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Jimbaran beach in Bali
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Jimbaran Beaches – A deep dive

When we visit a new place or a country we always want to have the best experience touring its must-visit attractions. And if the destination has a plethora of beaches, you’re in for a treat. Spending time by a calm and a tranquil place with friends & family, and experiencing beautiful evenings sitting across a beach and watching the waves come crashing against the shore is a blissful experience. And Jimbaran beach in Bali is the place for one such evening.

Jimbaran Beach in Bali
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Jimbaran bay lies in the southwestern region of Bali and is well known for its beaches. The South of Bali is a peninsular region and Jimbaran connects the Bukit peninsula to the mainland of Bali. The beach not only has spectacular views but also has a wide variety of water sports like snorkelling, parasailing, scuba diving, banana boat rides, and jet skiing. But amongst all of these water sports surfing is the most popular sport in Jimbaran Bay. The coastline of Jimbaran is lined with enormous luxurious hotels and outstanding resorts with an eclectic assortment of cafes and lounging spots. The bay also hosts a wide variety of grilled seafood restaurants and local cuisines attracting a large number of tourists and families to taste the delicacies. Fleets of fishing boats along with the limestone cliffs, decorate the beautiful sea. Watching a breathtaking sunset at Jimbaran Bay is very popular with tourists visiting Bali with those grey sands, colourful skyline, and calm waters painting a picturesque backdrop. It is the ideal place to spend some time away from the crowded city. The waters here are mellower as they are protected by an unbroken coral reef and therefore become the best place to indulge in some water sports.

Colourful skyline of jimbaran beach
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Delicious seafood on the beach

The 4 km stretched coastline of the Jimbaran beach is filled with mouth-watering delicious beachfront seafood restaurants. The shoreline is lit up in the evening with candlelight tables and the aroma of grilled seafood. The tourists opt for their choice of meal from the morning’s catch of fishes, prawns, lobsters, squids, and crabs. Once the sun goes down, the tourists enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and several restaurants offer entertainments like traditional dance and bands by the shore. You can add some native coconut water to your menu & enjoy the rapturous ambience on the beach.

Pristine beach

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Bali’s best beaches can be spotted in the Jimbaran bay and are well known for their tranquil and clean turquoise waters. Swimming, surfing, and sunbathing are what many tourists choose to do here. For unique explorers, Tegal Wangi Beach is a must-do and is one of the places which offers a sea jacuzzi experience. The beach shoreline is lined with jacuzzi sized pools and tourists can enjoy the day on a jacuzzi with spectacular views.

For adventure maniacs, the beach offers activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, surfing, and a lot more with proper equipment and trainers. You can also rent a sun lounger if you have planned for sunbathing. The calm shore also has economic and luxurious exotic stays and villas for those looking at a leisure vacation.

Balinese Spa and Massage Parlours

Bali spas have their standard across the world and offer one of the best spas and massage experiences. The Jimbaran beach hosts numerous high-end resorts that offer endless massage options as well as the world-famous full body scrub massage. The spas are well maintained, sanitized, and provide bath options with various essential oils that can be combined with traditional Balinese baths containing unique local flowers.

Shopping on Jimbaran beaches

Jimbaran beach shore
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Shopping on the beach of Jimbaran can be adventurous by itself as they have an array of shops with unique traditional handicrafts. You can buy yourself a memorable piece about Bali from these markets and gift family and friends unique Bali souvenirs. Stores for homeware like Jenggala are known for their beautiful crafts for tableware and ceramic potteries. There are many workshops and exhibitions which are hosted all year round on Bali’s traditional crafts. Jimbaran is the place for those looking for some local and international designer threads. A huge number of clothing stores can be spotted and shopaholics can have a great time shopping here.

Magical moments at the Jimbaran beaches

Candle light dinner in Jimbaran beach
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Jimbaran beach is the perfect place for a candlelight dinner with your loved ones. A candlelight dinner can be arranged on a perfect spot by the beach for honeymooners and couples. Such magical moments with spectacular views and an amazing dine out experience can be only created on the Jimbaran beach.

How to get to the Jimbaran Beaches? 

Jimbaran beach is a 15 minutes drive from the Bali international airport and a 20 minutes drive from Kuta or Seminyak. You can rent a car or two-wheeler to enjoy a pleasant experience across the Jimbaran shore.

Best time to visit the Jimbaran Beaches

There are no specific timings to visit the beach but for those looking at a good nightlife with entertainments and live performances, sunset is the best time to visit Jimbaran beach.

Entry fees

There are no entry fees to access the beach but for any extra indulgence like water sports, sunbath lounges, seafood, they come with a charge. The parking for your rented car or two-wheeler remains free of cost.

Jimbaran beach is a must have on your Bali bucket list as it gives a wholesome experience of beautiful sceneries and some adventurous water sports topped with amazing Bali seafood. Explore the beach with your loved ones by booking your Bali holiday at Pickyourtrail and get completely blissed-out!

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