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Shop till you drop – Kuala Lumpur

There is a little secret tucked into every lane of happening Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. One that many a shopoholic does not know. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, you might be so hooked on that you will want to pack your bags right-away! Antiques, dirt-cheap deals and luxury outlets! Travel with us across the various shopping destination that Kuala Lumpur offers. And about packing to trip to Malaysia, here’s a handy tip – VEHO

The Antique Quest

Fancy yourself some collectibles from Malaysia that aren’t the touristy variations that scream out “I’ve been to Malaysia”? Something, perhaps, a little more edgy, with a lot more shelf-life? Antique shopping is for you, if you swoon over aged wooden cabinets and gasp at the sight of ancient teapots. If vintage clothes are love, then, you NEED to find these places for your shopping experience ~

Yellow Kombi Vintage

On the first floor of the Campbell Complex, lies the quaint looking getaway to the world of vintage. Among antiques and collectibles, retro and recycled fashion; find your happy place. Here’s a note to send you on cloud nine – prices start at 5 Malaysian Ringgits! Often Kombi Vintage can be spotted at events with their goods stacked in a bright yellow van – a crowd, always, perusing their collection.

The Yellow Kombi Vintage shop
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Family Bundle

With neatly hung row of dresses, and airy changing rooms, the Family Bundle does pull a crowd. Expect to see dresses in all kinds of patterns and designs. From corduroys to flannels; denims, pants, leather jackets and dresses etched in every possible design – you can serenade the aisles of Family Bundle. Affordability does that to you. Go find your outfit, now!

Family Bundle shop
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Objekt – Object

The home base of prototype vintage collectibles lies behind the hip Battery Acid Club. Set in a swanky set-up, Objekt – Object cater to all things vintage. Eyeglasses from the 80s, typewriters, apothecary bottles from the 50s are all attention-grabbers. Mesmerised or intrigued by a particular antique? Owner Aaron Tan has a story for you. To be honest, there is a story behind every object in the room – go hear some of them!

Objekt - Object
Image credit – juiceonline

The Curiosity Shop

If the name incites curiosity in you, wait till you have checked out this shop. A motherload of vintage furniture – both charming (with an old world charm, like they say) and enigmatic bordering on bizarre. Among furniture, art decor, framed old advertisements and posters- preserved as best as possible; spare some attention to that old camera known to hail from the era of the World War 1.

Speaking of curious, we are positive the shops here have you intrigued. Why don’t we help you get a better look? For a closer introspection, hit us up!

The Curiousity Shop
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A camera dating back to World War 1
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Kheng’s Antiques and Collectibles

This place boasts of having a sizeable history – the owner, Victor began collecting antiques starting in the 60s. Its collection of clocks and timepieces today can be credited to him, no doubt. Apart from this, postcards are also big here. Kheng’s customers include the Royal family – quite the crowd pulling information, isn’t it? No better place to go antique hunting than at the Kheng’s Antiques and Collectibles.

Kheng's Antiques and Collectibles
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Cheap Thrills

If the word ‘sale’ has your happiness ricocheting at unsurmountable levels, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is one cheap thrill after another. Find where you can be thrilled best ~


Kuala Lumpur’s many shops are a dream destination for snagging electronics at affordable rates. At Plaza Low Yat, electronics are laid out for dirt-cheap rates. Many stores even offer multiple accessories for free with gadgets sold. Caution is advised while shopping here, though. Imbi Plaza, located close to Plaza Low Yat, is home to cheaply priced Dell, Acer, HP and Sony computers and laptops. Software, MP3 players and digital cameras are sold cheaply too.

Electronics on display in Plaza Low Yat
Image credit – linayippy


It is a well-known fact that Malaysia, along with, London, Paris and Hong Kong is the dream destination while buying clothes. The one place that all shopaholics want to pilgrimage to atleast once. Among the many, Reject Shop stands out for selling clothes that come from discontinued lines from designer stores around the world. Not only that, it caters to all ages and sizes!

Reject shop
Image credit – metrojaya

Melium Outlet is located only a few minutes from the city center and is a holy place among the fashion-conscious. Love designer lines? Live designer lines? High end designer fashion is readily available at 40 – 70% discount rates. Pieces by labels like Eitenne Aigner, Cole Haan and Ermenegildo Zegna feature here are laid out beautifully – you won’t even know it’s a discount shop!

Melium outlet
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Brand Splurge

If Gucci and Prada are love and only Only gets your dress choices right, fret not, Malaysia caters to the pampered child in you, too. The shopping mall Pavilion is eight levels of just this. Sort your Gucci, Prada, Bulgari cravings here. Another designer brand haven is Lot 10 – housing brands like Zara, Versace, Aigner spread over five levels of this shopping mall.

The Pavilion shopping mall
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