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Reynisfjara, Black Sand Beach, Iceland in july https://unsplash.com/photos/ABtmE3jhaPQ
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Iceland in July – Weather, Places to Visit, Festivals and Hiking Places.

The ancient land of fire and ice. A mystical island where primordial forces clash together in a dazzling symphony of elements, yes this is Iceland. Dramatic landscapes with volcanos, hot springs, lava fields, and geysers with massive glaciers, excessive cold winds, and more countless natural wonders. It is a perfect destination for travel freaks but you should know the perfect timing to visit Iceland of extraordinary. Below, I will go over everything you need to know for the perfect trip to Iceland in July and why is it July.

So let’s get started


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While most of the world suffers from the scorching summer heat, Iceland’s temperatures in July are still perfect for exploring because –

Weather in Iceland in July

Iceland has two types of weather – Winter and Winter light. The average temperature during summertime, can drop down to 7°C (44°F) and go up to 25°C (77°F) and can drop down to -10°C (14°F) in winter, or go up to 10°C (50°F). Whereas the average temperature in July is about 9°C to 13°C (50-60°F). So, travellers would not have to face extreme cold conditions in this month and can easily explore the country. July is your sweater weather, in the daytime, you can wear just a sweater but for nights do take care. Even pack up coats or something high winds and misty rainproof as we can not promise you clear weather all time.

Weather in Iceland in July , Places to Visit in Iceland in July
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Just coming out of the summer solstice in June you can expect around 19 hours of daylight in July which will provide you plenty of daylight to explore Iceland and pack so many things into your itinerary. It gives the benefit to do so much in so little time.

here’s a pro tip – Do not forget a sleep mask at any cost because the sun is still out at 10:00 pm which feels like it is still 7:00 pm. So, have a good sleep to be energetic the next morning.

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2. Midnight sun in July

Yes, you heard right. It does not get dark at night in the summers. This beautiful phenomenon occurs the whole summer. In July the daylight hours start decreasing but your days will still be very long and bright. This is perfect to explore even more, stay out late, and plan road trips or hikes. such a magical moment !!!

4 Best Places to Visit in Iceland in July

The good news is that the whole of Iceland is open and available for you to travel –

1. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

It is a wild beauty with huge and roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean with black sand shores making it unique. Even this beach is used as a location in Star Wars and Game Of Thrones. No wonder why this place is extraordinary! To the north of these beaches is a huge volcano named “Katla”. This volcano erupted several times during the last thousand years and once during the eruption, the molten lava went all the way to the ocean, which hit the cold water and lava instantly broke down into small fragments of rock. Over time these fragments broke and turned into granules of sand. Interesting naa!!!

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Black Sand Beach, Iceland ; Places to Visit in Iceland in July
source – Unsplash

2. Seyðisfjörður

The cutest towns in Iceland! Seyðisfjörður is a charming town in the East Fjords of Iceland. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains and waterfalls which gives you endless worth-it sights to watch. It has colourful wooden buildings and has a permanent rainbow street. This town is called Heaven for artists.

Seyðisfjörður, Iceland ; Places to Visit in Iceland in July
source – Unsplash

3. Mývatn nature baths

After a long tiring day enjoying the beautiful scenery with an alkaline bathing lagoon. What else do you need to relax! These steamed and geothermally heated pools are worth it. It is located next to the Ring Road in North East Iceland. People usually spend one to two hours here and most of the people visit here in the evening.

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Mývatn Nature Baths, Mývatn, Iceland, Places to Visit in Iceland in July
source – Unsplash

4. Whale Watching

It is a popular activity to do in Iceland and July is the perfect month for watching these giant creatures. Whales are been there for so long and have a history there. Watching whales in wild nature is a fabulous experience as you are not going to see these gentle giants every day so we suggest you have whale watching in your itinerary, you definitely won’t regret it.

whale watching, Places to Visit in Iceland in July
Source – Unsplash

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Festivals in Iceland in July

Who does not want to explore the cultural side of any country, visiting Iceland in July can be so beneficial for all festive lovers out there –

1. Eistnaflug / 5-8th of July in Neskaupstaður

Four days of good quality rock and roll! It is a different type of indoor metal music festival in Neskaupstaður. It started in 2005 and people love participating in this festival.

2. L.ung.A /16th-23th of July in Seyðisfjörður

A whole week with unique art courses and different arty events and even the music festival at the end of the week.

3. Bræðslan /29th of July in Borgafjörður Eystri

It is a music festival held in the old fishing factory. They only sell around 800 tickets and give you a lifetime experience.

here’s a tip again – You will definitely need to have Lopapeysa (Icelandic wool sweater) to wear at festivals. Why not enjoy Iceland in Iceland style!!!

Best Hiking Places in Iceland in July

Most people visit Iceland for Hiking. It will be a lifetime memory for you and should definitely go for it. Hiking will make you explore all the natural places hidden beneath. Hiking does not require any high skills but yes, you should be precautious enough and choose the site accordingly.

Few amazing hiking spots in Iceland which you need to see –

1. Helgafell

It is a small mountain on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula of Iceland. Even a temple in honour of thor was built by Þórólfr Mostrarskegg. For locals, Helgafell is a holy mountain and it is 73 meters (240 ft)high.

2. Reykjadalur

A beautiful valley in town Hveragerði. The meaning of this word Reykjadalur is a steam valley. You will find many hot pools by the trail. The hike will be 3-4 km long one way which will take almost 45 – 60 minutes and plenty of photographs. It is a relatively easy hike with a beautiful waterfall running down. Do take care of extremely hot pools as everything is boiling there, whereas you can relax and take bath in the river.

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Reykjadalur, Places to Visit in Iceland in July
source – Unsplash

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3. Esja

It is one of the popular sites for hiking, do not forget to take hiking gear with you. according to Iceland tourism Esja have a record for the most accidents in Icelandic nature. Take all precautions and then go hiking. Do check the weather forecast and wear appropriate clothing and enjoy the hike.

Esjan, Grundarhverfi, Iceland, Places to Visit in Iceland in July
source – Unsplash

4. Glymur waterfall hike

An incredible hike with lots of challenges and a beautiful end. It is located near Pyrill, Western, Iceland. The hike takes around 3-4 hours to reach the summit. Glymur is known as the second tallest waterfall in Iceland and is very much popular. You have to cross two rivers so do not forget your hiking gear and most importantly do wear water shoes.

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