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Adventurously yours, Malaysia

Your Malaysian  vacation will not be all food and party. There’s more to Malaysia than that. Apart from the easily accessible activities like zorbing, skydiving and bungy jumping; here’s what adventure in Malaysia has on offer for you – adrenaline junkie or family friendly! More on HOW to try them.

Adventure in Malaysia
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Canopy Walk at Maliau Basin, Sabah

Fancy walking through rich tropical foliage with a bird’s eye view? Forget paragliding or parachuting or even flying on an aircraft. Instead, take a canopy walk. Connected between trees are walkways that will lend you a mid-air view of the forest from 22 meters above ground level. Starting at the Maliau river, cylindrical staircases will lead you to the canopy walkway. Bird watcher? There are lookout towers placed at intervals for you to fully appreciate the bird life in the Maliau Basin tropics.

Canopy walk along the Darum valley
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One day pilot experience, Selangor

Ever since Superman – maybe, even before that – we have always wanted to fly. Don’t give up on that dream, we say. At Selangor, arrive at the runway and prepare to fly your own aircraft. After a briefing session that lasts for 30 minutes, you will meet your aircraft. Or you could choose your own! Once ready, you can climb aboard, rest easy the instructor will be right beside you, and take control. The nerves are sure to wear off once you have made contact with wind and the rush overpowers all emotions. Twenty minutes into this and you will have to descend – disappointingly – to the ground. Another round, maybe?

The one day pilot experience
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Dive with Hammerhead sharks, Layang Layang

Layang Layang is a man-made island that lies 300 km north of Borneo, Malaysia. A singular resort and airstrip dot the landscape of this island. Too unhappening? Check out its waters! The hammerhead sharks that lie in the ocean near Layang Layang are a must-visit. A 15 minute drive in almost any direction from the island will lead you to diving spots where you can gear-up and look for hammer-head sharks. Inconspicuously named The Point, is the point from where you can discover these sharks best!

The best time to catch a hammerhead shark is between March and May. Set these dates aside, then, traveller!

Diving with Hammerhead sharks
Image credit – epicdiving

Ride the ATV, Kuala Lumpur

You don’t have to be Tarzan to discover jungles best. Just grab on to an All terrain vehicle and get moving. At ATV Adventure Park in Kuala Lumpur, you get to do just this. An introduction and a test drive under the watchful eyes of an instructor will ready you to take the ATV on a spin. From many jungle trails on offer, choose the one that fits you best. An Indiana Jones like ride rushing across thick foliage or a scenic trail to the waterfalls – you choose. Every ride will have you craving more. Guaranteed. Curious to know where else the ATV adventure is available – see this!

The ATV riding experience

The Kenboi Adventure Race

Along the a 22 kilometer stretch in a remote seeming place along the Kenboi river. You will find fun and adventure. Embrace it and keep running. Don’t look back. No, seriously, don’t. You want to stay ahead of the others if you want to win this race. A set of obstacles that include tubing and wandering through caves – not aimlessly, of course; the Kenboi Adventure race will keep both your adrenaline and spirits up. Tag along with male/female partner or find someone there. Both ways you will be given exactly 5 hours to cover the 22 km and pass through obsatcles. Very Takeshi Castle? We agree.

Tubing in Malaysia
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What are you waiting for, then? Now, book away your Malaysia tour package now!

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