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Written by Deepak K on July 22, 2017 Share on

Hyperloop from NYC to DC in just 29 Mins – The age of Elon Musk is here!

Ever since Elon Musk publically announced the concept of Hyperloop to the world, there hasn’t been even a single day that goes without thinking about when it will finally launch. Guess what, the raddest man of the world has now got the verbal approval of the government.

Expressing his enthusiasm on Twitter, Elon Musk went on to confirm that the transportation will be from city centre to city centre with a dozen entry/exit elevators helping out the passengers.

For those who don’t know, Hyperloop covers an amazing 226 miles from NYC to DC in just 29 Mins at an astonishing speed of 467.5 miles per hour. That’s totally insane! With the world now becoming too congested with the traffic and all the pollution, this news has come in as a huge relief.

Elon Musk Hyperloop
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Previously, the first images of a Hyperloop test track built in Nevada desert by Hyperloop One were released on the internet and now with this tweet, the buzz for Hyperloop has increased further.

We now have to be a little patient and really wish, Hyperloop rolls out quick!

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