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Malaysia’s exotic islands

Malaysia is surrounded by hundreds of islands – some established tourist destinations, some yet undiscovered and shrouded in mystery. Sail along the coasts of Malaysian islands with us and discover the ones with the most oomph. Here are islands surrounding Malaysia that can be best be described as being exotic ~

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A photo by Thomas Kelley.

Tiga Island a.k.a Survivor Island

Known for being the location set where the popular TV show Survivor was shot, Tiga Island is one among the many. Uninhabited, there are plenty of trails on the island – one even leads to a mud bath. Mmm. Along with a few others, it forms a group that surrounds the Kimanis Bay off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia. A couple of mud volcanoes can be spotted on the highest part of the island.

Recommended for: Beach getaway, nature treks

Tiga island
Image credit – mysabah

Rawa Island

Soft white sand and turf surrounded by coral reefs define the Rawa Island best. Closer from Singapore, this island is yet undiscovered by the tourist crowd. Yay, more to explore! If lazing on the beach under a warm sun doesn’t do it for you, try snorkelling, swimming and other water sport activities available here!

 Recommended for: Snorkelling, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing

Rawa island
Image credit – al02

Tenggol Island

Off the coast of Terrengganu, lies the Tenggol Island as a part of a strip of islands. Popular among diving-enthusiasts, the waters of Tenggol are also home to several marine life. Dive in with your scuba gear – you are sure to spot sharks, rays and nudibranch. The warm and shallow waters make great diving spots – it is said to provide the best diving experience in Malaysia!

Recommended for: Diving

Tenggol island
Image credit – anothertraveler

Pangkor Island

Off the coast of the Perak state, somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Penang lies the Pangkor island. Soft sand alluringly welcomes one and all to this beach paradise. Want a bit of luxury tinged getaway? Pangkor’s west coast will butler you with its beaches, resorts and hotel accommodations. For a more rugged, dip-into-local-culture experience, head to the east coast – home to residents, fish farms and fisheries. Definitely visit the Fu Ling Kong and the Kali Amman temples while here. Kota Belanda, Tortoise Hill and Tiger Rock are some great attractions too.

Nothing reads exotic like islands being getaway spots for celebrities. Its sister island of Pangkor Laut is famed to be a favourite among stars like Kiera Knightley, Sting and Anna Friel.

Recommended for: Beach getaway

Pangkor island
Image credit – nadymediafirecollection
Pangkor Laut
Image credit – turquoiseholidays

Layang-Layang Island

Commonly known as Swallow Reef Island, the Layang Layang island is a diver’s paradise. And for the non-diving enthusiasts, Layang Layang is haven to relax at. Distant seeming, this island provides bird-watching and wandering opportunities with the additional “ooh” element what with it housing a Naval Base. Trespassing is, of course, prohibited. Stick to the diving and lounging around, we say.

Recommended for: Diving

Layang Layang island
Image credit – facesofthesea
Diving at Layang Layang island
Image credit – bluewaterdivetravel

Mabul Island

Welcome to the hood of the iconic diving spot – Sipandan, folks! Mabul Island is a vehicle free destination – counting out the boats, of course. Walk in here only and only if you crave or even mildly crave diving. Even the accommodation on the island caters to the divers – all of them are, thus, stocked up on diving equipment. If you are feeling a little more experimental try your hand at muck diving at places like Froggy Lair, Paradise Reef and Lobster Wall.

Recommended for: Diving, muck diving

Mabul island
Diving at Sipandan in Mabul island
Image credit – soiwander

Gaya Island, Malaysia

Proximately located to Kota Kinabalu, is the Gaya Island. Oft ignored by most tourists, this is your getaway destination from the crowds. The two resorts that this island houses is a standing testimony. Another beach paradise, its most well-known is the 400 meter long Police Bay paved with white sand. The coast also boasts of coral reefs that line it, making it another excellent diving spot.

Recommended for: Diving, snorkelling, trekking

Gaya island
Image credit – traveltodaylah
Jungle trekking at Gaya island
Image credit – bestfivestarhotelsintheworld

Lang Tengah Island

Located between the Redang and the Perhentian islands, is the isle of Lang Tengah. Known for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, Lang Tengah is a favourite nesting ground among turtles. Corals and diverse marine life habit the surrounding ocean. Dive to discover them! There are 12 dive sites – explore them all. This is also an excellent spot to learn the art of diving as the waters remain calm. Expect a balmy, tropical climate with a soundtrack of brief and frequent thunderstorms!

Recommended for: Diving, snorkelling, kayaking, beach getaway

Image credit – frogandprincess

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