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Jooly Buoy Island in Andaman
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Jolly Buoy Island – Underwater Coral of Andaman

Jolly Buoy Island is a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. The underwater corals and the pristine clear beach of this island is one of the famous ones within Andaman. You can enjoy the underwater coral view by snorkelling, scuba diving, or take a glass-bottom boat in the clear island waters. The jolly buoy can be reached through boat leaves by 9.00 am, so try to reach Wandoor beach before 9.00 am. All the boats leave at the same time and come back together. Prior permit and entry tickets are required to avail of this trip. For an unforgettable vacation experience, explore the pristine beaches and vibrant marine life with our exclusive India to Andaman tour packages.

Jolly Buoy Island in Andaman
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From Wandoor Jetty, Jolly Buoy Island is about 15 miles away and is one of the most visited islands in Andaman as it is a well-conserved island. Every year, for a six months period the island will be open to the public. Just like the Mahatma Gandhi National Park in Wandoor, Jolly Buoy Island remains closed on Mondays. One can reach the island by boat but only a will entry permit allow you to to enter the island.

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The island will show you its richness of flora and corals and these are the main ingredients of its undying beauty. For families, couples, or friends to have the best leisure time Jolly Buoy Island is the best spot with adventure activities supported by the underwater world here would leave you awe-struck.


Snorkelling and diving are the regular activities found on the island happily experienced by thousands of tourists. Apart from snorkelling and diving, glass-bottom riding is also a famous activity done here. Thus people will get a chance to be on sea for some time and experience the transitions of the waves and the distant scenery of the beach, alluring and dashing without any comparison.

How to get to Jolly Buoy Island

From Port Blair, Jolly Buoy Island is located at a distance of 30 Km and you can take a ferry from Port Blair. Wandoor Jetty has boat services to Jolly Buoy Island at regular intervals so that access to the beautiful island is not a matter of concern.

Best Time to Visit Jolly Buoy Island

Colourful skyline of Jolly Buoy Island
Image Credits: Google Images

You can visit Jolly Buoy Island anytime between October and May as it’s the peak season for Andaman. The best timings to visit will be 9:00 am to 5:00 pm exploring the undiscovered corals.

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Entry Fees

The Jolly Buoy island charges an entry fee of approximately 50 INR per adult and 25 INR per child. Apart from this, for snorkelling and other activities, there will be an additional charge.

The colourful marine life is the quintessential attraction of Jolly Buoy Island and the long stretch of coral reefs is an additional favour. But the unavoidable charm of the island lies on its long beaches that display a soothing combination of green, white, turquoise and many more colours.

Don’t miss out to gain this beautiful experience in the islands of Andaman and its never too soon to start planning your vacation! Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, do check out PickYourTrail and customize your Andaman Packages for Couple for your vacation.

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