hospitality, this place has got it all packed together for the travellers. Being said that, I know most of you might be wondering how to reach the Maldives, right? In that case, this article clearly gives you an idea of how to reach the Maldives from NYC. Are you someone who has been curious to know about the travel routing to the Maldives from NYC? Well, we got you covered!

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How to reach the Maldives from NYC?

To reach the Maldives from NYC, flights are the best possible options and you will find multiple flight options with different available routes. The best possible route to reach the Maldives from NYC is to take a flight via Doha, Istanbul, Moscow, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for a non-stop flight, you can check on Dubai. In Dubai, one may find an option to take non-stop flights running from Dubai – Male.


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The cheapest way to reach the Maldives from NYC

  • If you are someone who is on a budget trip, you may choose to travel via Moscow. You may opt for the Moscow route provided by Aeroflot which would take overall 28 hours to reach Male. In addition, January brings you the best possible price such as 944 USD for a return ticket in economy class which is one of the cheapest prices you may look into.
  • Another cheaper route to get to the Maldives is via Doha by taking Qatar Airways. This option could be a cheaper one, but kindly note that it might take long hours to reach.

    So, if you are someone who doesn’t care much about the hours of travel, but would want to fit into a budget, you can definitely pick any of the above options to reach the Maldives from NYC.

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The fastest way to reach the Maldives from NYC

  • Well, if you think that 28 hours of traveling in flight is not your type, you may check on the fastest possible option which is to fly by taking the Dubai route via Emirates. This route is one of the fastest routes to take you to the Maldives. It would approximately take 18-hours with a 1-hour stopover in between. Well, if you have been wondering about the cost, let me tell you that it would take around 1600 USD for the Dubai route.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t fit into budget traveling and wanted to reach the Maldives sooner, you can pick up the Dubai routing option.

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  1. Is there a cheaper way to reach the Maldives from NYC via bus, train, ferry, or flight?

    The cheapest way to reach the Maldives from NYC is only by taking a flight.

  2. What is the distance between the Maldives and New York City?

    The distance between the Maldives and New York City is 13967 km.

  3. What is the time difference between New York City and the Maldives?

    The Maldives is 9 hours ahead of New York City.

How to reach the Maldives from NYC? – Hope this question which you had in your mind has got an answer! Even though the number of hours seems to be high while traveling from NYC to the Maldives, trust me it is all worth it. Well, why wait when you have the routings right in front of you! Without any delays, check on the Pickyourtrail website and have a look at the Maldives vacation packages from USA to plan your dream vacation!

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