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Indian Restaurants In Malaysia
Written by Rhea Alex on July 27, 2023 Share on

Indian Restaurants In Malaysia – Your home away from home

When it comes to travel, there are a wide array of places that one can consider heading towards. The kind of vacation you’re looking at entirely depends on the kind of travel you’re willing to venture out on. One of the most popular travel destinations also happens to be, none other than Malaysia

Known for a great number of things, the place offers tourists everything they’ve ever wanted. Whether it’s the culture, tradition or just the very ambience of the place; one cannot help but consider a journey to this region. Your trip becomes even more interesting, especially if you’re an Indian in Malaysia. 

Best Indian Restaurants In Malaysia

For all of you travelling to Malaysia for the very first time and are looking for some amazing Indian food during your trip, it could just be a task at hand. The process could just be taxing and may welcome with it a great amount of stress, as well.  Which is why we’ve taken it a step ahead and given you a list of some of our favourite Indian Restaurants In Malaysia.

As you stroll through Malaysia and discover the place, you’re sure to come across some amazing restaurants, along the way. Though there are a number of Indian Restaurants In Malaysia, it might be difficult for tourists to find them when in need. So find this blog, your one-stop destination to all the Indian food you’ve been craving, while on vacation. 

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1. MTR Malaysia

Undoubtedly one of the best Indian Restaurants In Malaysia, tourists are sure to find a home away from home at the ‘MTR Malaysia.’ The restaurant truly does bring back a feeling of nostalgia and leaves you craving for all things home. The place offers tourists the best of the best South Indian cuisine and leaves you longing for more.

Whether it’s the super-soft idlis, uttapams, crispy dosas or mouth-watering samba;  the restaurant has got to be your go-to place; when in need.

2. Olive Kitchen & Bar

If you’re someone who loves your Indian curries and just can’t get enough of it, the ‘ Olive Kitchen & Bar,’ is just the place for you. Offering some delicious curries and some scrumptious food as well, this one of the best Indian Restaurants In Malaysia. Tourists are sure to find the tastiest naans, roti’s, parathas and more; at this amazing place. 

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3. Bombay Palace

Tourists who love their Indian food and are most definitely craving for a great Indian Restaurants in Mal

aysia; the ‘Bombay Palace,’ is a restaurant you’re sure to love. It gives tourists the perfect setting for an amazing date night kind of experience and makes for an evening that you’re sure to cherish. 

The very ambience of the restaurant is classic, coupled with its amazing chandeliers and intricate decor. A must visit when in Malaysia, no questions asked, is what this restaurant truly is. 

4. Bakti Woodlands

The ‘Bakti Woodlands,’ is a popular and much talked about Indian Restaurant in Malaysia. One cannot help but make their way to this region, given the amount that has been speculated about this place. What’s great about this restaurant, remains the fact that it isn’t just a favourite with Indians but remains a favourite amongst tourists, as well. 

The place gives tourists an opportunity to experience the best of Indian cuisine, while away from home. Offering tourists dishes at reasonable costs; the restaurant continues to attract a great number of tourists. 

5. Pia’s the Padi

When it comes to the ‘ Pia’s the Padi,’ a widely recognised Indian Restaurant in Malaysia; much can be said about the place. The restaurant in itself has been run, over the years by a mixed couple. This in turn has resulted in the best of the best culmination of both European and Indian cuisine. For those of you looking for a place that will give you the best of both worlds; this could just be it. 

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6. Chakra

If there’s one place where tourists are sure to find the most authentic and traditional Indian food, ‘Chakra,’ has got to be it. The place is inevitably one of the best Indian Restaurants in Malaysia and makes for a great meal. Whether it’s the ambience of the place or the delicious food that comes along with it; a taste of India is what you’re sure to get here. 

7. Spice Garden

The ‘Spice Garden,’ has made a name for itself in Malaysia and has garnered much attention, over the years. It is quite popular and remains one of the go-to Indian Restaurants in Malaysia, even today. Tourists are in for a treat, as they make their way to this restaurant, and then hope to find some delicious food.

8. Makan Kitchen

Tourists who are looking to truly soak in the best of Malaysian and Indian cuisine should head towards the ‘ Makan Kitchen,’ in Malaysia. The place provides for a rather unique setting and is sure to give you one of the best of Indian foods you’ve tasted in Malaysia. Considered to be the most sought after Indian Restaurants in Malaysia; the place gives tourists the chance to explore the best of both cuisines. 

9. Enca Cafe & Restaurant

If you’re someone who’s looking to not burn a hole through your wallet, the ‘Enca Cafe & Restaurant,’ is a great place for you. One cannot help but try out these Indian Restaurants in Malaysia, at least once during the course of their trip. Though the costs are considerably lower at the restaurant, in comparison to most other places in Malaysia; tourists are in for food of the best quality. 

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